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Queen live on tour: A Night At The Opera

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Concertography > Queen on tour > A Night At The Opera
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Tour itinerary [77 concerts]
14.11.1975  Liverpool, UK Concert info 14.02.1976  Cleveland, USA Concert info
15.11.1975  Liverpool, UK Concert info 15.02.1976  Toledo, USA Concert info
16.11.1975  Coventry, UK Concert info 18.02.1976  Saginaw, USA Concert info
17.11.1975  Bristol, UK Concert info 19.02.1976  Columbus, USA Concert info
18.11.1975  Bristol, UK Concert info 20.02.1976  Pittsburgh, USA Concert info
19.11.1975  Cardiff, UK Concert info 22.02.1976  Chicago, USA Concert info
21.11.1975  Taunton, UK Concert info 23.02.1976  Chicago, USA Concert info
23.11.1975  Bournemouth, UK Concert info 24.02.1976  Chicago, USA Concert info
24.11.1975  Southampton, UK Concert info 26.02.1976  St. Louis, USA Concert info
26.11.1975  Manchester, UK (1st gig) Concert info 27.02.1976  Indianapolis, USA Concert info
26.11.1975  Manchester, UK (2nd gig) Concert info 28.02.1976  Madison, USA Concert info
29.11.1975  London, UK Concert info 29.02.1976  Fort Wayne, USA Concert info
30.11.1975  London, UK Concert info 02.03.1976  Milwaukee, USA Concert info
01.12.1975  London, UK Concert info 03.03.1976  St. Paul, USA Concert info
02.12.1975  London, UK Concert info 07.03.1976  Berkeley, USA Concert info
03.12.1975  London, UK Concert info 09.03.1976  Santa Monica, USA (1st gig) Concert info
07.12.1975  Wolverhampton, UK Concert info 09.03.1976  Santa Monica, USA (2nd gig) Concert info
08.12.1975  Preston, UK Concert info 10.03.1976  Santa Monica, USA Concert info
09.12.1975  Birmingham, UK Concert info 11.03.1976  Santa Monica, USA Concert info
10.12.1975  Birmingham, UK Concert info 12.03.1976  San Diego, USA Concert info
11.12.1975  Newcastle, UK Concert info 22.03.1976  Tokyo, Japan Concert info
13.12.1975  Dundee, UK Concert info 23.03.1976  Nagoya, Japan Concert info
14.12.1975  Aberdeen, UK Concert info 24.03.1976  Himeji, Japan Concert info
15.12.1975  Glasgow, UK Concert info 26.03.1976  Fukuoka, Japan (1st gig) Concert info
16.12.1975  Glasgow, UK Concert info 26.03.1976  Fukuoka, Japan (2nd gig) Concert info
24.12.1975  London, UK Concert info 29.03.1976  Osaka, Japan (1st gig) Concert info
27.01.1976  Waterbury, USA Concert info 29.03.1976  Osaka, Japan (2nd gig) Concert info
29.01.1976  Boston, USA Concert info 31.03.1976  Tokyo, Japan Concert info
30.01.1976  Boston, USA Concert info 01.04.1976  Tokyo, Japan Concert info
31.01.1976  Philadelphia, USA Concert info 02.04.1976  Sendai, Japan Concert info
01.02.1976  Philadelphia, USA Concert info 04.04.1976  Tokyo, Japan Concert info
02.02.1976  Philadelphia, USA Concert info 11.04.1976  Perth, Australia Concert info
05.02.1976  New York, USA Concert info 14.04.1976  Adelaide, Australia Concert info
06.02.1976  New York, USA Concert info 15.04.1976  Adelaide, Australia Concert info
07.02.1976  New York, USA Concert info 17.04.1976  Sydney, Australia Concert info
08.02.1976  New York, USA Concert info 18.04.1976  Sydney, Australia Concert info
11.02.1976  Detroit, USA Concert info 19.04.1976  Melbourne, Australia Concert info
12.02.1976  Detroit, USA Concert info 20.04.1976  Melbourne, Australia Concert info
13.02.1976  Cincinnati, USA Concert info  

The Christmas concert on 24.12.1975 was different. It was recorded by BBC (and later broadcasted several times) and although both Freddie and Brian didn't feel very well that evening, the resulting concert was brilliant, I consider it the best Queen concert ever (yes, one of the reasons is that we have an excellent soundboard recording of that gig and sound quality matters a lot). The encore included not only the usual rock'n'roll medley but also See What A Fool I've Been. Note: a lot of setlists of that concert are WRONG (incl. the one in Greg Brook's 'Queen Live' book). Check out my collection for the correct order of the songs.

Typical setlist
01. Bohemian Rhapsody 12. The Prophet's Song
02. Ogre Battle 13. Stone Cold Crazy
03. Sweet Lady 14. Doin' All Right
04. White Queen 15. Keep Yourself Alive
05. Flick Of The Wrist 16. Seven Seas Of Rhye
06. Bohemian Rhapsody 17. Liar
07. Killer Queen 18. In The Lap Of The Gods... revisited
08. March Of The Black Queen 19. Now I'm Here
09. Bohemian Rhapsody (reprise) 20. Big Spender
10. Bring Back That Leroy Brown 21. Jailhouse Rock
11. Son And Daughter 22. God Save The Queen

Tracks played only scarcely
Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon (Japanese gigs + some US gigs)
Modern Times Rock'n'roll
See What A Fool I've Been
Hangman (either full version or in a "medley" with Modern Times Rock'n'roll)
Shake Rattle And Roll
Stupid Cupid
Be Bop A Lula
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
Father To Son

Here are newspaper articles promoting the UK leg of the tour:
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