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Tour passes from Queen tours in the 70's

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Queen memorabilia > Tour passes > Queen in the 70's
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Trenton 17.2.1975 pass

Pittsburgh 25.2.1975 pass (cancelled concert) ANATO pass

Columbus 19.2.1976 cloth pass Chicago 23.2.1976 pass Indianapolis 27.2.1976 backstage pass Los Angeles 9.3.1976 pass

San Diego 12.3.1976 pass Australian ANATO pass ANATO luggage tag

ANATO luggage tag (back) Pass for the Cardiff 1976 gig Press pass for the Cardiff 1976 gig

Press pass for the famous Hyde Park gig ADATR tour luggage tags for the crew Official guest pass for ADATR tour

Ottawa 3.2.1977 backstage pass Houston 26.2.1977 backstage pass Phoenix 1.3.1977 backstage pass Los Angeles 3.3.1977 guest pass

San Diego 5.3.1977 guest pass ADATR summer tour 1977 - backstage pass ADATR summer tour 1977 - guest pass

Back of a luggage tag (1977) Local promoter's pass for NOTW US tour New Haven 16.11.1977 backstage pass

Forth Worth 10.12.1977 pass San Diego 16.12.1977 pass Long Beach 21.12.1977 pass Los Angeles 22.12.1977 pass

Rotterdam 19.4.1978 guest pass

European NOTW tour 1978 - guest pass

European NOTW tour 1978 - photo pass Detroit 10.11.1978 pass

Buffalo 28.11.1978 pass Jazz tour pass - red version Jazz tour pass - blue version Jazz tour pass - Canada

Los Angeles 19.12.1978 pass European 1979 tour luggage tag Japanese tour 1979 Brian Spencer's Japanese tour 1979 AAA pass

Brian Spencer's Japanese tour 1979 AAA pass Dublin 22.11.1979 staff pass

Crazy tour 1979 backstage pass Crazy tour 1979 pass Save Me video shoot pass Alexandra Palace 22.12.1979 guest pass

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