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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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4 discussions started by 'trustno1'

'39 (Leipzig) - Maybe not worth starting a new topic about this, b... by trustno1 on 22.04.2005
Bum bum bum bu-da bum bum - There's a feature in this morning's Scotsman newsp... by trustno1 on 11.03.2005
Mr Bad Guy - Does anyone else agree with me that Mr Bad Guy is ... by trustno1 on 18.10.2004
Please stop! - While recognising that it's completely up to the r... by trustno1 on 04.10.2004

92 posts by user 'trustno1'

Excellent "Barcelona" Idea! - One thing I wish they would do is re-record the or... by trustno1 on 14.10.2005
ANNOUNCE: Freddie's last live concert (London, 14/04/1988) - I seem to remember the definiive answer to the... by trustno1 on 28.04.2005
PAUL'S WIG - Never mind Paul's hair and tooth, what's with his ... by trustno1 on 25.04.2005
Queen & Paul Rodgers-->NOW they got it RIGHT!!! - What?... by trustno1 on 25.04.2005
'39 (Leipzig) - Maybe not worth starting a new topic about this, b... by trustno1 on 22.04.2005
Did The Cross ever make the German charts? - Lol, when I saw the topic title I just knew th... by trustno1 on 18.04.2005
Studio overdubs on Milton Keynes - Quite. If Pro Tools was indeed that powerful, ... by trustno1 on 18.04.2005
Show must go on - Basel download! - Mmmm, Paul sounds like he's doing his best to comb... by trustno1 on 16.04.2005
New Downloads On QOL - Too right. It should be the other way round: m... by trustno1 on 12.04.2005
Queenzone Are Next? - I would advise anyone against paying for any C... by trustno1 on 11.04.2005
Firence - very different Setlist!!! - QUOTENAME]Knute wrote: [/QUOTENAME]What, would you... by trustno1 on 10.04.2005
AARGGH!!! 'Queen Maina' on ITV - I'm with ya, Kevo: ITV is the absolute pits.... by trustno1 on 09.04.2005
Firence - very different Setlist!!! - It's great to hear Brian and Roger play, but t... by trustno1 on 09.04.2005
Firence - very different Setlist!!! - His interpretations are just turgid, IMO. Bria... by trustno1 on 08.04.2005
Firence - very different Setlist!!! - Indeed. Paul's got a good voice but I wish he'... by trustno1 on 08.04.2005
Roger's Insulting"Opinion" of Hot Space in Q/Mojo Queen Special Edition - While I think Hot Space is utter garbage, there's ... by trustno1 on 06.04.2005
Don't Try So Hard - not Deacon's song - To my ears, Don't Try So Hard could have been John... by trustno1 on 06.04.2005
Roger's Insulting"Opinion" of Hot Space in Q/Mojo Queen Special Edition - Roger does complain a lot, but usually he's right ... by trustno1 on 05.04.2005
The miracle album - The album is bland by Queen's standards. Innuendo ... by trustno1 on 04.04.2005
Freddie's voice change after 1979 - His voice never returned to the 70s range. On ... by trustno1 on 04.04.2005
2005 light show-doesn't seem right - To me the light show on the new tour looks a lot b... by trustno1 on 04.04.2005
NO-ONE BUT YOU - I always used to get all tingly when Brian sings '... by trustno1 on 04.04.2005
You Don't Fool Me.. - I think You Don't Fool Me originates from the MIH ... by trustno1 on 04.04.2005
Bum bum bum bu-da bum bum - There's a feature in this morning's Scotsman newsp... by trustno1 on 11.03.2005
Innuendo - Perhaps a comprehensive Queenzone FAQ would be in ... by trustno1 on 25.02.2005
John Deacon's Masterpieces - I like John's songs, but the lyrics are almost alw... by trustno1 on 22.02.2005
How classically trained was Freddie on the piano? - Considering the limited formal training he had, Fr... by trustno1 on 10.02.2005
Green - Surely not the performace on the box set? Fred... by trustno1 on 06.02.2005
favorite movie - I've never actually seen Highlander. Do the so... by trustno1 on 28.01.2005
I hate the gaurdian. - I'm actually surprised the new tour has got so muc... by trustno1 on 28.01.2005
Good Company....a bit of a question.... - Clearly, a lot of practise and thought went in... by trustno1 on 28.01.2005
Another World comments? - Is it true that Jamie Moses played the (excellent)... by trustno1 on 25.01.2005
SMGO in Moulin Rouge - You don't need to be a good singer to do a mus... by trustno1 on 25.01.2005
Your most best/worst "Queen song on the car radio" moment - I was listening to a homemade Queen compilation al... by trustno1 on 20.01.2005
BEST BAND EVER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD - Oh, do shut up, you shabby old knave.... by trustno1 on 20.01.2005
Innuendo Record Release Party - Freddie wasn't *quite* dead at that point.... by trustno1 on 20.01.2005
This is personal...but not that personal. - No debate: Back Chat.... by trustno1 on 20.01.2005
furia - Definately could benefit from some more variety: i... by trustno1 on 19.01.2005
did they choose the right freddie songs for MIH? - I agree, it's one of my fav tracks from the bo... by trustno1 on 19.01.2005
What song reminds you of Brian? - Melancholy Blues... by trustno1 on 17.01.2005
John... - Lol, I'm genuinely shocked ;-) I thought John ... by trustno1 on 12.01.2005
Roger and Freddie's highest notes? - I think 'Oh' in 'Oh on with the show' from near th... by trustno1 on 10.01.2005
John... - If I had obsessive fans like these, I would bloody... by trustno1 on 10.01.2005
In My defence - That's because he lowered the key by two whole... by trustno1 on 10.01.2005
What topics haven't been covered? - Jazz rocks.... by trustno1 on 10.01.2005
How BIG was Freddie Mercury? : ()- - What I don't understand is this (and I realise by ... by trustno1 on 10.01.2005
IINNUENDO - What *was* Robert Plant on? He sounded like he was... by trustno1 on 10.01.2005
What is the Best Cross Album in the World (new wannabe Cross fan)? - Shove It is one of the best albums I have in my co... by trustno1 on 10.01.2005
Do you think the man who created the simpsons has GOT to be a queen fan? - I don't think Matt Groening even writes the Simpso... by trustno1 on 10.01.2005
Roger Taylors best songwriting on Innuendo? - I always thought it was odd that Roger should sudd... by trustno1 on 10.01.2005
The Magic Tour - I always thought Freddie was just going throug... by trustno1 on 04.01.2005
QUEEN Nightmare - I have a nightmare the other night that Queen tour... by trustno1 on 04.01.2005
The Miracle video - By all accounts I've read, he hated touring: e... by trustno1 on 04.01.2005
Favorite Queen Bass line - Show Must Go On.... by trustno1 on 31.12.2004
What's your favorite onstage Queen blooper/random comment? - This has been mentioned here before, and I was qui... by trustno1 on 23.12.2004
interesting things revealed about queen fans - Maybe it's because, as true Queen fans, we hat... by trustno1 on 22.12.2004
John and Freddie's last Days - I read an interview in which John said he 'went sp... by trustno1 on 17.12.2004
John Deacon is the only SMART one involved in this .... - You have to wonder about Brian and Roger. Queen Pr... by trustno1 on 17.12.2004
Do they have to ask John's permission for using 'Queen' name? - I'm not interested in seeing Queen without Fre... by trustno1 on 15.12.2004
Do they have to ask John's permission for using 'Queen' name? - Certainly the only one in Queen to accept that... by trustno1 on 13.12.2004
questions - This might be a dumb question, but were the pe... by trustno1 on 10.12.2004
Made in Heaven. Why I love it! - I would have much preferred an EP with the Freddie... by trustno1 on 08.12.2004
gay - Orally? I'm pretty sure he didn't.... by trustno1 on 06.12.2004
Man Made Paradise - I'd be interested to know why they didn't put it o... by trustno1 on 26.11.2004
barcelona? - Barcelona is a joy. Monserrat seems a bit out of p... by trustno1 on 26.11.2004
most depressing song - Despite being one of my fav Queen albums, I find t... by trustno1 on 24.11.2004
Queen- still like John? - I don't think we'll ever know the true dynamics of... by trustno1 on 24.11.2004
Best piano part... - rendezvous: Freddie recorded some impressive piano... by trustno1 on 24.11.2004
garden lodge records. - Rien - thanks for putting those tracks on your sit... by trustno1 on 24.11.2004
From the sublime to the ridiculous. - Has anyone seen Harry?... by trustno1 on 24.11.2004
Twitchin' John - Flashman is king!... by trustno1 on 24.11.2004
Why do they need to do it ? - I guess most people want to know more about Freddi... by trustno1 on 24.11.2004
'A Kind Of Magic' appreciation thread - A Kind of Magic is a godawful album. Soppy and sha... by trustno1 on 24.11.2004
Phew...check this out !!! - But isn't it what we'd all like to say to Brian if... by trustno1 on 19.11.2004
Who Loves HOT SPACE - 'Back chat, back chat, you've got me on the rack' ... by trustno1 on 18.11.2004
Thriller: The Queen album that never was. - It does indeed sound like Brian is talking shit.... by trustno1 on 18.11.2004
News of the World - The ending of SHA is the best bit about the song. ... by trustno1 on 16.11.2004
best voices in the music history ever - GonnaUseMyPrisoners: I think it's fairly safe to a... by trustno1 on 16.11.2004
Greatest Hits II And Greatest Hits III - I don't think you could have got away with putting... by trustno1 on 16.11.2004
most underated Queen album? - gmhmagic: Open minded?! I'm open minded, so take i... by trustno1 on 16.11.2004
WORST QUEEN SONGS - In defence of Funny How Love Is... it's may fav so... by trustno1 on 16.11.2004
WORST QUEEN SONGS - My Life Has Been Saved gets my vote. A review I re... by trustno1 on 15.11.2004
Queen fans are an ugly lot! - I know it was 1986, but the audience at Wembley do... by trustno1 on 15.11.2004
most underated Queen album? - I'm sorry, but IMO Hot Space is just horrible, and... by trustno1 on 15.11.2004
queen live - The fact that Freddie couldn't always reach the hi... by trustno1 on 18.10.2004
Mr Bad Guy - Does anyone else agree with me that Mr Bad Guy is ... by trustno1 on 18.10.2004
John Deacon - Was Jim Hutton telling the truth? I've never heard... by trustno1 on 12.10.2004
Leave Madonna Alone! - Madonna is a shocking singer. I saw a clip of her ... by trustno1 on 11.10.2004
Please stop! - Just because it sells, doesn't mean it's great. I ... by trustno1 on 05.10.2004
Please stop! - I am a Queen fan, but the only reasons I listen to... by trustno1 on 05.10.2004
"The Miracle" appreciation thread - The Miracle is technically brilliant, but is other... by trustno1 on 04.10.2004
Please stop! - While recognising that it's completely up to the r... by trustno1 on 04.10.2004