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Audio and video downloads

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For downloading QueenZone torrents you have to be registered and logged on QueenZone - if you're not a member yet, you have to register. If you don't know anything about torrents, please read this page. Special thanks go to all people who upload or keep the torrents alive (mainly Ginger01, YourValentine, ruth.olivier, bokkepot and others), to people who remaster and compile recordings from more sources (pittrek, Sir_GH) and above all to tapers - without them we'd have nothing!


31.03.1974 Queen Rainbow Theatre London UK Concert info
Audio: best version so far

Audio (FLAC): reel-to-reel edit (multiupload) :

Audio (FLAC): unedited reel-to-reel radioshow (multiupload) :

Audio: 3 source compilation by SirGH - 3 parts

Audio: 3 source compilation by Pittrek (upgrade)

Audio: Remaster by GinjaNinja (rapidshare) :

Video: mediafire

Video: Swedish TV (torrent)

Video: youtube

21.04.1974 Queen St. Bernard Parish Civic Auditorium New Orleans, Louisiana USA Concert info
Audio: Savage Young Mercury (torrent + megaupload) :

Audio: taper Freezer (torrent) :

Audio (FLAC): Speed-correction (torrent) :

Audio (Alex Solan edited version)

27.04.1974 Queen Palace Theatre Providence, Rhode Island USA Concert info
Audio: speed corrected version (torrent)

Audio: original version (multiupload and torrent)

28.04.1974 Queen Exposition Hall Portland, Maine USA Concert info
Audio: torrent (master)

Audio : mediafire & torrent (with Mott The Hoople concert included) :

04.05.1974 Queen Palace Theatre Waterbury, Connecticut USA Concert info
torrent :

Audio (slightly to high pitch) :

Audio (slightly better quality)

Audio (merge)

07.05.1974 Queen Uris Theatre New York, New York USA Concert info
Audio: FLAC remastered by pittrek

30.10.1974 Queen Palace Theatre Manchester UK Concert info
Audio: torrent - FLAC but MP3 sourced

Audio : two-sourced
torrent :
megaupload :

01.11.1974 Queen Empire Theatre Liverpool UK Concert info
Audio: FLAC by pittrek

06.11.1974 Queen St George's Hall Bradford UK Concert info
rapidshare :
torrent :

08.11.1974 Queen Apollo Theatre Glasgow UK Concert info
Audio: FLAC on rapidshare

19.11.1974 Queen Rainbow Theatre London UK Concert info
Audio: 3 tracks (fix)

Audio: 3 tracks from master

Audio: 3 tracks from master (torrent) :

06.12.1974 Queen Sartory Saal Cologne Germany Concert info
Audio: torrent FLAC (Gypsy Eye release "In Concert")

Audio: mediafire FLAC (Gypsy Eye release "In Concert")

Audio : upgrade
mediafire :
torrent :

08.12.1974 Queen Congres Gebouw Hague Holland Concert info
Audio: original silver bootleg

Audio: tape speed correction

10.12.1974 Queen Theatre 140 Brussels Belgium Concert info
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