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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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6 discussions started by 'tupincs'

divorcekevin.com - It's very funny site, worth to surf there: www.... by tupincs on 15.12.2005
The Ultimate Hate Topic - Let's make Queenzone a friendly place! If you'r... by tupincs on 01.12.2005
Debil's meeting - There's a feeling sometimes that not all members h... by tupincs on 23.08.2005
Becks = crap? - Let's start there that I cannot understand why the... by tupincs on 15.08.2005
The Jackson Trial - The Jury is discussing, experts say we'll have the... by tupincs on 08.06.2005
What does it mean? - What/who is a "Hollaback girl"? A cheerl... by tupincs on 04.06.2005

140 posts by user 'tupincs'

WE WANT DEAKY - A beautiful day dream stuff for the weekend. AHHHH... by tupincs on 03.03.2006
How to best describe Freddie's voice - It's infact a very good description. And not o... by tupincs on 14.02.2006
Over or under 30? - 0-30 (25), The Game... by tupincs on 14.02.2006
Is Rock in Rio & Live in Budapest going to be released onto DVD? - No, the little films should be on an extra dis... by tupincs on 21.01.2006
Is Rock in Rio & Live in Budapest going to be released onto DVD? - Hopefully Live in Budapest will be released with m... by tupincs on 20.01.2006
johns wife - Dark-haired means dark blonde.... by tupincs on 20.01.2006
Brokeback Mountain - From that point on I guess my English is poor.... by tupincs on 19.01.2006
Are you a Queenaholic? - Yes, I definetely am. Thank God!... by tupincs on 18.01.2006
Why this Freddie obsession? - Does it feel good when you're thinking about him? ... by tupincs on 12.01.2006
Schools you have attended - Elementary school Bilingual (Hungarian-German) hi... by tupincs on 12.01.2006
Worst song of all time. - Yeah, it's a big surprise. Almost as big as 'H... by tupincs on 07.01.2006
What would Freddie think of today's music? - I can imagine that he would be just like Sir Elton... by tupincs on 07.01.2006
Is Take That's Jason Orange gay? - LoL at the picture! For the original question: ... by tupincs on 30.12.2005
brian and roger -especially brian - I like the topic's title! LOL... by tupincs on 30.12.2005
your favorite food for Christmas - Wiener Schnitzel.... by tupincs on 21.12.2005
BLONDE JOKES TO END ALL BLONDE JOKES! - In a bar there's a ventriloquist with a puppet on ... by tupincs on 21.12.2005
divorcekevin.com - It's very funny site, worth to surf there: www.... by tupincs on 15.12.2005
Freddie's Temper. - Are you talking about Freddie Krueger?... by tupincs on 09.12.2005
brian's hair - I'm defenitely not a hairdresser or something ... by tupincs on 05.12.2005
The Ultimate Hate Topic - What is Artist Arena? And why do you hate it?... by tupincs on 03.12.2005
The Ultimate Hate Topic - I'm happy. BTW I never would have imagined ... by tupincs on 02.12.2005
The Ultimate Hate Topic - Let's make Queenzone a friendly place! If you'r... by tupincs on 01.12.2005
Brian May: Egomaniac - Ok, last time I ignored that comment, but now ... by tupincs on 30.11.2005
Brian May: Egomaniac - I would almost agree, but even if we remember and ... by tupincs on 29.11.2005
John Deacon NR.1 On TOP 50 Basslines Of All Time! - Yeah, they were simply good instead of being c... by tupincs on 28.11.2005
Brian May: Egomaniac - The only problem with Brian is that he takes himse... by tupincs on 28.11.2005
roger's tackle - This whole thread reminded me on an old joke: H... by tupincs on 24.11.2005
Fave Beatle member... - What a great show. I always tuned in Cartoon N... by tupincs on 10.11.2005
favorite beatles song? - You've got hide your love away Elenor Rigby Hey ... by tupincs on 10.11.2005
Do they have a bio about John? - LOL... by tupincs on 10.11.2005
Most annoying Queen misconceptions? - LOL!... by tupincs on 08.11.2005
Most annoying Queen misconceptions? - http://www.queenzone.com/queenzone/forumnew/forum_... by tupincs on 08.11.2005
New Madonna song - You spoke from my heart. ABBA has many masterp... by tupincs on 02.11.2005
What are you dressing up as for halloween? - So many humorous answers....! I'm dressed like ... by tupincs on 31.10.2005
Least favourite names - Maybe I'm a racist, too, but I also noticed th... by tupincs on 14.10.2005
gays do not appreciate Freddie - I heard that he never said the whole truth because... by tupincs on 14.10.2005
KingMercury sought by tall-big-haired-rock-guitarist for a hiding..... - [QUOTEIt's also insulting towards him to tell that... by tupincs on 30.09.2005
KingMercury sought by tall-big-haired-rock-guitarist for a hiding..... - Why should he apologize for his opinion? Brian... by tupincs on 29.09.2005
Should Brian & Roger Retire Gracefully ? - That's right. It shows me just more that they're s... by tupincs on 23.09.2005
Least favourite names - How do you know these names? Nevermind. There a... by tupincs on 23.09.2005
Should Brian & Roger Retire Gracefully ? - Did it really flop? I don't think so. Queen plays ... by tupincs on 23.09.2005
Happy Birthday Brian Epstein! - Best wishes to both of them.... by tupincs on 20.09.2005
Brian Epstein appreciation - I didn't know that. Thanks!... by tupincs on 18.09.2005
wots freddies ethnic background? - At least we learn something every day, p contr... by tupincs on 18.09.2005
My short interview with John "Deaky" Deacon - ...and he managed what other reporters never c... by tupincs on 18.09.2005
Brian Epstein appreciation - Unforunataly (but not surprisingly) this topic san... by tupincs on 15.09.2005
what was the last john deacon interview? - I always laughed about that never could decide... by tupincs on 15.09.2005
What does your name mean? - I never would have thought that my name is on that... by tupincs on 08.09.2005
Why did No-One But You flop? - It's too emotional, so it could have been a big ch... by tupincs on 08.09.2005
What is the most cutest thing Freddie had? - I like the order of these things. :)... by tupincs on 08.09.2005
Is this what "Bohemian Rhapsody" is really about? - In 1975 there was no AIDS. It was first diagnost... by tupincs on 07.09.2005
Cool Cat - Good funky tune. George Michael couldn't have done... by tupincs on 29.08.2005
Debil's meeting - There's a feeling sometimes that not all members h... by tupincs on 23.08.2005
STOP "Bryans Permed Poodle" - Don't ban him, ignore him!... by tupincs on 23.08.2005
How old are you? / When did you join Queenzone? - 25 in two months time, first post earlier this yea... by tupincs on 22.08.2005
Brian Epstein appreciation - No there are other people who like him. For exampl... by tupincs on 17.08.2005
wembley vs.budapest - "Busapest, Busapest, Te csodás!"... by tupincs on 17.08.2005
Brian ....loves it to much??! - I didn't really understand your post, Antiden. Fir... by tupincs on 17.08.2005
Brian's Depression - We had this topic already: http://www.queenzone.c... by tupincs on 16.08.2005
Becks = crap? - For the kids - sure. But for Victoria? I heard... by tupincs on 15.08.2005
What is your most sentimental Queen Lyric? - 'Look into my eyes and you'll see I'm the only on... by tupincs on 15.08.2005
Psychological Profiles - Who do you call a fan?... by tupincs on 15.08.2005
wembley vs.budapest - How did you know that? :) I was there of course.... by tupincs on 15.08.2005
Becks = crap? - Why isn' he at L'Oreal Paris instead of Real Mad... by tupincs on 15.08.2005
wembley vs.budapest - We usually learn it in the kindergarten. At least ... by tupincs on 15.08.2005
wembley vs.budapest - Sorry for almost killing this topic with Hungarian... by tupincs on 15.08.2005
Becks = crap? - Let's start there that I cannot understand why the... by tupincs on 15.08.2005
What song u listening to this very minute? - Phil Collins: Dance into the light... by tupincs on 12.08.2005
Brian's website edits ''Killer Queen'' Bad Review - Jen is an editor. I don't think she does anything ... by tupincs on 12.08.2005
wembley vs.budapest - Ne hagyd magad, Zsolt! :))) BTW I found Bud... by tupincs on 10.08.2005
What song got you into Queen? - BohRhap and Under Pressure.... by tupincs on 27.07.2005
What popular bands do you think suck?? - Shame on me, but I never liked Led Zepp and Pink F... by tupincs on 25.07.2005
I miss Brian Epstein! - What was in that autobiography?... by tupincs on 23.07.2005
I miss Brian Epstein! - Oh yes, I must admit I forgot George Martin. F... by tupincs on 22.07.2005
John turning into a dirty old man like Roger - Is this important?... by tupincs on 22.07.2005
I miss Brian Epstein! - Brian Epstein was a genius! I really never thought... by tupincs on 21.07.2005
Is Brian Hot - Is there anybody who doesn't like his hair?... by tupincs on 21.07.2005
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - As I read the title I had another imagination of t... by tupincs on 19.07.2005
Is Brian Hot - Hot? Not! But he has an aura that makes you think ... by tupincs on 18.07.2005
Free hate in Hyde Park - Live Hate? Sir Bob would love it! LOL... by tupincs on 13.07.2005
how many female partners did freddie have? - Why do you think that we know it? Let's say 200! N... by tupincs on 13.07.2005
Does anyone like Kates Bush? - Bad for you, Arlene! I love her stuff much. My fav... by tupincs on 13.07.2005
Brian's bitching - You must admit: Brian's Soapbox is always good for... by tupincs on 13.07.2005
What song reminds you of Brian? - Too much love and Brighton rock (especially the So... by tupincs on 13.07.2005
Is anyone already bored with Brian's endless topics on astronomy. - Bored? It's not the perfect word, because sometime... by tupincs on 11.07.2005
meetings with the band... - I only saw Danny Miranda but he was not very close... by tupincs on 07.07.2005
Brian's Confidence - He's a guitarist who can sing but definetely not a... by tupincs on 06.07.2005
Queenat LIVE 8 - They shouldn't have played at Hyde Park but in Rom... by tupincs on 06.07.2005
Has anyone seen the penises?? - I had a trouble for a long time what should be my ... by tupincs on 06.07.2005
Queenat LIVE 8 - And the worst thing about it, it will not reac... by tupincs on 05.07.2005
Pink Floyd on Live 8 - I second that.... by tupincs on 04.07.2005
Pink Floyd on Live 8 - They were the highlight.... by tupincs on 04.07.2005
Robbie Williams is the worst Freddie Mercury Impersonator - At least somebody sang a Queen song at Hyde Park! ... by tupincs on 04.07.2005
Pete Doherty - I didn't understand why he had to perform. Did Bob... by tupincs on 04.07.2005
Queenat LIVE 8 - I was really disappointed that Queen missed Live 8... by tupincs on 04.07.2005
How many of ya are watchin' Live 8 tomorrow? - me too.... by tupincs on 02.07.2005
My turn to say good bye to you people! - Even today I thought about you because I met someo... by tupincs on 30.06.2005
Is Tom Cruise crazy? - QUOTENAME]<b>&am... by tupincs on 25.06.2005
Rogers sexy voice - He had to start smoking at a very young age, b... by tupincs on 25.06.2005
A really funny joke - "I have a penis like a baby." &... by tupincs on 24.06.2005
American Psycho - I don't think you could compare Psycho, the classi... by tupincs on 21.06.2005
A really funny joke - Sailor to captain: Sir, a pirate ship's approching... by tupincs on 20.06.2005
American Psycho - Funny? I had many words to express what I felt whe... by tupincs on 20.06.2005
Brians IQ - About 130-140.... by tupincs on 20.06.2005
John's autograph 2005 for sale? - Is it original? If so, it's really nice from John ... by tupincs on 16.06.2005
Queens best 'Look' - In total they looked in 'The Game' era best.... by tupincs on 16.06.2005
worst queen song - One year of love - even Celine Dion would refuse t... by tupincs on 16.06.2005
WHO IS THE MOST ANNOYING QUEENZONE CONTRIBUTOR? - Great to see you agree, and some you have even sel... by tupincs on 16.06.2005
Brian's full name - PhD - I get my 2nd degree in a month.... by tupincs on 16.06.2005
question about brian - ...or you can get them on the tour. They sell it i... by tupincs on 15.06.2005
The Jackson Trial - Sorry, US-friends. But it seems to me, a Europian,... by tupincs on 10.06.2005
The Jackson Trial - I thought the same thing. Jackson just doesn't kno... by tupincs on 08.06.2005
The Jackson Trial - The Jury is discussing, experts say we'll have the... by tupincs on 08.06.2005
hariy chests? - Take a look: http://www.queenzone.com/queenzone/m... by tupincs on 06.06.2005
hariy chests? - ???????????... by tupincs on 06.06.2005
What does it mean? - Congratulation! You Won! My gratefulness. Thanks f... by tupincs on 06.06.2005
What does it mean? - What/who is a "Hollaback girl"? A cheerl... by tupincs on 04.06.2005
Would John Deacon perform at Live 8 - John's gonna play with Robbie Williams in London. ... by tupincs on 03.06.2005
Favorite Queen Bass line - How could I forget Under Pressure? It's so obviuou... by tupincs on 02.06.2005
the sexiest song - Cool Cat has a basic beat that reminds me on makin... by tupincs on 31.05.2005
Roger or Brian- who's a better singer? - Roger... by tupincs on 31.05.2005
Tenosynovitis - He doesn't need to make up stories like this just ... by tupincs on 31.05.2005
Queen + Rogers in Aruba - Even without Queen and Paul Aruba is a cool place.... by tupincs on 27.05.2005
Favorite Queen Bass line - Many, but I pick Back Chat and Dragon Attack. They... by tupincs on 27.05.2005
Queen and politics - No, no, at the time as John Lennon wrote Working C... by tupincs on 27.05.2005
John Deacon's voice - What about his speaking voice? I like it, it's low... by tupincs on 27.05.2005
Brian's Depression - I know, he has attended a cure some years ago. But... by tupincs on 27.05.2005
Queen and politics - In my country conservatives are not really kind to... by tupincs on 26.05.2005
... - The question is: what do you understand as date? ... by tupincs on 24.05.2005
... - I think we're gonna be told to use a private chat ... by tupincs on 24.05.2005
Queen and politics - Officially they're all non-political. I think it's... by tupincs on 24.05.2005
Hello. I am new. - Me too. Hi.... by tupincs on 24.05.2005
Who Wants video - Actually I don't like the video. It's boring like ... by tupincs on 24.05.2005
whats happened to john - Retired, yes (almost) all of us know that. But I ... by tupincs on 18.05.2005
"All Right" - And what's your point asking this? I mean what do ... by tupincs on 18.05.2005
Paul Rodgers and Bohemian Rhapsody - In my opinion it was the highpoint of the whole pr... by tupincs on 18.05.2005
Your meanings about Roger, Ladies... - The sexiest thing about Roger is his humour. It's ... by tupincs on 18.05.2005
Beyond (homo)sexuality. - I always liked Freddie's two-sided personality. In... by tupincs on 17.05.2005
Worst Queen Cover - As far as I can recall Captain Jack did Another on... by tupincs on 17.05.2005
Worst Queen Cover - For me it's the German techno girlie, Blümche... by tupincs on 17.05.2005