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Queen live on tour

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This is the "core" of this site. A very detailed Queen concertography from the pre-Queen bands in the 50's up to the latest info about the Queen + Adam Lambert 2012 tour. Almost everything is stored in a database which meant a hell lot of work for me but now all data can be accessed very easily. Use the 'all-in-one' filter if you're searching for something or just browse the individual categories. All concerts include an "info link" to the detail of the concert - which includes all the info that is currently known about that particular concert (setlist, ticket image, interesting info, fan story etc.).

If you're interested in a comprehensive summary of who played in which band in the pre-Queen days, I'd recommend you to download this MS Word document which I've found somewhere on the internet. I didn't check it for mistakes but it looks interesting :-)

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