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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'tsskiller'

A sample of what's to come (Philly) - Hello there, It's been forever since I've poste... by tsskiller on 31.07.2017

44 posts by user 'tsskiller'

1979.12.01 Glasgow - upgrade - First of all, Thanks Greg and Bob for getting this... by tsskiller on 03.10.2018
ANNOUNCE: 1979-04-28 "Yattokame Live In Nagoya 1979" (Shakuntara) - Thank you very much for sharing. This is yet an... by tsskiller on 08.10.2017
ANNOUNCE: 1975-04-22 Nagoya (Wardour) - Thanks as always Greg. ... by tsskiller on 19.09.2017
Houston 1977 (2017 Edition!) *Updated Fixed File!* - Thanks Chief for making the definitive version out... by tsskiller on 16.09.2017
Long Beach Arena '77 1st and 2nd gig (Help needed) - I would first like to say that I've enjoyed the fa... by tsskiller on 12.09.2017
A sample of what's to come (Philly) - Well, needless to say, you're going to see things ... by tsskiller on 31.07.2017
A sample of what's to come (Philly) - It's at a slightly lower bitrate, but I would'... by tsskiller on 31.07.2017
A sample of what's to come (Philly) - Hello there, It's been forever since I've poste... by tsskiller on 31.07.2017
ANNOUNCE: The Crazy Tour: Brighton & The Rainbow - I wish I had some popcorn...... by tsskiller on 11.03.2015
Long Time Lurker - So essentially like Houston '77's version?... by tsskiller on 11.03.2015
Long Time Lurker - Ctour, words cannot express how excited I am for t... by tsskiller on 11.03.2015
ANNOUNCE : Rainbow original cinema 35 mm film transfer - Thank you so much for this share. I really liked h... by tsskiller on 02.07.2014
Poll: What will be the biggest surprise at the iheart radio "QUEEN" + AL gi - Adam Lambert still has that problem of hitting sus... by tsskiller on 21.09.2013
Queen Extravaganza 2013 - Hey, I'm doing the hard work. You have no idea how... by tsskiller on 16.09.2013
[COVERS] ANNOUNCE: Queen Extravaganza - Westbury, NY, USA - 2013/09/14 - Inu, this concert was held on 9-14, not 9-15.... by tsskiller on 15.09.2013
Queen Extravaganza 2013 - So...what a night this was. Sound was very tight a... by tsskiller on 15.09.2013
1979-04-23 Dedicate To Great Tits, Great Ass - Live in Tokyo (TARANTURA) - Thanks Luca! I like hearing the multiple notes Fre... by tsskiller on 28.06.2013
Queen Yamaguchi Brighton Rock Complete - It's unfortunate that some people are selfish to n... by tsskiller on 31.01.2013
ANNOUNCE - 2013-01-23 - One night of Queen performed by Gary Mullen - Can't wait to listen to this one. DOTL and GOFLB b... by tsskiller on 31.01.2013
ANNOUNCE: Queen Extravaganza - Englewood, NJ, USA - 2013/01/15 (incomplete) - Thanks for everyone's positive reactions to the QE... by tsskiller on 16.01.2013
[COVERS] ANNOUNCE: Queen Extravaganza - Tarrytown, NY, USA - 2013/01/11 - Google Translating posts doesn't work. Making rele... by tsskiller on 14.01.2013
Live stream for Queen+Adam Lambert+Elton John - By the way everyone, our Hungarian friend is havin... by tsskiller on 01.07.2012
[COVERS] ANNOUNCE: Queen Extravaganza - Philadelphia, PA, USA - 2012/06/07 - Patience is a virtue. Not everyone in North Americ... by tsskiller on 10.06.2012
[COVERS] ANNOUNCE: Queen Extravaganza - Philadelphia, PA, USA - 2012/06/07 - Lineage on my end is wrong. I used Reaper, not foo... by tsskiller on 10.06.2012
Queen Extravaganza - I can't wait to see them in Philadelphia on June 7... by tsskiller on 03.06.2012
Dick Clark has passed away - For people like me who are in the Game Show scene,... by tsskiller on 18.04.2012
[COVERS] ANNOUNCE: Gary Mullen And The Works - New Brunswick, NJ, USA 2012 - And according to Gary himself, he couldn't sell en... by tsskiller on 08.04.2012
[COVERS] ANNOUNCE: Gary Mullen And The Works - New Brunswick, NJ, USA 2012 - Gary sounded a touch rough for the first five song... by tsskiller on 08.04.2012
[COVERS] ANNOUNCE: Gary Mullen And The Works - New Brunswick, NJ, USA 2012 - Inu forgot to mention that the runtime was 1hr 40m... by tsskiller on 08.04.2012
ANNOUNCE: The Reaction - Complete Acetate Collection - This situation closely resembles this song, the... by tsskiller on 31.03.2012
Peter Freestone (Queen Debate) - I would like to remind everyone that it was approx... by tsskiller on 02.10.2011
A version of Somebody to Love...i need your opinions on it. - Also take into account that at a concert, you will... by tsskiller on 09.06.2011
next Tarantura bootleg - I read a post (probably the same thing that Sir GH... by tsskiller on 05.06.2011
You're My Best Friend from Live Killers - Indeed so Greg. I'm also still waiting for Sir GH ... by tsskiller on 02.06.2011
BOOTLEG RACE (new mr Peach release) - Thanks for sharing this. For the people noting dis... by tsskiller on 12.01.2011
. - I will say this again, Fred does not hit the C5. A... by tsskiller on 09.01.2011
Announce:- QUEEN-BUDOKAN HALL, TOKYO, JAPAN-FEBRUARY 13, 1981-ANALOG MASTER - Thanks for sharing. I've been looking for a cleane... by tsskiller on 23.12.2010
Gregory Finsley best Freddie Vocalist? - And he's the only man that can pull off The Show M... by tsskiller on 15.12.2010
Queen - Princess Road (TARANTURA) - Great release (sounds better than Fukuoka audio-wi... by tsskiller on 10.11.2010
Live Killers (Possible findings) - Looks like I'll have to make another video... T... by tsskiller on 02.11.2010
Live Killers (Possible findings) - For the record, 0:00-0:38 is Rotterdam 1st night, ... by tsskiller on 02.11.2010
weeeeeeeeee - One thing to say about that... http://www.youtub... by tsskiller on 24.10.2010
... - I think that I've found the bridge between his "ol... by tsskiller on 03.09.2010
Queen A Night At Q-den (TARANTURA) - Definitely a night and day difference from the fir... by tsskiller on 28.07.2010