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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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49 posts by user 'shanoon'

Errors / Issues on 'The Lot' (First Edition) - MESSAGE ABOUT THE LOT FROM THE MANUFACTURER Dur... by shanoon on 12.11.2013
THOUGHTS ON QUEEN AND ADAM LAMBERT - way better than Rodgers first show with Queen... by shanoon on 03.07.2012
Live Killers - keep yourself alive isn't missing from my copy of ... by shanoon on 06.05.2012
Live at the Yoyogi National Stadium 11.05.1985 WOODSTOCK TAPES WT 9906 - i have it, it's the same, but if i remember correc... by shanoon on 04.04.2012
Sonisphere cancelled - "We are disappointed to hear of the cancellation o... by shanoon on 29.03.2012
QUEEN, WITH ADAM LAMBERT CONFIRMED FOR SONISPHERE 2012 - those Adam links were pretty bad..cheesy.. thoug... by shanoon on 22.02.2012
Lambert Is Queen's New Frontman - Adam did way better job on TSMGO than Porky Rodger... by shanoon on 05.02.2012
100 worse ideas than Adam Lambert fronting Queen - 8) join queenzone... by shanoon on 03.02.2012
Lambert Is Queen's New Frontman - hope they come to finland... by shanoon on 03.02.2012
Queen Dance Traxx 1 album - i bought that too when it came out.. that Captain ... by shanoon on 30.01.2012
Adam Lambert Wants to Play with Queen Again - i still would rather see queen play with adam than... by shanoon on 19.12.2011
Queen Christmas - nice one! though i must say i liked the cosy fires... by shanoon on 11.12.2011
SAS & RT Live 3.12.11 - HD 1080p - that "heroes" is way too big song for roger to sin... by shanoon on 04.12.2011
Your honest opinions, please... - nice. better than what i expected.. i'm not a fan ... by shanoon on 17.11.2011
Suggestion New Queen Album 2012 - i have a gut feeling they're gonna do "queen versi... by shanoon on 16.11.2011
Queen at the EMAs - i'm not jumpin up and down, but it was ok . and i ... by shanoon on 06.11.2011
Missing interview from "Queen 40th book" - cheers... by shanoon on 25.10.2011
The ULTIMATE Freddie Mercury Tribute song. - what a cheesy song.... by shanoon on 19.10.2011
Freddie's Best Album Vocally? - to me, news of the world and miracle have the best... by shanoon on 15.10.2011
Lady Gaga - Gaga To Front Queen? - maylor gaga or gaylord gaga :) this really is sa... by shanoon on 07.10.2011
Live At Wembley Boxset to be released in November - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005PR2F6K/ref=cm_sw_r_fa... by shanoon on 06.10.2011
Live At Wembley Boxset to be released in November - isnt this old news...... by shanoon on 06.10.2011
Live Magic performances - i thought a kind of magic was from wembley..... by shanoon on 05.10.2011
First reactions to the These Are The Days of Our Lives Video? - great post ANAGRAMER.... by shanoon on 28.09.2011
Songs never played live you would like to have heard in Freddie's lifetime. - for some reason i always wanted to hear a live ver... by shanoon on 24.09.2011
Favorite guitar solo - invisible man, a winter tale... by shanoon on 21.09.2011
First reactions to the These Are The Days of Our Lives Video? - i saw the video first time while i watched the tri... by shanoon on 21.09.2011
Ciomment from David Richards FB page for discussion - he also posted some things about his divorce, seem... by shanoon on 15.09.2011
Why the hate for "Loser in the end" - i like it too. one of my favs of the ones with rog... by shanoon on 14.09.2011
shit - my favourite topic... by shanoon on 14.09.2011
Made In Heaven new remaster glich? Help please... - i didnt hear any error on my copy... by shanoon on 13.09.2011
Your top 10 Queen songs/The ultimate Queen top 100 - at the moment: 1. A Winters Tale (cosy fireside ... by shanoon on 12.09.2011
Queen In The Mirror - yeah i got those too about 7 months ago. very nice... by shanoon on 12.09.2011
what did you do for freddies birthday? I...... - i took a freddie tattoo, drank a bottle of "the fa... by shanoon on 07.09.2011
Track Listing for Deep Cuts 3 - to me the song order is crap again, like deep cuts... by shanoon on 26.07.2011
Deep Cuts 3 - i just hope they won't put "don't lose your head" ... by shanoon on 26.07.2011
Deep Cuts 3 - i forgot keep passing the open windows... thats de... by shanoon on 26.07.2011
Deep Cuts 3 - princes of the universe was already on the gh3 so ... by shanoon on 26.07.2011
Deep Cuts 3 - 1. Was it all worth it 2. I can't live with you (... by shanoon on 26.07.2011
It's like Freddie never died - i don't understand these wannabe freddies....... by shanoon on 18.07.2011
DEEP CUTS 2 SETLIST LEAK - only one deacon song :/ there should have been a... by shanoon on 17.04.2011
Deep Cuts Vol 2 - 1. Dead On Time 2. Let Me Entertain You 3. Sheer... by shanoon on 10.04.2011
How do you organize your Queen collection? - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kimmos-Queen-Collect... by shanoon on 29.03.2011
Deep Cuts Vol 2 - i dont care, but there better be some deacon song... by shanoon on 23.03.2011
Ebay oops - hahahahahaha :D... by shanoon on 17.10.2010
If you want to hear really bad live singing - watch this - i like the way axl's voice sounds.... by shanoon on 04.08.2010
Whats your favourite song from each of the group - John: Need Your Loving TonightRoger: Fight From Th... by shanoon on 27.01.2010
A New Lily Is Born - nice one :) works for me!... by shanoon on 17.01.2010
85-01-12 DVD complete - would someone like to send that torrent file to me... by shanoon on 24.01.2008