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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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13 posts by user 'Rik Special'

Not that anyone still cares... but today's Caspars birthday - Congrats mate, have a nice day!... by Rik Special on 08.05.2006
Riks Birthday - Thanks everybody!!! thanks to Tijn and Sonia for y... by Rik Special on 28.04.2006
Most Talented - Freddie and Brian i can't choose... Freddie has an... by Rik Special on 21.04.2006
ANNOUNCE: Queen Legends VH1 1998 - Thanks for this one... it's working!... by Rik Special on 06.04.2006
ANNOUNCE Birmingham 02-09-1984 (with soundcheck) - Thanks very much for this one!... can't wait.. ... by Rik Special on 05.04.2006
Announce: string breaks in Philadelphia - Omg it sounds awfull... but thanks anyway Rien!... by Rik Special on 02.04.2006
ANNOUNCE: Rik singing Teo Torriate - Wow it is really beautiful who is this guy... EMI ... by Rik Special on 05.03.2006
Love Of My Life Live Duet (Freddie/Brian) - Thanks... by Rik Special on 13.02.2006
I search Brussels 86 Forest National - Wrong topic dude... by Rik Special on 03.02.2006
ANNOUNCE: Houston '77 video on RAPIDSHARE (uploading finished) - The first link isn't working for me though:(... by Rik Special on 14.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: Brian May - Barcelona 1993 DVD + Interview - thanks... by Rik Special on 14.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: Foo Fighters - Now I'm Here & Sheer Heart Attack - Thanks mate Foo Fighers ROCK ... by Rik Special on 13.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: Q+PR at Saitama Super Arena 27/10/2005 - VIDEO - Thanks for this, who's seeding?... by Rik Special on 09.01.2006