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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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Deacon Article - I believe that nowadays, after being a very privat... by vadenuez on 30.10.2018
An article I wrote about '39 - Fascinating and really insightful!... by vadenuez on 01.08.2018
'Made in Heaven' timeline - It was great to revisit those letters from long go... by vadenuez on 29.06.2018
Blast from the past.... - In The Miracle cover he has no ears.... by vadenuez on 06.06.2017
Brian May exclusive interview: Queen, debauchery and Freddie Mercury. - My guess is that Brian must be a very naive man if... by vadenuez on 26.05.2017
Paul Prenter-Freddie's Betrayer, Devils' Spawn! - For one second I thought Arlene was back! ... by vadenuez on 18.10.2012
Well, I just got the "Made in Heaven" cd the other day, and - i disagrree with the notion that they used every s... by vadenuez on 29.04.2011
Second Five Albums Re-Issued on 13th June - So in a nutshell... instead they'll probably ju... by vadenuez on 05.04.2011
Why didn't In the Lap of the Gods Revisited "Make It"? - Total lack of vision. This song had the chance to ... by vadenuez on 14.02.2011
What can we expect on the RE-ISSUES? - > What can we expect on the RE-ISSUES? We can e... by vadenuez on 03.01.2011
What is BohRhap about? - If you want to know about the meaning of lyrics, j... by vadenuez on 20.10.2010
Peter Morgan talks about Freddie Mercury film - Interesting. Being one of the most privates band e... by vadenuez on 22.09.2010
Brian's curse - No. The actor playing Brian will.... by vadenuez on 17.09.2010
And volume four is on the way! - YourValentine wrote: There is simply no excuse f... by vadenuez on 07.09.2010
Queen's Brian May Rocks Out To Physics, Photography - I think this explains a lot. WWRY rock version mus... by vadenuez on 17.08.2010
A quiz for you, if anybody is up for a challenge - Seaside Rendezvous - Clementine, Valentino... by vadenuez on 30.07.2010
A quiz for you, if anybody is up for a challenge - The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke (too many to ment... by vadenuez on 29.07.2010
[PETITION] John - pass Queen at BBC to someone so we can release it! - John S Stuart wrote: I posted the disc over two w... by vadenuez on 28.05.2010
Peaches - Not only the "Peaches" part, but the whole song's ... by vadenuez on 06.05.2010
Queen's Live Bloopers: The Sequel - Try the first (actually second) live Bo Rhap... ... by vadenuez on 29.04.2010
I love queen productions :D - Didn't buy it. You wrote "Freddie" and "Roger... by vadenuez on 31.03.2010
Roger Taylor: "Wed like to tour as Queen if we can find someone" - If they can get to do a Queen+Michael Jackson tour... by vadenuez on 08.03.2010
Songs That Didn't Work Out Live - Never liked The Prophet's Song played live, at lea... by vadenuez on 23.02.2010
NEXT QUEEN LIVE DVD? - Well, nobody expected that Rock Montreal's second ... by vadenuez on 16.02.2010
Now is the best time ever to be a Queen fan ! - Actually, if you've gathered all the leaked s... by vadenuez on 16.02.2010
If Brian and Roger do appaear as Queen + again... - And they should call themselves "Quiss" ... by vadenuez on 12.02.2010
If Brian and Roger do appaear as Queen + again... - ... his own words... ... by vadenuez on 12.02.2010
RIP Geoff Workman - One more Queen assistant who "was there" but won't... by vadenuez on 11.02.2010
Abolutely Love it! - That song is so great that it has become the sound... by vadenuez on 10.02.2010
WWRY Movie - Musical theatre is everything about live performin... by vadenuez on 10.02.2010
By then no-one will give a toss any more! - Queen II is so distant (in time and musical terms)... by vadenuez on 04.02.2010
Seven ages of Rock, anybody see that yesterday? - Apparently, for the producers of 7AOR, The Beatles... by vadenuez on 01.02.2010
How is Freddie portrayed in the 'We Will Rock You' musical? - It's Mr Roboto meets Footloose, but 100 times chee... by vadenuez on 25.01.2010
Freddie at the end of live aid, never noticed before - Nonsense. Freddie looked funny simply cause he had... by vadenuez on 11.01.2010
PRESS RELEASE: Queen+The Muppets Single - No, it was "fun", until they turned a happy little... by vadenuez on 14.12.2009
PRESS RELEASE: Queen+The Muppets Single - Oh, and the saddest part is that just two weeks ag... by vadenuez on 09.12.2009
PRESS RELEASE: Queen+The Muppets Single - So Queen Productions next goal is to release BoRha... by vadenuez on 09.12.2009
... - Liking or disliking someone is a right everybody h... by vadenuez on 07.12.2009
Queen fans:Help get The Muppets version of Bohemian Rhapsody rush released - As you said it, "it's a bit of fun at christmas"..... by vadenuez on 03.12.2009
Queen fans:Help get The Muppets version of Bohemian Rhapsody rush released - Oh c'mon Mr Beach... couldn't you come up with som... by vadenuez on 03.12.2009
Now we know why they keep releasing crap! - Well, reaching #3 in the first week means basicall... by vadenuez on 26.11.2009
The end of Queen? - Splendid! Brian said that they'd open the archive ... by vadenuez on 06.11.2009
BRIAN AND ELENA LONDON BOOK SIGNING - I'd rather buy the limited mono edition of this bo... by vadenuez on 02.11.2009
Freddie Mercury an overrated member of Queen - Thank you! Now, your answer opens indee... by vadenuez on 30.10.2009
Freddie Mercury an overrated member of Queen - This is one of the best threads here lately. Howev... by vadenuez on 29.10.2009
Freddie Mercury an overrated member of Queen - And Paul Rodgers is guest of the week. PR ... by vadenuez on 28.10.2009
Freddie Mercury an overrated member of Queen - Jim Beach? ... by vadenuez on 28.10.2009
Freddie Mercury an overrated member of Queen - Freddie is Disco Stu and John's Professor Skinner ... by vadenuez on 27.10.2009
Bohemian Rhapsody: Myth & Truth - This isn't music related, but there's another urba... by vadenuez on 12.10.2009
MONUMENTO Á FREDDIE MERCURY NA ARGENTINA..- In Spanish - A ver, Queen (no sólo Freddie) llegaron a Baires ... by vadenuez on 10.10.2009
Bohemian Rhapsody: Myth & Truth - It's quite easy to see that the 160-200 voices sta... by vadenuez on 10.10.2009
Poll: Who is cuter, Brian May or Roger Taylor? - Me. ... by vadenuez on 06.10.2009
MONUMENTO Á FREDDIE MERCURY NA ARGENTINA..- In Spanish - Si cada club de fans va a hacer un monumento de su... by vadenuez on 06.10.2009
Mistakes left on Queen releases - There's a very low click at the very end of Love O... by vadenuez on 14.09.2009
Top 5 Things You Wish Queen HADN'T Done - Queen should've never... ... included film ex... by vadenuez on 11.09.2009
Freddie, an average songwriter?!? - Some of you are mixing apples and oranges. Freddie... by vadenuez on 11.09.2009
Press release "Absolute Greatest" - An excerpt from the bonus CD: Brian: Oh, this... by vadenuez on 04.09.2009
Ultimate One Disc Greatest Hits Contest guesses - Actually three songs out of one of Queen's... by vadenuez on 17.08.2009
qrock - Don't worry, microwave is our resident buffoon. Yo... by vadenuez on 13.08.2009
Is anyone getting Annoyed about the tracklists of ABSOLUTE GREATEST????? - I wouldn't be surprised if the limited edition ... by vadenuez on 12.08.2009
Queen are 99% sure to tour in 2010 - Imagine Brian, Roger and John, each one with their... by vadenuez on 12.08.2009
Scully doo where are you? - This reminds me a lot of that Sunbury '74 Festi... by vadenuez on 12.08.2009
Queen Absolute Greatest packshot revealed - Well, I like to give friends & family presents I k... by vadenuez on 07.08.2009
Free Concert Nightmare Experience - Sadly, they've just done it with Adam Lambert. I w... by vadenuez on 04.08.2009
THIS AUTUMN QUEEN WILL BE RELEASING THEIR ULTIMATE ONE DISC GREATEST HITS A - Queen is the new Abba. They turned themselve... by vadenuez on 27.07.2009
Queen 2 - I doesn't fit sonically and thematically. This is ... by vadenuez on 24.07.2009
Paul talks about Q+PR - I demand an explanation ... by vadenuez on 21.07.2009
Paul talks about Q+PR - ... by vadenuez on 21.07.2009
Hammersmith'75 to be released (from Brian's soapbox) - 41. A fancy "Property of Queen Productions" sticke... by vadenuez on 18.07.2009
Hammersmith'75 to be released (from Brian's soapbox) - 37. Queen + Adam Lambert singing We Are The Champi... by vadenuez on 17.07.2009
the essential queen - Don't mind the english, but why did you write the ... by vadenuez on 16.07.2009
Hammersmith'75 to be released (from Brian's soapbox) - 20. The footage of the mini-gig for the fan club a... by vadenuez on 16.07.2009
Hammersmith'75 to be released (from Brian's soapbox) - Correction to Sebastian: 10. A 'Making of...'... by vadenuez on 16.07.2009
the essential Queen - What? ... by vadenuez on 15.07.2009
Absolute Greatest cd release, November 9? - Apparently, from what I've read by the OP, the dea... by vadenuez on 15.07.2009
congrats to paul - Fuck the 350,000 then. My guess is Paul Rodgers is... by vadenuez on 09.07.2009
MAY COMPARES PERRY TO MERCURY - Since Brian is as much an astronomer as a musician... by vadenuez on 18.06.2009
MAY COMPARES PERRY TO MERCURY - I've read that article four times now and I still ... by vadenuez on 17.06.2009
The Sun City Gig - I wouldn't put all my hopes in QPL about this. Aft... by vadenuez on 05.06.2009
Annie Lennox should'nt of done "Under preassure" with Bowie at 92 tribute!! - I remember a Rolling Stone interview that year whe... by vadenuez on 01.06.2009
WWRY-is it worth seeing? - The music is good. The story is pathetic. ... by vadenuez on 27.05.2009
Adam Lambert possibly new singer for Queen - I'm not sure if Lambert has any musical background... by vadenuez on 26.05.2009
Queen + Adam Lambert? - So Queen's going to hire a C-lebrity to be their n... by vadenuez on 21.05.2009
Q + PR - Ukraine DVD pack shots - Have you noticed that the word "QUEEN" can be read... by vadenuez on 08.05.2009
lack of advertising - Lack of promotion is quite a blurry statement rega... by vadenuez on 24.04.2009
Great story: Freddie and Moserrat at Pinewood studio - Erm... I assure you that 25 years later, people st... by vadenuez on 22.04.2009
Top ten albums - please indulge me. - A Night at the Opera Queen II A Day at the Rac... by vadenuez on 21.04.2009
QUEEN + PAUL RODGERS NEW ALBUM - At least they should release Freddie farti... by vadenuez on 20.04.2009
QUEEN + PAUL RODGERS NEW ALBUM - Right now I'm tempted to believe that QPL is very ... by vadenuez on 17.04.2009
Queen are 99% sure to tour in 2010 - From a roadie... yeah... maybe we should a... by vadenuez on 31.03.2009
Queen are 99% sure to tour in 2010 - You know, whenever someone who dislikes Q+... by vadenuez on 31.03.2009
Your thoughts on Gimme The Prize - It's a good rocker but not much more. Some awfu... by vadenuez on 30.03.2009
‘I Want To Break Free’ - I don't buy it. I think they're no more than lame ... by vadenuez on 26.03.2009
It's Late... rubbish? - It's Late must be easily among Queen's top 5 or 10... by vadenuez on 24.03.2009
Freddie Is My Hero - Stop that. You sound ridiculous. ... by vadenuez on 17.03.2009
The Cosmos Rocks gets better with age. - It's not a matter of being or not a "Freddie fan",... by vadenuez on 17.03.2009
Petition:Freddies House Should Be A Musem - Just go to your bathroom and look where you shit. ... by vadenuez on 16.03.2009
Bad Company to tour this year - Paul Rodgers has left the building. Good for ... by vadenuez on 12.03.2009
An article in The Guardian I happened to read... - What a sad existence must this guy be leading when... by vadenuez on 11.03.2009
Freddie knew he had HIV in 1984? - There's a huge contradiction here. ... by vadenuez on 09.03.2009
Vote for Live At Wembley '86! - OK, I admit I sounded harsher than I wished. ... by vadenuez on 26.02.2009
Vote for Live At Wembley '86! - Bruce "Springstink"??? OK, you did it. The B... by vadenuez on 26.02.2009
Queen and Kiss tour the US in 2009 - [img=... by vadenuez on 02.02.2009
Rock IN Rio 85 missing footage - It is. I found it a couple of years ago, some... by vadenuez on 26.01.2009
Roger interview quote: 'all surviving active members'? - David Gilmour owns the rights to the name Pink Flo... by vadenuez on 26.01.2009
Queen + - Queen + Freddie Mercury ... mmm no.That'd be ... by vadenuez on 23.01.2009
Roger interview quote: 'all surviving active members'? - Then I wonder what the hell are Paul and Ringo wai... by vadenuez on 20.01.2009
Your vision of the Setlist for next tour - No. The problem is simply that as long as the... by vadenuez on 15.01.2009
MSN Music cuts the tripe out of Q+PR.... - They should go and call themselves Smile +... by vadenuez on 08.01.2009
"Made In Heaven sessions" in 1991 - Aion, did you notice that his signature says "Trea... by vadenuez on 06.01.2009
Q+PR second best tour of the year voted by Planet Rock - Good to see Q+PR among those major artists. Planet... by vadenuez on 05.01.2009
What will 2009 bring? - We'll get the Singles Boxset Vol. 2 but 'A Human B... by vadenuez on 01.01.2009
Open letter to Queen Archivist/ QPL - Brian? ... by vadenuez on 24.12.2008
Open letter to Queen Archivist/ QPL - I don't know the rest of you but I find the term '... by vadenuez on 23.12.2008
Open letter to Queen Archivist/ QPL - I totally and cheerfully approve of John's post. ... by vadenuez on 22.12.2008
Queen Singles Box 1 - It's not only about the useless need of having all... by vadenuez on 16.12.2008
Is it a limited edition on hte Singles Box Set ? - Due to poor sales it'll probably become a collecto... by vadenuez on 15.12.2008
I've been meaning to ask how is there Queen without Freddie Mercury? - Fool me! that's why they called themselves Qu... by vadenuez on 12.12.2008
I've been meaning to ask how is there Queen without Freddie Mercury? - Erm... that's exactly what you're doing, e... by vadenuez on 12.12.2008
Take the Box Set back to the shop - Actually I fail to see the point on putting a CD i... by vadenuez on 08.12.2008
Queen + Paul Rodgers = Over - Please, stop playing the nostalgia card anymore! T... by vadenuez on 04.12.2008
Queen + Paul Rodgers = Over - The sad thing is that QPR lovers have been massive... by vadenuez on 01.12.2008
TCR sells 12 000 copies - Little studio time, little promotion. Little desir... by vadenuez on 24.11.2008
How will the 17th anniversary of Freddie's death affect you. - You mean you're gonna fast all day and then h... by vadenuez on 24.11.2008
17 years today! :( Miss you Fred - Cheesiest thread ever. ... by vadenuez on 24.11.2008
Bowie/Lennox version of Under Pressure - I remember an interview in Rolling Stone to Annie ... by vadenuez on 19.11.2008
Official Re-record / Re-release Thread - Splendid!!! (loud cheers and applauds) Why no... by vadenuez on 18.11.2008
TCR slips to #149 in the USA - yogi wrote: The Cosmos Rocks is just an ex... by vadenuez on 18.11.2008
TCR slips to #149 in the USA - yogi wrote: The Cosmos Rocks is just an ex... by vadenuez on 18.11.2008
How will the 17th anniversary of Freddie's death affect you. - Damn it! If I had to mourn and cry for every dead ... by vadenuez on 17.11.2008
Too Expensive? The guy is out of his mind! - The funny thing is that the seller is going to put... by vadenuez on 12.11.2008
TCR US Chart Position - Indeed. That's the main reason they remained ... by vadenuez on 07.11.2008
TAYLOR + MAY KEEP OFFERING DEACON QUEEN LIVE GIG - I had a wonderful time in high school but at this ... by vadenuez on 05.11.2008
The Comos Rocks - My two cents - The correct quote is as idiotic as that one. ... by vadenuez on 05.11.2008
What do you see in this Picture?? - Definitely a Brian. ... by vadenuez on 20.10.2008
TCR is going down. - Word of mouth is one of the strongest ways to prom... by vadenuez on 20.10.2008
Queen is missing something - Great points Sheer Brass Neck and Mrs Bad Guy. ... by vadenuez on 16.10.2008
Everyone's a critic.....even me. - I wonder if you're aware that opening new threads ... by vadenuez on 07.10.2008
Queen vs Beatles - Well I love both of them. I guess that makes me a ... by vadenuez on 23.09.2008
freddissimo account should be closed - For god's sake, stop being hypocrites! people in t... by vadenuez on 22.09.2008
five reasons why new Queen+ CD will not be in the Brenski CD Rack - Lyrically any of those musicians (even AC/DC) ... by vadenuez on 22.09.2008
The Cosmos Rocks: YAY or NAY (A Vote) - Nay. Disappointing. Queen or not Queen, not my ... by vadenuez on 21.09.2008
Set List - They're doing exactly the same thing they've alway... by vadenuez on 21.09.2008
So - Queen POST Paul Rodgers?? - Paul will leave the project after the tour. Then J... by vadenuez on 19.09.2008
Poor Review of The Cosmos Rocks from The London Times - MoJo is one of the few Queen-friendly magazines ou... by vadenuez on 16.09.2008
How can you not like Cosmos Rocks ? - It's different in one sense: If you dare sayin... by vadenuez on 14.09.2008
Poor Review of The Cosmos Rocks from The London Times - No one asks Guns n' Roses from Velvet Revolver, al... by vadenuez on 13.09.2008
The Cosmos Rocks Review - I agree, but sadly that's the main problem. It's n... by vadenuez on 13.09.2008
At least Brian admitted he's a hypocrite ;-) - Which face? the one in your avatar? :)... by vadenuez on 10.09.2008
Brian May vs. Jimmy Page - I reckon Brian's got himself his own Treasure ... by vadenuez on 05.09.2008
How will you celebrate our Birthday boy? - I'll watch Return Of The Champions or listen to so... by vadenuez on 05.09.2008
Time to shine from Cosmos Rocks - Sorry to say this but my worst fears are becoming ... by vadenuez on 03.09.2008
Brian and Roger runing the legacy - Actually I'm agreeing with you. The Queen we k... by vadenuez on 23.08.2008
Brian and Roger runing the legacy - There's no point at all. It's just a matter of... by vadenuez on 23.08.2008
Hammersmith 26/12/1979 on DVD: 10 reasons why it should happen - I wouldn't give myself false hopes. It's much m... by vadenuez on 23.08.2008
The Jazz - poster... - This month's Playboy issue is cheaper.... by vadenuez on 18.08.2008
I had a dream - Now that's dreamin'... I guess we agree th... by vadenuez on 04.08.2008
New album gone for processing... - That would be a healthy idea... the last time ... by vadenuez on 21.07.2008
46664- Nelson Mandela 90th "Queen on stage at 10pm" - And in the process, get rid of that dated keyb... by vadenuez on 14.07.2008
My biggest Queen complaint - They won't change a tune. The main reason they've ... by vadenuez on 10.07.2008
46664- Nelson Mandela 90th "Queen on stage at 10pm" - Sorry, but I'm neither troll nor loser. I may just... by vadenuez on 30.06.2008
46664- Nelson Mandela 90th "Queen on stage at 10pm" - Same old stuff... nothing new here. No traces of a... by vadenuez on 30.06.2008
Play the...game! - I truly love to read every single post from you Ya... by vadenuez on 10.06.2008
A plan to get 'You and I' in the charts! - As much as I love 'You & I', why don't you rather ... by vadenuez on 10.06.2008
The Cosmos Rocks With Album Cover - So they did it again: the crappy preview artwo... by vadenuez on 06.06.2008
Strangest Queen song - The Call is the strangest (and most awful) Queen s... by vadenuez on 22.05.2008
Play the Game - The cheesy sci-fi movie synth is there at the begi... by vadenuez on 19.05.2008
Yeah... - I thought this thread was about THAT Made In Heave... by vadenuez on 17.05.2008
Brian May clears up that Paul Rodgers thing - Yara, why do you waste your talents in a music for... by vadenuez on 13.05.2008
PETITION---BRING BACK JOHN DEACON! - As much as we could disagree on many things, t... by vadenuez on 25.04.2008
John's Flashiest Moment Live - Come on D1Ch, when are you finally going to admit ... by vadenuez on 22.04.2008
Freddie Mercury killed? - This is the most stepfordish shit about Freddie I'... by vadenuez on 21.04.2008
The Cosmos Rocks: AWFUL album title. - So you mean that the poor bastard's been telli... by vadenuez on 15.04.2008
For Fans of the Musical..... - In this thrilling sequel, our heros Figaro and Gal... by vadenuez on 15.04.2008
Cosmos background.... it's not a joke ! - I really, sincerely, frantically hope that it's ju... by vadenuez on 08.04.2008
Al Murray + Queen.... - Just read the words you're using yourself... '... by vadenuez on 08.04.2008
The Cosmos Rocks: AWFUL album title. - Word, mate! They can call themselves whatev... by vadenuez on 04.04.2008
The Cosmos Rocks - What about "The Champions Rock the Cosmos&quo... by vadenuez on 31.03.2008
Vote NUmber One IDIOT - However, Brian's not the greatest guitarist... he ... by vadenuez on 29.03.2008
The Cosmos Rocks - WTF???... by vadenuez on 27.03.2008
My We Will Rock You review (spoilers) - It's nothing but disposable crap. The play was sav... by vadenuez on 03.03.2008
We WON !!! - Well, you know.. thirty years ago a guy named ... by vadenuez on 21.02.2008
Have you ever meet the band members ?? - That's cheating. You're the real John D. ;-D... by vadenuez on 15.02.2008
Freddie Mercury jewelery????? - Love? what the fuck "love" has to do wit... by vadenuez on 12.02.2008
What happened to John Harris? Where is he now? - Jonathan Harris... Dr. Zachary Smith in "Lost... by vadenuez on 12.02.2008
Misfire - Is about Freddie just before he caught aids... by vadenuez on 11.02.2008
The Next Freddie Mercury!!!! - Mark my words... Sometime in the future there w... by vadenuez on 06.02.2008
votenumber1.com - It's easy... The Beatles, the Led Zeps, The Wh... by vadenuez on 02.02.2008
FAQ: Stepford Fans - Things have changed a bit since 2004. Nowadays... by vadenuez on 02.02.2008
John and groupies - Groupies or not, he's still happily married to Ver... by vadenuez on 18.01.2008
Say It´s Not True - Fantastic Chart Success - Actually I can't agree with you more. It's simply ... by vadenuez on 12.01.2008
a genuine rant - Body Language has exactly the same similaritie... by vadenuez on 12.01.2008
Say It´s Not True - Fantastic Chart Success - Gimme a break and please don't play the "I ... by vadenuez on 12.01.2008
a genuine rant - Sometimes I'm Amazed how some Queen fans can be so... by vadenuez on 09.01.2008
Do you think he is a Queen fan? - No. I went into the same shop and the same... by vadenuez on 08.01.2008
Does The Heartbreak kid refer to Queen? - Well, last week I saw "Now Pronounce You Chuc... by vadenuez on 08.01.2008
Queen to play at the new O2 arena - More than half of your list is filled with ban... by vadenuez on 08.01.2008
a genuine rant - A musical about a future world where rock music is... by vadenuez on 08.01.2008
ONLY Thread for all Q+PR rants - Agreed. Back in the days when Queen was a young an... by vadenuez on 07.01.2008
Queen to play at the new O2 arena - From a legal POV, Brian and Roger have all the rig... by vadenuez on 07.01.2008
Queen to play at the new O2 arena - In spite of the name, I wish they load the upcomin... by vadenuez on 04.01.2008
Vote for Queen! - That's because The Who followers probably don'... by vadenuez on 02.01.2008
Is This Rufus? - Silly names, all those Taylors' ... by vadenuez on 28.12.2007
What you think about that...(Mika) - The comparisons began to flow when Brian himself s... by vadenuez on 26.12.2007
Anthologies in 2008? - I like Brenski's reply better ;-)... by vadenuez on 11.12.2007
Anthologies in 2008? - BTW, your hometown is called "montreux" ... by vadenuez on 10.12.2007
SINT: Intelligent discussion - No problem, Tero :) After listening SINT at lea... by vadenuez on 08.12.2007
SINT: Intelligent discussion - Actually we have the very same point but you e... by vadenuez on 05.12.2007
SINT: Intelligent discussion - I agree with Benn. By all means, the new Queen sho... by vadenuez on 05.12.2007
Say It's Not True - To be true, I'm deeply disappointed. It's all Quee... by vadenuez on 30.11.2007
New single - but only download? - Well, QP weirdly and uncomprehandably released... by vadenuez on 18.10.2007
No Subject - WWRY is the shittiest crap ever made. Just save yo... by vadenuez on 12.10.2007
John Deacon exeprimenting during Live At Wembley lol - The quietest is usually the naughtiest.... by vadenuez on 21.09.2007
John Deacon....DRUNK!! - Maybe it was mushroom tea ;-)... by vadenuez on 28.08.2007
Next queen release on DVD RIO or TOKYO - In the end we'll probably get the old crappy Rio e... by vadenuez on 15.08.2007
New 'Montreal' DVD / CD Cover....Good or Bad? - Why is it always have to be a pic of Freddie bendi... by vadenuez on 03.08.2007
Brian May: Latest Atrocity - Well Joss should have asked John Deacon instead of... by vadenuez on 02.07.2007
25 years hot space 1982 - To me Body Language always was some sort of Get Do... by vadenuez on 05.06.2007
Exactly What Queen Live Footage DOES Exist - REVISITED - You've said it worlds better than me Bobby. I apol... by vadenuez on 31.05.2007
Exactly What Queen Live Footage DOES Exist - REVISITED - Please do read my edited post. ... by vadenuez on 31.05.2007
Exactly What Queen Live Footage DOES Exist - REVISITED - Fuck you Queenman. The guy's Queen archivist, not ... by vadenuez on 31.05.2007
Queen To Feature In The 7 Ages Of Rock On BBC2 - I bet this is going to be lotsa moustache Freddie ... by vadenuez on 23.05.2007
Exactly What Queen Live Footage DOES Exist - DEFINITIVE LIST - Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought that... by vadenuez on 13.04.2007
Should Mika grow a Freddie-like mustache? - Just take a tour around brian's soapbox. He wa... by vadenuez on 02.04.2007
Queen named 'Greatest British band of all time' - The presence of Take That in the list makes this w... by vadenuez on 02.04.2007
Stones too good for FM tribute?? - It was the FM tribute not goddamn live aid. It was... by vadenuez on 27.03.2007
How I think the Boxsets should be released - Right now, there's a QP chairman lying flat on the... by vadenuez on 24.03.2007
Greatest video hits 3 DVD - I remember the days when the question was: &qu... by vadenuez on 21.03.2007
Spike Edney - Queen member - Brian and Roger keep passionately calling themselv... by vadenuez on 20.03.2007
Freddie Throwing BANANAS - Also, if you look really closely to the Live Kille... by vadenuez on 08.03.2007
according to you... - *crickets chirping* ... by vadenuez on 07.03.2007
When is Mika coming to the US?!! - Mika is just another Freddie wannabe who had the l... by vadenuez on 06.03.2007
Live Magic - During the second half of the eighties, nearly no ... by vadenuez on 06.03.2007
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