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Lighting rig: The Works Tour [24.08.1984 - 15.05.1985]

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Queen lighting rig photo Queen lighting rig photo Queen lighting rig photo Queen lighting rig photo Queen lighting rig photo

This was the first of the stadium rigs controlled by a computer system. This rig was an incredible rig. Other than that, it included red, green, white, blue, and yellow. It had a bird-like design to the rig as shown. At the bottom of the side rigs, it has 3 hanging pairs of unique inteligent lights that change colors, smaller than the previous smart lights. The top portion moves up and down resembling the pizza oven from the Jazz tour. The drum pedestal contains no lights at all. The back wall was a mural of Metropolis from the Radio Ga Ga music video with two enourmous cog wheels turning through out the show.

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