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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'smilebrian'

"Radio Ga Ga" by Electric Six - Not sure if this has been posted but Electric Six ... by smilebrian on 17.12.2003

62 posts by user 'smilebrian'

Definitive Version of Each Album - Nice response Typhoon! I agree with your list (... by smilebrian on 15.01.2012
Rolling Stone: "Queen Putting Together Own Tribute Band for 2012 Tour" - Surely Roger will lose interest before this thing ... by smilebrian on 22.09.2011
DId Hot Space create an aversion to risk? - maxpower wrote: As Freddie said "it's only a bloo... by smilebrian on 12.09.2011
Google to honor Freddie on his birthday - Superb tribute, loved it! Great stuff Google. N... by smilebrian on 05.09.2011
Remasters - just louder - Just the slightest..... it's the lowest form of wi... by smilebrian on 01.09.2011
Remasters - just louder - GonnaUseMyPrisoners wrote: I've decided to rail a... by smilebrian on 31.08.2011
Remasters - just louder - jstger6969 wrote: Guys. The only was to truly enjo... by smilebrian on 25.08.2011
The Game, 2011 Remaster - fran1979 wrote: The mini vinyl japanese CDs 2004-2... by smilebrian on 09.08.2011
The Miracle Bonus EP revision! - Hey GT, can you ask Brian if he thinks Ludwig's AN... by smilebrian on 02.08.2011
In search of advice concerning ANATO remasters - I cannot envisage anything ever sounding better th... by smilebrian on 02.08.2011
Final batch bonus EP tracklist - So, GT, all these releases are for the casual fan ... by smilebrian on 29.07.2011
Re-Releases = Rip Off? - It is a rip off when you consider ANATO being iden... by smilebrian on 22.07.2011
"Jazz" remaster? - I don't get what's annoying about Mustapha? It's... by smilebrian on 14.07.2011
"Jazz" remaster? - I'm with you Typhoon Tip on Jealousy. I do find... by smilebrian on 12.07.2011
New Remasters review... - Nice overview JoeSilvey and TyphoonTip. I agree ... by smilebrian on 04.07.2011
News Of The World remastered 2011 - TyphoonTip wrote: I've turned my back on the MFS... by smilebrian on 03.07.2011
News Of The World remastered 2011 - Has anyone compared the remaster to the MFSL or th... by smilebrian on 02.07.2011
Audio Set-Up - You're right in a way Mooghead, but the problem is... by smilebrian on 28.06.2011
Jazz Remaster - Review - The Japanese CP32 sounds excellent to me, I'd be e... by smilebrian on 28.06.2011
Brian and KYA 2011 vinyl - Brian and Roger signed my copy of No One But You 7... by smilebrian on 12.05.2011
What Is Freddie Mercury's Greatest Live Vocal Performance? - I always show Queen newbies Somebody To Love Montr... by smilebrian on 11.05.2011
DEEP CUTS 2 SETLIST LEAK - Deep Cuts 2 should be renamed to: May/Taylor Deep... by smilebrian on 19.04.2011
2011 remasters - pedant's point - So are you defending the "2011" remaster tag appli... by smilebrian on 13.04.2011
2011 remasters - pedant's point - I agree Soundfreak. A tiny tweak here and there is... by smilebrian on 12.04.2011
2011 remasters - pedant's point - A few posts over on the Hoffman forum suggest that... by smilebrian on 08.04.2011
A Night at the Opera - Remaster Review - Rick, I've never posted samples before.  How wou... by smilebrian on 19.03.2011
A Night at the Opera - Remaster Review - Inside back cover: "Mastered by Bob Ludwig, Gate... by smilebrian on 18.03.2011
A Night at the Opera - Remaster Review - Soundfreak, yes, I'm talking about the same releas... by smilebrian on 18.03.2011
Queen 2 Remaster review - Well said Soundreak. Finding the very best sourc... by smilebrian on 17.03.2011
A Night at the Opera - Remaster Review - Very disappointing that they used the 2005 for thi... by smilebrian on 17.03.2011
The Best Remasters, track by track - I'm approaching the remasters with extreme caution... by smilebrian on 03.03.2011
ANOTHER RIP-OFF - Jimmy Dean, it is a great saying, common in Englan... by smilebrian on 03.03.2011
Press Release: QUEEN: FIRST FIVE ALBUMS RE-ISSUED ON ISLAND RECORDS - Unfortunately, Brian thinks his team is magnificen... by smilebrian on 27.01.2011
queen new cd releases 2011 - The Dude, have you listened to the new Greatest Hi... by smilebrian on 20.01.2011
Queen 40 - DELUXE Editions/DEEP CUTS tracklists? - Benn, love it, solid gold!... by smilebrian on 20.01.2011
Queen 40 - DELUXE Editions/DEEP CUTS tracklists? - I just want a version that actually sounds good, o... by smilebrian on 20.01.2011
Queen 40 - DELUXE Editions/DEEP CUTS tracklists? - Nothing deluxe about these, apart from the profits... by smilebrian on 19.01.2011
Remasters in Australia - Yes. Stores will be exhausting stocks before re-... by smilebrian on 19.01.2011
Queen's Back Catalogue Universal Music for EMI - Wilki, I can't wait to read your article and am es... by smilebrian on 12.01.2011
Queen's Back Catalogue Universal Music for EMI - Brian disagreeing doesn't mean much. He talks up... by smilebrian on 10.01.2011
Queen's Back Catalogue Universal Music for EMI - Wilki, the MFSL was The Game not Jazz. Cheers.... by smilebrian on 07.01.2011
Queen's Back Catalogue Universal Music for EMI - Wilki, just make sure you give the DCC ANATO the s... by smilebrian on 07.01.2011
REISSUE OF GH1 & GH2 - They won't be released in the US. But, they'll m... by smilebrian on 27.12.2010
REISSUE OF GH1 & GH2 - Adding drums samples... re-recording drum sounds..... by smilebrian on 15.12.2010
REISSUE OF GH1 & GH2 - It's a question of philosophy - what do you want t... by smilebrian on 13.12.2010
REISSUE OF GH1 & GH2 - But remixing will just be a current producers/engi... by smilebrian on 12.12.2010
REISSUE OF GH1 & GH2 - They haven't been remastered properly yet, so let'... by smilebrian on 11.12.2010
REISSUE OF GH1 & GH2 - Ludwig is doing them, so that's promising. Should... by smilebrian on 10.12.2010
Highest Quality Collection of Queen? - This is a very difficult list to compile properly.... by smilebrian on 22.11.2010
Where is this? - It just doesn't quite look to be The LA Forum.... ... by smilebrian on 11.11.2010
cosmos rocks not enough promotion - Listened for a week, never played since and will n... by smilebrian on 09.11.2010
album reissues with Universal confirmed on the 40th Anniversary - rhyeking, I strongly disagree that HR's remasters ... by smilebrian on 15.08.2010
album reissues with Universal confirmed on the 40th Anniversary - If Universal can somehow remove Brian, Roger and s... by smilebrian on 13.08.2010
sterile discussions (archivist/Queen+PR.. etc etc..) - Soundfreak, seriously, those Beatles remasters are... by smilebrian on 05.03.2010
the remastered vinyls, digitally remastered? - Steer well clear of the remastered vinyls, brittle... by smilebrian on 03.03.2010
Is the Queen Archivists job being undermined? - Just box up a set of vinyl studio albums remastere... by smilebrian on 13.02.2010
Tourstart 28.3.05 London Brixton Academy - Still no other tour dates for London, rip off pric... by smilebrian on 09.01.2005
brian and roger 'rock'n'roll' cover - Yep, they definitely did it at Melbourne WWRY afte... by smilebrian on 07.09.2004
Do They Know It's Christmas? - I recall that they were going for the "new and fun... by smilebrian on 18.12.2003
"Radio Ga Ga" by Electric Six - You weren't the guy in the Queen jumper at the Bri... by smilebrian on 17.12.2003
"Radio Ga Ga" by Electric Six - Come on! It's good fun. I've seen dedicated Queen ... by smilebrian on 17.12.2003
"Radio Ga Ga" by Electric Six - Not sure if this has been posted but Electric Six ... by smilebrian on 17.12.2003