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My collection of Queen tour bootlegs from the 1970's

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13.09.1973 London, UK [2x] excellent 38:22 Concert info
17.11.1973 Liverpool, UK very good 30:20 Concert info
20.11.1973 Oxford, UK good 63:38 Concert info
23.11.1973 Glasgow, UK very good 32:24 Concert info
26.11.1973 Manchester, UK very good 43:20 Concert info
27.11.1973 Birmingham, UK very good 25:23 Concert info
29.11.1973 Bristol, UK good 41:33 Concert info

31.03.1974 London, UK excellent 39:12 Concert info
21.04.1974 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA good + 42:16 Concert info
27.04.1974 Providence, Rhode Island, USA very good 45:18 Concert info
28.04.1974 Portland, Maine, USA very good + 45:01 Concert info
04.05.1974 Waterbury, Connecticut, USA good + 31:47 Concert info
07.05.1974 New York, New York, USA very good 41:24 Concert info
30.10.1974 Manchester, UK good 69:55 Concert info
01.11.1974 Liverpool, UK good - 28:06 Concert info
06.11.1974 Bradford, UK good + 73:45 Concert info
08.11.1974 Glasgow, UK poor 73:58 Concert info
20.11.1974 London, UK excellent 50:36 Concert info
06.12.1974 Cologne, Germany very good 79:23 Concert info
08.12.1974 Hague, The Netherlands very good 43:32 Concert info
10.12.1974 Brussels, Belgium good - 60:31 Concert info