28.02.1979 - Concert: Queen live at the Pavillon De Paris, Paris, France
Artist Queen
Date 28.02.1979
Venue Pavillon De Paris
City Paris
Country France
Support band none or unknown
Audio recording 117:42 min. | very good quality
Video recording Some songs appear in the 'Paris 1979' QTV concert video (QTV), some are in the 'Champions' documentary (US). This is what the research of some collectors revealed: Let Me Entertain You (US), Somebody To Love (QTV), If You Can't Beat Them (QTV), Get Down Make Love (US - middle section only), Now I'm Here (US - a few bits), Bohemian Rhapsody (QTV), Tie Your Mother Down (QTV/US), Sheer Heart Attack (QTV/US), We Will Rock You (US).
Downloads Audio: mix of 5 sources

Audio: mix of 2 sources

Audio: torrent ("Crazy in Paris")

Video: mega.nz

Video: compilation

Video: snippets appear on the DVD - see 01.03.1979

Video: an updated version of what Chinwonder2 did a while ago

Video: Sheer Heart Attack (Kurgan's Betamax transfer):

Video: all of the Paris & Tokyo footage
Line-up Freddie Mercury (lead vocals, piano, tambourine),
Brian May (electric guitar, backing vocals, acoustic guitar),
Roger Taylor (drums, lead vocals, backing vocals, timpani, tambourine),
John Deacon (bass guitar)
Program Live Killers tour program (Europe)
Ticket stub Ticket: Concert: Queen live at the Pavillon De Paris, Paris, France [28.02.1979]
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