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Queen live on tour: Queen + A. Lambert 2016

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Concertography > Queen on tour > Queen + A. Lambert 2016
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Tour itinerary [24 concerts]
20.05.2016  Lisbon, Portugal Concert info 21.06.2016  Bucharest, Romania Concert info
22.05.2016  Barcelona, Spain Concert info 23.06.2016  Sofia, Bulgaria Concert info
25.05.2016  Linz, Austria Concert info 25.06.2016  Piazzola sul Brenta, Italy Concert info
27.05.2016  Cologne, Germany Concert info 12.09.2016  Tel Aviv, Israel Concert info
29.05.2016  Jelling, Denmark Concert info 17.09.2016  Singapore, Singapore Concert info
03.06.2016  Helsinki, Finland Concert info 19.09.2016  Taipei, Taiwan Concert info
05.06.2016  Tallin, Estonia Concert info 21.09.2016  Tokyo, Japan Concert info
09.06.2016  Solvesborg, Sweden Concert info 22.09.2016  Tokyo, Japan Concert info
12.06.2016  Isle of Wight, United Kingdom Concert info 23.09.2016  Tokyo, Japan Concert info
15.06.2016  Brussels, Belgium Concert info 26.09.2016  Shanghai, China Concert info
17.06.2016  Hinwil, Switzerland Concert info 28.09.2016  Hong Kong, Hong Kong Concert info
19.06.2016  Oswiecim, Poland Concert info 30.09.2016  Muang Thong Thani, Thailand Concert info

The 2016 tour was mostly a chain of festivals but Queen headlined each of them so they always played full 2-hour concerts. There were some slight changes in the setlists, the most noticeable being the intro. The powerful combination of Flash's Theme + The Hero was later replaced by One Vision (boooring) and even later replaced by the combination of all three songs which was IMO the best option (edit: for Asian tour there was no intro at all and Queen simply started playing Seven Seas Of Rhye as the first song).

Compared to the 2015 tour some songs were shortened (for example Crazy Little Thing Called Love) and overall Queen managed to squeeze more songs into the 2-hour set which was great. The highlights were undoubtedly Don't Stop Me Now, Play The Game and I Want It All.

And funny moments? Watch Brian walk back from the B-stage during the opera section of Bohemian Rhapsody. Priceless! :-)

Typical setlist
01. Flash's Theme 15. Under Pressure
02. The Hero 16. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
03. One Vision 17. I Want To Break Free
04. Hammer To Fall 18. I Want It All
05. Seven Seas Of Rhye 19. Who Wants To Live Forever
06. Stone Cold Crazy 20. Last Horizon
07. Another One Bites The Dust 21. Guitar Solo
08. Fat Bottomed Girls 22. Tie Your Mother Down
09. Play The Game 23. Bohemian Rhapsody
10. Killer Queen 24. Radio Ga Ga
11. Don't Stop Me Now 25. We Will Rock You
12. Somebody To Love 26. We Are The Champions
13. Love Of My Life 27. God Save The Queen
14. A Kind Of Magic  

Tracks played only scarcely
These Are The Days Of Our Lives (first six gigs, some Asian gigs)
The Show Must Go On (Rock In Rio, some Asian gigs)
Bits in guitar solo ('Barcelona' in Barcelona, 'Eine kleine Nachtmusik' in Linz, 'Hubava si moya goro' in Sofia, 'O Sole mio' in Padua, Hava Nagila in Tel Aviv etc.).
I Was Born To Love You (Japan)
Teo Torriatte (Japan)
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