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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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29 posts by user 'sunburst39'

Gibson Night Of 100 Guitars dvd - Are there any seeders or am I doing something wron... by sunburst39 on 30.09.2009
Gibson Night Of 100 Guitars dvd - WOW!!! I cant wait to see this! A concert with, be... by sunburst39 on 29.09.2009
TORRENT: Earls Court 77 - pittrek remastered edition - Thanks for this one! It must have been a lot of wo... by sunburst39 on 28.12.2008
Announce QUEEN & PAUL RODGERS 2008-09-21 Velodrom, Berlin, GER (FLAC) - Thanks!!!... by sunburst39 on 26.09.2008
Announced as torrent: Wembley Arena 08-12-80 (Flash Alive LP) - thanks for this! looking forward to hear it after... by sunburst39 on 04.02.2008
ANNOUNCE: Hyde Park DVD Great Quality - I've seen the footage on youtube and it looks grea... by sunburst39 on 13.12.2007
The Cross - Meltdown 1987 + Extras - Thanks for sharing this! I'm looking forward to i... by sunburst39 on 01.10.2007
ANNOUNCE: EARL'S COURT 6.6.77 PAL Snivlle Remastered Disc 1 - Thanks for sharing and all the hard work it took!!... by sunburst39 on 10.09.2007
ANNOUNCE: EARL'S COURT 6.6.77 PAL Snivlle Remastered Disc 2 - This is superb! Thanks a lot for the upload and a... by sunburst39 on 10.09.2007
Germany 1986 - thanks for sharing!... by sunburst39 on 28.09.2006
No Subject - Thanks for these great dvd's!!! Must have been a ... by sunburst39 on 09.08.2006
ANNOUNCE: Munich 78 - Video - Whow - great video! Thanks!... by sunburst39 on 19.07.2006
By request: Freddie's Millions (Rapidshare) - Thanks for this one!... by sunburst39 on 19.07.2006
ANNOUNCE!!---Freddies Loves - dito from here, can someone please reseed this to ... by sunburst39 on 19.07.2006
No Subject - THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS... by sunburst39 on 05.07.2006
No Subject - Thanks for uploading and the amount of work you mu... by sunburst39 on 30.06.2006
Queen live in Caracas 1981.Dvd - No matter what everyone has to say about this one.... by sunburst39 on 23.06.2006
Queen in Sydney 1985 DVD - Thanks for sharing! ... by sunburst39 on 02.06.2006
Announce: Queen Live in Vienna 1984 DVD - thanks for sharing this!... by sunburst39 on 23.05.2006
Hammersmith 1979 DVD Kampuchea Show - Thanks for uploading this! Great stuff!! ... by sunburst39 on 15.05.2006
Announce Houston 1977 video - Thanks a lot for sharing this! Just downloaded it... by sunburst39 on 07.11.2005
ANNOUNCE - The Champions 1979 - Thank you very much! Very interesting stuff...... by sunburst39 on 30.09.2005
Announce: 1988-04-23 --- The Cross, Dortmund - Thanks for this!... by sunburst39 on 15.07.2005
ANNOUNCE: Roger Taylor Video Live in Milan Part II - Great stuff! Thanks! ... by sunburst39 on 04.07.2005
ANNOUNCE : Gosport 1993 DVD reposted - Great! Thanks a million!... by sunburst39 on 04.07.2005
ANNOUNCE: Manchester 04-05-2005 (FLAC FORMAT) - Thanks for sharing this one! Really nice!!! ... by sunburst39 on 12.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: 07-12-1978 Chicago Stadium, Chicago - Thanks! Can't wait to hear this one, downloading ... by sunburst39 on 10.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: Video Munich 1979 - Thank you very much! One question though: which s... by sunburst39 on 10.05.2005
Brian May Another World VH1 Special - in AVI (Xvid) - THANKS!!!... by sunburst39 on 10.05.2005