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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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If there was a greatest hits 3 dvd what would you like to see on there - I'm pretty sure his stunt double is a woma... by shazamrock on 31.12.2009
Susan Boyle Tops Charts With Fastest Selling Debut Album - She has to hit her white jumpsuit phase first.  G... by shazamrock on 09.12.2009
ANNOUNCE: DVD of BBC 2009 re-broadcast of X-mas 1975 concert - Thanks for sharing! ... by shazamrock on 07.12.2009
10 Queen Tracks confirmed for Rock Band in October - I'd like to see Brian's wig made out of Legos... by shazamrock on 07.10.2009
Queen sampled in a new Hip Hop song... - Thanks for sharing. But wow, that Beanie Sige... by shazamrock on 07.10.2009
Top Ten Guitarists Ever - Lindsey Buckingham ... by shazamrock on 19.09.2009
Robbie's new single - The video's definitely stupid, but the song is dop... by shazamrock on 14.09.2009
What do we think of The Clash? - "Magnificent Seven" is, well, magnificent. ... by shazamrock on 14.09.2009
Do you have a fave Beatles album? - I'm partial to Rubber Soul and Revolver. And ... by shazamrock on 14.09.2009
John Deacon - "'Backhand Deaky' graduated with a degree in techn... by shazamrock on 11.09.2009
We Will Rock You iPhone Game - Update - Good news.  The game's a fun little time-waster, ... by shazamrock on 04.09.2009
Brian's curse - And Pluto is no longer a planet.  Also Dr... by shazamrock on 01.09.2009
Why Mr. Bad Guy was a flop? - Okay, a question from a "youngster" (at least in t... by shazamrock on 01.09.2009
Goodbye Oasis - Time for them to finally (finally!) hire the prope... by shazamrock on 30.08.2009
Erick Mckay... AKA Jacob Britt - What book of the Bible was that in? ... by shazamrock on 29.08.2009
Freddie & MJ / Bdays comin' up - Christmas can't come soon enough! ... by shazamrock on 29.08.2009
Freddie & MJ / Bdays comin' up - FYI -- If you pre-order your Mercury-Jackson bidet... by shazamrock on 28.08.2009
Why Mr. Bad Guy was a flop? - But I'm a ma'am!  (Or, I'd prefer, a Miss.) ... by shazamrock on 28.08.2009
To which song could you cry... and cry...? - I second "Love of My Life" from Ukraine.  Simple,... by shazamrock on 27.08.2009
Why Mr. Bad Guy was a flop? - Agreed.  :) ... by shazamrock on 27.08.2009
Why Mr. Bad Guy was a flop? - Not trying to be an arse here, but Google the... by shazamrock on 27.08.2009
My version - I did that.  It turned up one result, a b... by shazamrock on 27.08.2009
Queen one of the Most Overrated Artits Ever - Amen.  And I love me some Chicago blue... by shazamrock on 27.08.2009
ANNOUNCE: Killer Queen documentary - Thanks for sharing! ... by shazamrock on 26.08.2009
Why Mr. Bad Guy was a flop? - Say nonsense again.  I like it. ... by shazamrock on 26.08.2009
Why Mr. Bad Guy was a flop? - Yeah, I read that the first time.  Still nonsense... by shazamrock on 26.08.2009
I told you so. - Thanks for the tip, Erick.  I don't know how you ... by shazamrock on 26.08.2009
The rapture - I know you think your writing--horrible mechanics ... by shazamrock on 26.08.2009
Why Mr. Bad Guy was a flop? - Barcelona is not a solo album.  Freddie may ... by shazamrock on 26.08.2009
"Play The Game" on an episode of "Hung" - According to HBO's [i]Hung[/i] website, it was by ... by shazamrock on 26.08.2009
Newer members, what brought you here, and why now? - Alright, I'll bite. I'm a 30 year-old chick f... by shazamrock on 26.08.2009
I told you so. - Yawn. ... by shazamrock on 25.08.2009
Ultimate Greatest Hits - I like that you have "Brian" and "Roger" in quotes... by shazamrock on 24.08.2009
Music today really sucks. Why? - [i]Radio[/i] today sucks; [i]music[/i] today doesn... by shazamrock on 20.08.2009
Music today really sucks. Why? - This thread is depressing on so many levels. ... by shazamrock on 18.08.2009
Muse - Hell yes.  Especially "If You Keep Losing Sl... by shazamrock on 18.08.2009
Queen/ Jackson songs to be released - MJ was reportedly $500M in debt at the time of his... by shazamrock on 01.07.2009
An open letter concerning a controversial publishing policy of QP - Wait -- so this is a petition that, when you boil ... by shazamrock on 30.06.2009
Queen on Family Guy 'Flash' - I can't hear Flash's Theme without thinking of [ur... by shazamrock on 30.06.2009
Michael Jackson - Time to crank up "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'". ... by shazamrock on 25.06.2009
Listening to Freddie Mercury ??WTF - I may be going out on a limb here, but could it be... by shazamrock on 19.06.2009
Adam Lambert, Really???!!!!! - Being proactive!  Why didn't I think of t... by shazamrock on 19.06.2009
prefer,cut or uncut? - Is a circumcism anything like a circumcision? ... by shazamrock on 18.06.2009
Adam Lambert, Really???!!!!! - You mean Jan-Michael Vincent; he's the next Freddi... by shazamrock on 18.06.2009
I'm leaving this forum - I'm a newbie, so I missed the "Is he or isn't he a... by shazamrock on 12.06.2009
LAMBERT BRUSHES OFF QUEEN RUMOURS - Screw "respect"; Brian looked like he was hav... by shazamrock on 12.06.2009
What song are you listening to part 6 - [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeg9Af7q9Jw]Ho... by shazamrock on 11.06.2009
BRIAN MAY 1998.09.20 Brussels (MASTERS) - FLAC - rapidshare - Thanks for sharing.  You're the wind beneath my w... by shazamrock on 06.06.2009
screw Adam Lambert, Queen should team up with Susan Boyle - Susan Boyle in a spandex onesie.  I just threw up... by shazamrock on 06.06.2009