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Queen live on tour: News Of The World '78

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Concertography > Queen on tour > News Of The World '78
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Tour itinerary [20 concerts]
12.04.1978  Stockholm, Sweden Concert info 26.04.1978  Dortmund, Germany Concert info
13.04.1978  Copenhagen, Denmark Concert info 28.04.1978  Berlin, Germany Concert info
14.04.1978  Hamburg, Germany Concert info 30.04.1978  Zürich, Switzerland Concert info
16.04.1978  Brussels, Belgium Concert info 02.05.1978  Vienna, Austria Concert info
17.04.1978  Brussels, Belgium Concert info 03.05.1978  Munich, Germany Concert info
19.04.1978  Rotterdam, The Netherlands Concert info 06.05.1978  Stafford, UK Concert info
20.04.1978  Rotterdam, The Netherlands Concert info 07.05.1978  Stafford, UK Concert info
21.04.1978  Brussels, Belgium Concert info 11.05.1978  London, UK Concert info
23.04.1978  Paris, France Concert info 12.05.1978  London, UK Concert info
24.04.1978  Paris, France Concert info 13.05.1978  London, UK Concert info

Concerts on this European tour have slightly different setlist than those during the North American tour of the same name. Some of the concerts are pretty long though and reach even 125 minutes which is certainly above the Queen standard.

Typical setlist
01. We Will Rock You (slow/fast) 15. '39
02. Brighton Rock 16. My Melancholy Blues
03. Somebody To Love 17. White Man
04. Death On Two Legs 18. Instrumental Inferno
05. Killer Queen 19. The Prophet's Song (reprise)
06. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy 20. Stone Cold Crazy
07. I'm In Love With My Car 21. Bohemian Rhapsody
08. Get Down Make Love 22. Keep Yourself Alive
09. Millionaire Waltz 23. Tie Your Mother Down
10. You're My Best Friend 24. We Will Rock You
11. Spread Your Wings 25. We Are The Champions
12. It's Late 26. Sheer Heart Attack
13. Now I'm Here 27. Jailhouse Rock
14. Love Of My Life 28. God Save The Queen

Tracks played only scarcely
Big Spender (Berlin)
White Queen (final night of the tour)
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