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Please note this website will only link to the best Queen sites that are in English language and besides nice (or at least average) design offer an interesting set of features that are almost unique. I will NOT link to standard Queen sites with some photos, lyrics and a guestbook. Only top sites will be displayed here. Please don't ask to be included here, only I decide what site I put or don't put here. The websites are in no particular order.

Websites, their key features and description
QueenZone community The biggest discussion forum about Queen (incl. sharing of bootlegs), also a huge (although messy) photo archive.
Brian May brian may Brian May's official website. News, soapbox.
Queen Picture Hall values Collecting, values of items, gallery. Shame it's not updated anymore...
QueenPedia accuracy Everything about the band - based on the Wikipedia design but more accurate ;-)
Queen Archives interviews Interviews and newspaper articles
Queen Cuttings newspapers Tons of newspaper cuttings about Queen.
Queen Museum memorabilia Lots of Queen memorabilia collected by genuine collectors, not dealers.
Queen Songs tabs and chords Excellent site about songwriting, song analysis, tabs, chords, piano sheets...
Queen Vision dvd Perfect description of all released DVD's incl. pirate releases.
Queen Diary events Huge list of what happened on what day :-)
Queen Live concerts Lineage of live recordings, description of concerts. Shame this isn't part of QueenConcerts, it would deserve that ;-)
Ratty's Queen Memories roadie Memories of a former Queen roadie. Some nice memorabilia :-)
Royal Legend overall info This used to be probably the best Queen site in late 90's. Nowadays it's not updated anymore but still worth visiting.
Queen Vault song info Have you heard an unknown version of a Queen song? This site will tell you exactly what you heard and where to find it.
Ultimate Queen overall info Very ugly design but lots of interesting info. Worth visiting.
Shane's Queen site overall info Nice design and good collection of overall info about the band.
Queen Live Recordings concerts Very detailed list about cancelled and rescheduled concerts.
Queen In Cornwall cornwall Brilliant research on early years (Queen, Smile, Reaction etc.).
The Reaction reaction Roger's solo career in the 60's
Fan club magazines fanclub Fan club magazines since 1974
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