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Brian May on tour: Back To The Light 1993 [1]

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Concertography > Brian May live > Back To The Light 1993 [1]
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Tour itinerary [22 concerts]
23.02.1993  Austin, USA Concert info 17.03.1993  Boston, USA Concert info
25.02.1993  Birmingham, USA Concert info 20.03.1993  Iowa City, USA Concert info
28.02.1993  Atlanta, USA Concert info 21.03.1993  Fargo, USA Concert info
02.03.1993  Cleveland, USA Concert info 24.03.1993  Winnipeg, Canada Concert info
05.03.1993  Baltimore, USA Concert info 26.03.1993  Saskatoon, Canada Concert info
06.03.1993  New Haven, USA Concert info 28.03.1993  Edmonton, Canada Concert info
08.03.1993  Portland, USA Concert info 30.03.1993  Vancouver, Canada Concert info
09.03.1993  Hartford, USA Concert info 01.04.1993  Portland, USA Concert info
12.03.1993  Hamilton, Canada Concert info 03.04.1993  Sacramento, USA Concert info
14.03.1993  New York, USA Concert info 04.04.1993  Reno, USA Concert info
16.03.1993  Augusta, USA Concert info 06.04.1993  Los Angeles, USA Concert info

This can be considered Brian's first "proper tour". What a shame that the promotion of the tour was very poor. The "typical setlist" is valid for those few concerts where Brian was the headline act - in most cases he played a shorter set as a support band before Guns'n'roses. Such concerts usually didn't include Love Of My Life, Since You've Been Gone, Tie Your Mother Down or Let Your Heart Rule Your Head. Also WWRY slow/fast was played instead of the last three songs (Last Horizon, Hammer To Fall, Let Me Out). It's quite difficult to tell more details because not many recordings exist.

The Hamilton gig was scheduled for March 11 but due to some issues with Axl and G'n'R it was pushed to March 12.

Typical setlist
01. The Dark 12. Now I'm Here
02. Back To The Light 13. Guitar Extravagance
03. Driven By You 14. Resurrection
04. Tie Your Mother Down 15. Cozy Powell drums solo
05. Love Token 16. Bohemian Rhapsody reprise
06. Love Of My Life 17. Resurrection reprise
07. '39 (intro) 18. Band Introduction
08. Let Your Heart Rule Your Head 19. Last Horizon
09. Too Much Love Will Kill You 20. Hammer To Fall
10. Spike Edney keyboards solo 21. Let Me Out
11. Since You've Been Gone  

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