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Lighting rig: Earls Court 1977 [06.06.1977 - 07.06.1977]

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Information > Lighting rigs > Earls Court 1977
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Queen lighting rig photo Queen lighting rig photo Queen lighting rig photo

Queen's "Crown" lighting rig was used for the last two concerts of the A Day At The Races tour June 6-7 1977 at Earl's Court. The total cost was GBP 50000 and it was the very first mobile lighting rig. It weighed 2 tons.

The lights are the exact same as before but they were hung off the Crown and aligned straight across like the Sheer Heart Attack / A Night At The Opera rigs. The side and ceiling lights were run along the bottom of the Crown as shown in the pictures.

There was a very large screen or fabric material that shaped the top resembling a Crown lined with lights. The rig ascends at the start of the show revealing the stage, and descends at the end of the show covering the stage.

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