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Queen live on tour: Queen + A. Lambert 2017

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Concertography > Queen on tour > Queen + A. Lambert 2017
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Tour itinerary [27 concerts]
22.06.2017  Los Angeles, USA Concert info 17.07.2017  Montreal, Canada Concert info
23.06.2017  Phoenix, USA Concert info 18.07.2017  Toronto, Canada Concert info
24.06.2017  Las Vegas, USA Concert info 20.07.2017  Detroit, USA Concert info
26.06.2017  Los Angeles, USA Concert info 21.07.2017  Cleveland, USA Concert info
27.06.2017  Los Angeles, USA Concert info 23.07.2017  Uncasville, USA Concert info
29.06.2017  San Jose, USA Concert info 25.07.2017  Massachusetts, USA Concert info
01.07.2017  Seattle, USA Concert info 26.07.2017  Newark, USA Concert info
02.07.2017  Vancouver, Canada Concert info 28.07.2017  New York, USA Concert info
04.07.2017  Edmonton, Canada Concert info 30.07.2017  Philadelphia, USA Concert info
06.07.2017  Denver, USA Concert info 31.07.2017  Washington, USA Concert info
08.07.2017  Omaha, USA Concert info 02.08.2017  Nashville, USA Concert info
09.07.2017  Kansas City, USA Concert info 04.08.2017  Dallas, USA Concert info
13.07.2017  Chicago, USA Concert info 05.08.2017  Houston, USA Concert info
14.07.2017  St. Paul, USA Concert info  

The 40th anniversary of News Of The World brought not only a visually interesting stage (with a really cool visualisation of the NOTW robot) but also some new additions to the setlist. Adam's new track TwoFux stayed in the setlist for the whole tour while the truly great additions of It's Late and Spread Your Wings were removed after a couple of gigs. You Take My Breath Away is featured only in form of a short taped intro and Freddie's Day-O vocal improvisation comes from Wembley 1986.

Sadly the otherwise visually interesting intro consits just of a short version of We Will Rock You. I really miss powerful intro songs such as Procession/Now I'm Here or Surf's Up School's Out or Flash's Theme. Starting with a slow song from the encore is not a way to leave the audience stunned and amazed.

(The very first gig was a part of Jimmy Kimmel's outdoor mini-concert series).

Typical setlist
01. We Will Rock You (intro) 15. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
02. Hammer To Fall (Adam on vocals) 16. Drum Battle
03. Stone Cold Crazy 17. Under Pressure
04. Another One Bites The Dust 18. I Want To Break Free
05. Fat Bottomed Girls 19. You Take My Breath Away (intro)
06. Killer Queen 20. Who Wants To Live Forever
07. TwoFux 21. Guitar Solo
08. Don't Stop Me Now 22. Day-O (Wembley '86 vocal improvisation)
09. Bicycle Race 23. Radio Ga Ga
10. I'm In Love With My Car 24. Bohemian Rhapsody
11. Get Down Make Love 25. We Will Rock You
12. I Want It All 26. We Are The Champions
13. Love Of My Life 27. God Save The Queen
14. Somebody To Love  

Tracks played only scarcely
It's Late (first half of the leg)
Spread Your Wings (first half of the leg)
Tie Your Mother Down (last concert only)
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