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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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ANNOUNCE:ROGER TAYLOR POP QUIZ 1994 - Hi Dean - gollys@iprimus.com.au Write soon -... by teddybear on 21.03.2006
The first queen album in over ten years! - good point !!... by teddybear on 24.02.2006
Please use www.megaupload.com not rapidshare - I have found megaupload better as I am a modem... by teddybear on 23.02.2006
Why didn't Freddie ever get a double chin? Roger did - heheheheee- and how come Brian got curly hair... by teddybear on 07.02.2006
Paul Weller Slags Off Freddie Mercury (Among Others) - Probably that whole "free speech" thi... by teddybear on 05.02.2006
Paul Weller Slags Off Freddie Mercury (Among Others) - Well maybe so, but the think is it looks like ... by teddybear on 05.02.2006
Paul Weller Slags Off Freddie Mercury (Among Others) - Well this must be some guy of "authority"... by teddybear on 05.02.2006
Freddie VS Elton Piano Playing - Elton is more classically trained and it shows. Fr... by teddybear on 05.02.2006
Mercury was a phony - Sorry - my comment was supposed to go here ! ... by teddybear on 13.01.2006
Queen and The Darkess - The Darkness .......................I wish they st... by teddybear on 08.01.2006
No Honours for Roger & John again!!! - Yes But Brian was not given the CBE for charit... by teddybear on 01.01.2006
"FREDDIE MERCURY AS A CLEANER" - Ewwwwwwww Yuk - not before breakfast please !!... by teddybear on 15.12.2005
Guitar Surgery - I think it is pretty cool to see the RS getting a ... by teddybear on 14.12.2005
What do you think of the new Queen t-shirts? - Wow, I cannot believe the prices of them on QOL !!... by teddybear on 14.12.2005
ANATO 30th anniversary what a joke - Well I cannot comment - I got my discs in the post... by teddybear on 25.11.2005
A Night at the Opera - 30th Anniversary Preview - I have not seen the new DVD yet - but have order... by teddybear on 19.11.2005
Celine Dion wants to do FM tribute album - Yes I agree she does hve a great range - and c... by teddybear on 15.11.2005
Celine Dion wants to do FM tribute album - I actually don't mind Celine - she has a great dra... by teddybear on 14.11.2005
Phoebe's Book - Yeah, I did not like it either. IN fact I am very ... by teddybear on 08.11.2005
Poll: How old are Queen Fans out there - 26-40... by teddybear on 03.11.2005
Queenzone ignored... - Ok OK, I guess I should not be so rude and blu... by teddybear on 30.10.2005
Queenzone ignored... - I AGREE 100% - THIS GUY IS A DICK. ... by teddybear on 30.10.2005
Why isn't Queen and Paul Rogers touring Australia? - I think we need to be patient and see what the sum... by teddybear on 13.10.2005
Next Queen live DVD poll is up! - I wanted to vote for EARLS too, but noticed it w... by teddybear on 18.08.2005
FM - Peter Freestone - Oh yes indeed - and also his book. Did you h... by teddybear on 17.08.2005
FM - Peter Freestone - "P.S Teddybear Peter does have a proper j... by teddybear on 14.08.2005
FM - Peter Freestone - I hate both books, I mean these folks can say what... by teddybear on 11.08.2005
live 8 is it going to be televised? - I read in the Sydney Morning Herald that Molly Mel... by teddybear on 18.06.2005
OH GAWD - HOT SPACE....... - "Your mind honey is a bleak place"......... by teddybear on 20.05.2005
DVD-AUDIO????? - I wish they would hurry up and release more of the... by teddybear on 18.05.2005
scandal please - LOL - Scandal means doing something you ought no... by teddybear on 15.05.2005
Brian's Ignorance - I am an Aussie and the term "poms" has a... by teddybear on 14.05.2005
Brian's Ignorance - Yes, spot on "Whiteman" - there are folk... by teddybear on 14.05.2005
Brian's Ignorance - This is an ignorant remark. For one thing, mos... by teddybear on 13.05.2005
made in heaven is rubbish - I like this album alot, but the DVD release of the... by teddybear on 09.05.2005
Does any other frontman look more goofy than Mercury? - Yeah and thanks Mr Bush for leading us all off i... by teddybear on 06.05.2005
New Queen DVD in America this September? - AGREED... by teddybear on 16.04.2005
SHOULDN'T "queen" WEAR A :"red ribbon"ON STAGE? - No - I don't think they should. I think if you did... by teddybear on 16.04.2005
Queen show in Rome after Pope dies. - Yeah good point, Madonna performed when 9/11 h... by teddybear on 06.04.2005
Brixton Bootleg Video - I heard that a fan was taken away by security fo... by teddybear on 01.04.2005
Is this what we've been waiting for? - QUOTENAME]Knute wrote: [/QUOTENAME]Listen, ... by teddybear on 22.03.2005
BOY.. I am sure glad I jumped ship when I did... - Yes, but I thought they had been rehearsing (c... by teddybear on 22.03.2005
Can some one explain? - some of these posts are so funny, great to start m... by teddybear on 23.02.2005
So this is what Queenzone has been reduced to? - I actually agree with Rien's comments, and that is... by teddybear on 17.02.2005
--- - I have been a member for a couple of years myself,... by teddybear on 15.02.2005
--- - I doubt it, that is an invite only thing - not a p... by teddybear on 15.02.2005
Greatest Video Hits 3 - QUOTENAME]Inu Yasha (a.k.a. Lum's Stormtrooper) wr... by teddybear on 15.02.2005
--- - Yeah wow - fancy QueenZone offering pirated copies... by teddybear on 15.02.2005
I noticed something here... - I have just finished converting onto mpeg VCD (fro... by teddybear on 15.02.2005
Caption time! - "Am I still doing this after all this time&qu... by teddybear on 13.02.2005
"Jesus" is actually pretty good - I like it too, I think it builds up great, the &qu... by teddybear on 12.02.2005
THOSE GOING TO LATEST GIGS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES - He's probably cranky coz he did not get a tick... by teddybear on 12.02.2005
How does Paul Rogers look so young ? - I just watched "Gibson Night of 100 guitars&q... by teddybear on 10.02.2005
Queen on tour - line-up officially confirmed - I am not convinced there won't be some backing sin... by teddybear on 09.02.2005
The Game - I liked the Game album best on the audio DVD versi... by teddybear on 09.02.2005
Hey what is the best feature on Freddie!! - His voice is wonderful - but that is not a "f... by teddybear on 27.01.2005
John looking board on Bohemian Rhapsody? - Yes, I noticed that "run" too, it make... by teddybear on 27.01.2005
Has anone actually received their tickets yet? - Hey Mr Bad Guy - I agree with you and nice to see ... by teddybear on 27.01.2005
Has anone actually received their tickets yet? - Hey, was that PS really necessary ????????????... by teddybear on 27.01.2005
No Gail Ann? - I loved Lisa in the FM tribute too, it was great t... by teddybear on 24.01.2005
Should've been Robbie Williams... - Robbie........BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!... by teddybear on 09.01.2005
jim hutton´s book - Where is the Jim Hutton admiration page? Jim c... by teddybear on 05.01.2005
jim hutton´s book - Yes a perfect time to write a book - when the ... by teddybear on 05.01.2005
GVH2 fault. - Yes, My "Break Free" also played up too.... by teddybear on 03.01.2005
Queen... LIP SINGING??? - Sanremo - another lip-sync job. I read that is wh... by teddybear on 01.01.2005
Was Brian a Loser? - Nope... by teddybear on 31.12.2004
scandal video - I don't mind the video, it is better than the Back... by teddybear on 31.12.2004
favourite line - "take good care of those you call your own&qu... by teddybear on 29.12.2004
who do u think is the cutiest and the handsomest? - Freddie is the hottest one. Brian, he is gorgeous... by teddybear on 29.12.2004
should Mercury be seen as a gay idol? - It should always be about a persons music, and tal... by teddybear on 29.12.2004
i wish they'd all f*** off (also on 2005 board) - Yawn - more of the same topic - on Queenwarzone as... by teddybear on 29.12.2004
Who would you like to replace Paul Rodgers? - Meeeeeeeee ! then I can get up close with the boy... by teddybear on 25.12.2004
Best performance of a non-Queen song - Tutti Fruitti is great from Wembley - turned up me... by teddybear on 25.12.2004
Freddie was hot in 1979, No? - Yep - I think he sizzled too, all those leathers ... by teddybear on 25.12.2004
Are there any recordings with Queen you would like to change somehow? - I love Freddies solo and Barcelona work, but I do ... by teddybear on 22.12.2004
What's that on Paul Rodgers' head? - does Paul really wear wigs? Did he get one off &q... by teddybear on 21.12.2004
Robbie williams - Mike, probably coz the question was Queen and Robb... by teddybear on 20.12.2004
Robbie williams - I don't like Robbie personally, but maybe if they ... by teddybear on 20.12.2004
Any celebrities who are Queen fans? - Jane Saunders of "French and Saunders" f... by teddybear on 20.12.2004
Gail Ann Dorsey - we don't even know if that song is going to be inc... by teddybear on 19.12.2004
Gail Ann Dorsey - Yes but YOKO + ONO as you put it, had a romantic i... by teddybear on 19.12.2004
Gail Ann Dorsey - A chick might be good, as then it won't look like ... by teddybear on 18.12.2004
Could Brian and Roger sound like Queen in studio? - I think it could sound similar (due to the Red) bu... by teddybear on 16.12.2004
If not Queen, choose a name for Brian and Roger to use - "Shades of Queen"... by teddybear on 16.12.2004
Who is Paul Rodgers? - Electic Fire...everyone is entitled to their opini... by teddybear on 15.12.2004
Who is Paul Rodgers? - I too think it would work if they did not do many ... by teddybear on 15.12.2004
Who is Paul Rodgers? - Judy Cain listed these songs: All Right Now ring ... by teddybear on 15.12.2004
Who is Paul Rodgers? - For the person that asked: Not seen that anywhe... by teddybear on 14.12.2004
Who is Paul Rodgers? - Yep - I had never heard of him before either, befo... by teddybear on 14.12.2004
STOP PRESS: Queen European Tour in Spring 2005 - Yeah great, another chance to hear WWRY - we don't... by teddybear on 12.12.2004
STOP PRESS: Queen European Tour in Spring 2005 - Well I for one am NOT jumping for joy over the new... by teddybear on 12.12.2004
State of Shock - Remember they are only demos anyway. I actually pr... by teddybear on 09.12.2004
Live Aid 2....your thoughts about this possible event - I thought Brian also said that he would not want t... by teddybear on 08.12.2004
Queen Final Live in Japan - I have it in my collection, and I like it, but I w... by teddybear on 03.12.2004
Breaking Deacon news! - Ha hahahahaaaa - just had a funny thought. Why do... by teddybear on 30.11.2004
Breaking Deacon news! - Paul - well said, you are right about that - for c... by teddybear on 30.11.2004
Breaking Deacon news! - well I ain't apologising for being a "Freddie... by teddybear on 30.11.2004
Breaking Deacon news! - Hows this for an idea? Paul MacCartney ought to s... by teddybear on 30.11.2004
Breaking Deacon news! - good grief, I am cringing at the thought of all th... by teddybear on 29.11.2004
Queen and Paul Rodgers? It seems for real this time! - I agree with GTboys previous post, that is exactly... by teddybear on 24.11.2004
Fellow Aussie (particularly Melbournian) fans! - Actually Ben is NOT an Aussie, he is married to an... by teddybear on 15.11.2004
Fellow Aussie (particularly Melbournian) fans! - Well I thought it was pretty cool when "A Cur... by teddybear on 15.11.2004
Yellow Wembley outfit will be auctioned! - Yes, that could be possible - most artists have du... by teddybear on 14.11.2004
Yellow Wembley outfit will be auctioned! - That comment about Jim being "sent off by mar... by teddybear on 12.11.2004
Yellow Wembley outfit will be auctioned! - Yes Mrjordy, I did find it sad, was the first thin... by teddybear on 11.11.2004
Fat Bottomed Girls on Fire... - Yep - the voice break of "locality" has ... by teddybear on 11.11.2004
Yellow Wembley outfit will be auctioned! - I love the "one Vision" footage too, it ... by teddybear on 10.11.2004
Yellow Wembley outfit will be auctioned! - I am with YV on this one. I think the yellow jacke... by teddybear on 10.11.2004
MK - what's the fuss about? - Well I can't wait to sit down tonight to watch my ... by teddybear on 03.11.2004
Elton's dig backed - That is just what we love, good polite manners - t... by teddybear on 11.10.2004
Elton's dig backed - LOL Chancellor - yes, that must be it !!!!! Elton... by teddybear on 11.10.2004
Elton's dig backed - I have to say something here too. I have seen Mado... by teddybear on 10.10.2004
Did Freddie and Barbara Valentin ever made sex? - Yes, I did realise that it looked like I had writt... by teddybear on 08.08.2004
Did Freddie and Barbara Valentin ever made sex? - Sex is good, my favorite position is doggy style. ... by teddybear on 07.08.2004
How many of you own the Solo Collection? - Yes, I have it and love it - first time I played t... by teddybear on 15.07.2004
Your favourite Queen album cover? - QUEEN II QUEEN ROCKS INNUENDO... by teddybear on 14.07.2004
Freddie's Lovers on UK Television - Who said that Phoebe would not do it for money? Oh... by teddybear on 14.07.2004
For serious collectors only! - I am a "serious collector" too - but I m... by teddybear on 14.07.2004
Sometimes Brian really pisses me off. - Well I was surprised to see Brian getting cross ag... by teddybear on 14.07.2004
New Queen Compilation - All I can say is Ohhhhhhhhh Nooooooooooooo !!!!! ... by teddybear on 27.04.2004
Would Queen have split up after 86 if freddie was'nt ill ? - I think Queen would still be around, they are just... by teddybear on 27.04.2004
Which Queen era do you like the best? - I love all the eras for Queens music as you hear t... by teddybear on 27.04.2004
Gay = Freddie - Someone should remove this rubbish, tis a waste of... by teddybear on 27.04.2004
Should I rejoin the Fan Club?? - I have been a member for about 3 years or so of th... by teddybear on 24.04.2004
Box Sets: What's missing? - I thoughtit odd when I read "Creatures of the... by teddybear on 23.04.2004
Brian is FURIOUS! - I agree with the comments here 100%. I was SHOCKED... by teddybear on 06.12.2003
GVH2 DVD errors - I had troubles with my DVD here in Australia too, ... by teddybear on 06.12.2003