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Queen live on tour: Queen + A. Lambert 2015

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Concertography > Queen on tour > Queen + A. Lambert 2015
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Tour itinerary [32 concerts]
31.12.2014  London, UK Concert info 07.02.2015  Frankfurt, Germany Concert info
13.01.2015  Newcastle, UK Concert info 10.02.2015  Milan, Italy Concert info
14.01.2015  Glasgow, UK Concert info 13.02.2015  Stuttgart, Germany Concert info
17.01.2015  London, UK Concert info 15.02.2015  Herning, Denmark Concert info
18.01.2015  London, UK Concert info 17.02.2015  Prague, Czech Republic Concert info
20.01.2015  Leeds, UK Concert info 19.02.2015  Zurich, Switzerland Concert info
21.01.2015  Manchester, UK Concert info 21.02.2015  Krakow, Poland Concert info
23.01.2015  Birmingham, UK Concert info 24.02.2015  London, UK Concert info
24.01.2015  Nottingham, UK Concert info 26.02.2015  Liverpool, UK Concert info
26.01.2015  Paris, France Concert info 27.02.2015  Sheffield, UK Concert info
29.01.2015  Cologne, Germany Concert info 16.09.2015  Sao Paulo, Brazil Concert info
30.01.2015  Amsterdam, The Netherlands Concert info 18.09.2015  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Concert info
01.02.2015  Vienna, Austria Concert info 21.09.2015  Porto Alegre, Brazil Concert info
02.02.2015  Munich, Germany Concert info 25.09.2015  Buenos Aires, Argentina Concert info
04.02.2015  Berlin, Germany Concert info 27.09.2015  Cordoba, Argentina Concert info
05.02.2015  Hamburg, Germany Concert info 30.09.2015  Santiago De Chile, Chile Concert info

It has become very typical for Queen to have almost exactly the same setlist for the whole tour. The only exceptions were when the band members (Brian, Adam) were ill. Brian had flu in Cologne and Amsterdam, Adam got bronchitis in Frankfurt, Brussels (that concert had to be cancelled) and Milan. All those cities got slightly shorter sets (on the other hand the Frankfurt gig was one of the best I've ever seen due to Adam singing "normally" without being too much over the top.

In some cities Brian sang a special little (local) song before Love Of My Life. Also in most cities he used a special stereoscopic selfie stick (two GoPro cameras) to film a video of the crowd after Love Of My Life. Roger sang either A Kind Of Magic or These Are The Days Of Our Lives - or both.

Overall this was a good tour. I've always hated Adam Lambert but he's doing a much better job now (compared to the pathetic 2012 beginnings).

Typical setlist
01. One Vision 16. Under Pressure
02. Stone Cold Crazy 17. Save Me
03. Another One Bites The Dust 18. Who Wants To Live Forever
04. Fat Bottomed Girls 19. Guitar Solo
05. In the Lap Of The Gods... Revisited 20. Last Horizon
06. Seven Seas Of Rhye 21. Tie Your Mother Down
07. Killer Queen 22. Vocal Improvisation
08. I Want To Break Free 23. I Want It All
09. Somebody To Love 24. Radio Ga Ga
10. Love Of My Life 25. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
11. '39 26. Bohemian Rhapsody
12. These Are The Days Of Our Lives 27. We Will Rock You
13. A Kind Of Magic 28. We Are The Champions
14. Bass Solo 29. God Save The Queen
15. Drum Battle  

Tracks played only scarcely
Don't Stop Me Now (approx. one third of the gigs)
Dragon Attack (Krakow and Wembley)
The Show Must Go On (a couple of gigs in the middle and towards the end of the tour)
Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner (London)
Plaisir d'amour (Paris)
I (Who Have Nothing) (Milan)
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (Liverpool)
Ghost Town (South American leg)
Las Palabras De Amor (Argentina)
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