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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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29 posts by user 'slightlymad1970'

Queen and Deep Fake/Face-swap Videos - Thank you stevelondon20... by slightlymad1970 on 03.04.2020
Queen and Deep Fake/Face-swap Videos - Sorry can't create a link, please copy and paste! ... by slightlymad1970 on 03.04.2020
Queen and Deep Fake/Face-swap Videos - With regards to the original post, I was very doub... by slightlymad1970 on 03.04.2020
Queen in the UK Charts Document - Fantastic piece of work, thank you so much for sha... by slightlymad1970 on 21.11.2019
Queen is the 3rd??!!?! - Wasn't the Live Aid stage borrowed from Bruce Spri... by slightlymad1970 on 05.02.2019
New JAZZ and THE GAME coming from Hollywood Records - The soundtrack bundles aren't official so technica... by slightlymad1970 on 26.09.2018
Queen Fan Art - Aaaayo that's fantastic stuff, really well done!... by slightlymad1970 on 20.05.2018
Ticket sales European tour - Not to sure how accurate this guys figures are but... by slightlymad1970 on 14.05.2018
FM extended interview 1977 - What a fantastic interview with Freddie, would've ... by slightlymad1970 on 04.10.2017
Queen photo sessions with George Hurrell - What a fantastic thread, love this sort of thing. ... by slightlymad1970 on 26.09.2017
Magic Tour - profits from tickets only - I'm only guessing but I think the article might be... by slightlymad1970 on 28.03.2017
Hammer to Fall - 7" Withdrawn Live Sleeve - I actually bought my copy from HMV on the day of r... by slightlymad1970 on 26.11.2016
Low sales on current tour - If 25,000 is the official figure then so be it, ... by slightlymad1970 on 09.06.2016
Low sales on current tour - Another update, the next show in Helsinki, Finland... by slightlymad1970 on 30.05.2016
Low sales on current tour - So the German newspaper states that the Cologne au... by slightlymad1970 on 29.05.2016
Queen on Finnish charts - I'm sure I read somewhere that Greatest Hits 2 is ... by slightlymad1970 on 18.04.2016
New Freddie 70th documentary - I agree there can't be that much more we've not se... by slightlymad1970 on 16.04.2016
Why did Thank God It's Christmas bomb? - A huge mistake was not making a Video, I still don... by slightlymad1970 on 10.12.2015
The Impact of These Are The Days of our Lives - Here in the UK the video got it's first airing in ... by slightlymad1970 on 10.12.2015
Earls Court and/or Houston in 2017? - I hope we would get both Earls Court shows in full... by slightlymad1970 on 29.11.2015
Now I'm Here - Hammersmith 1979 (Chief Mouse version) - Fantastic job, this definitely deserves a stand al... by slightlymad1970 on 23.12.2014
Helene Fischer Show - ZDF (German TV) 25.12.2014 20.15 - Yeah, this should be really good, the guys do a gr... by slightlymad1970 on 19.12.2014
tickets for UK tour - Bought tickets for London, Birmingham and Nottingh... by slightlymad1970 on 01.12.2014
ANNOUNCE: The Invisible Man - band only video - Brilliant, loved watching that, just makes you won... by slightlymad1970 on 25.08.2014
Brazil 81 - Promo - That's a really nice poster and if QPL see this it... by slightlymad1970 on 09.07.2014
Did Queen lose the States, because they 'lost' Freddie? - The quote you hear from Jim Beech is that Freddie ... by slightlymad1970 on 19.03.2014
DO you think Queen should/will get a whole segment tommorow... - Queen will be performing WWRY with Jessie J !!... by slightlymad1970 on 28.07.2012
Another picture dating question - "The first picture was taken by Christopher Hopper... by slightlymad1970 on 18.05.2012
Hammersmith tickets.. - Got mine for the 12th July, can't wait... by slightlymad1970 on 17.04.2012