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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'Breakthru1978'

Date of Convention in Prestatyn 2006 - As Jim Jenkins said in Prestatyn last week: The Co... by Breakthru1978 on 02.10.2005

33 posts by user 'Breakthru1978'

Brian May Interview: no US tour in spring - Like I knew anything is wrong - I posted a questio... by Breakthru1978 on 04.11.2008
Vienna Aftershow Party - I had a great time, falling into my bed at 5 in th... by Breakthru1978 on 04.11.2008
US Tour?? - Are there any rumours about a perioud when the No... by Breakthru1978 on 03.11.2008
ANNOUNCE: Wembley 2005 - RapidShare (Disk 3 - DVD) - I think it was a horrible lot of work to get all t... by Breakthru1978 on 16.03.2007
Mediafire DVD Announce: Milan 2005-04-05 - Another One that will complete my Queen+PR-concert... by Breakthru1978 on 16.03.2007
ANNOUNCE - torrent of Paris 18 September 1984 FLAC - Great piece of work - thanks a lot !!!... by Breakthru1978 on 17.02.2007
ANNOUNCE: 1979-04-21-Kanazawa FLAC - It´s working perfectly - especially after Dow... by Breakthru1978 on 02.12.2006
ANNOUNCE: Queen 1984-24-08 Brussels, Belgium rapidshare mp3 - This one is stil missing in my collection - so tha... by Breakthru1978 on 07.09.2006
ANNOUNCE: Cologne 2005 DVD - Hi! Are there any seeders left? I´m at 83 ... by Breakthru1978 on 26.08.2006
ANNOUNCE: Roger Taylor Edinburgh 1999 - Thank you for your great offer, I really would lik... by Breakthru1978 on 10.08.2006
ANNOUNCE: Queen Legends VH1 1998 - After closing the file and interrupting the downlo... by Breakthru1978 on 06.04.2006
ANNOUNCE Edinburgh 1 June 1982 - Thank you for all you posted this weekend !!!... by Breakthru1978 on 05.03.2006
Artist Arena Tickets - Did anyone not living in North Amerika receive tic... by Breakthru1978 on 28.02.2006
What shows are you attending? - Cu all in Uniondale, Philly and Buffalo. I´m ... by Breakthru1978 on 25.12.2005
Q+PR in New York - Here I come New York! I ever wanted to visit th... by Breakthru1978 on 24.12.2005
ANNOUNCE DELILAH DEMO - Although I normally don´t like Delilah - This... by Breakthru1978 on 12.11.2005
Date of Convention in Prestatyn 2006 - Hi! Jacky answered - and as I promised, here it... by Breakthru1978 on 31.10.2005
Date of Convention in Prestatyn 2006 - I emailed Jacky once more. If she replies as fast ... by Breakthru1978 on 30.10.2005
Date of Convention in Prestatyn 2006 - Hi, me again :-) Does anybody know it yet? T... by Breakthru1978 on 30.10.2005
ANNOUNCE:Queen + Paul Rodgers-NJ-10-16-05-Extended Intro - I wanted it all - now I`ve got it :-) Thank you... by Breakthru1978 on 28.10.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Paul Rodgers NJ 2005 - Got it - and I hope I was helping well enough by s... by Breakthru1978 on 28.10.2005
Date of Convention in Prestatyn 2006 - The matter is, that I cancelling my holidays can b... by Breakthru1978 on 08.10.2005
Date of Convention in Prestatyn 2006 - I emailed Jacky a few days ago. She replied she wa... by Breakthru1978 on 07.10.2005
Date of Convention in Prestatyn 2006 - As Jim Jenkins said in Prestatyn last week: The Co... by Breakthru1978 on 02.10.2005
2005 Nissan Altima 2.5S Commerical with Body Language - Nice to see new stuff on TV. This kind of music is... by Breakthru1978 on 19.07.2005
We Will Rock You musical - Dominion theatre 14-05-2002 (premiere) - I didn´t think getting this is possible. G... by Breakthru1978 on 17.07.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Paul Rodgers live in Hamburg 2005 (Part 6 & Part 7) - Missing parts of a concert i visited myself - very... by Breakthru1978 on 16.06.2005
ANNOUNCE:Q+PR Hamburg 28.04.2005 complete - The problem could be, that rapidshare will delete ... by Breakthru1978 on 15.06.2005
SECOND ANNOUNCE: Saporro Final Live (6th May 1979) - Great stuff - thanks a lot :-)... by Breakthru1978 on 13.06.2005
Can someone share a live version of Show Must Go On? - Just watch for the concerts of the running tour :-... by Breakthru1978 on 13.04.2005
Announce: Paris 1979 Video - Thanks to Tirex and Newcastle 86! The exact dat... by Breakthru1978 on 24.03.2005
Announce: Paris 1979 Video - Thanks for sharing!!! There were three dates, w... by Breakthru1978 on 07.03.2005
ANNOUNCE - Music Box Munich 1979 - Hi! This one is really great !!! But I have ... by Breakthru1978 on 07.03.2005