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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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72 posts by user 'sara310'

Boston/Worcester Queen Fans Unite!! - This time last year I was having the best time of ... by sara310 on 10.03.2007
queen fans are the worst - Haha its obviously a joke, you have Arnie from Wha... by sara310 on 27.02.2007
What if Queen + Steve Perry - I would like that, he has a great raspy voice!... by sara310 on 23.02.2007
Brian May's egomania confirmed by Sunday Times! - I hope its one of those Donald and Rosie wars...al... by sara310 on 11.02.2007
Freddies racist rant - I love the intro!... by sara310 on 03.02.2007
Why is it that freaks sing Queen on American Idol? - Haha, I dont know but I find it funny... by sara310 on 18.01.2007
Favorite Freddie song together with Montserrat - How can I go On... by sara310 on 15.01.2007
A Night At The Opera or A Day At The Races; which is better? - I prefer ADATR... by sara310 on 29.12.2006
who is better to play Freddie? - The guy from Fashion House... by sara310 on 24.12.2006
The Most Missunderstood Thing About Queen - Its deffinitly that they are all gay. Some people ... by sara310 on 17.12.2006
hot space and younger queen fans? - I love every song on the album, though it's deffin... by sara310 on 27.11.2006
Brian May or Jimmy Page - Hmm...They are both my favorite guitarists, but Br... by sara310 on 16.11.2006
Borat again mentions "Frederik Mercury" - Omg I love Borat... by sara310 on 02.11.2006
Great female voices - Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, and Celine Di... by sara310 on 22.10.2006
Who think Roger and Brian are HAWT? - Who says 'HAWT" ? But I think that Roger s... by sara310 on 18.10.2006
Who played the Gorilla in the IGSM video? - I keep on thinking its Brian for some reason... by sara310 on 17.10.2006
Fantastic news! - Nickelback always corrupts my favorite classic roc... by sara310 on 15.10.2006
Fave line... - "The nights grow long, but dreams live on, so... by sara310 on 10.10.2006
Freddie: God or Human? - Dear Abby, You know that gay flamboyant sin... by sara310 on 09.10.2006
The roast of Queen - OMG like the William Shatner one? That one was the... by sara310 on 08.10.2006
Queen songs that would be good for holidays - I'm going Slightly Mad for Halloween.... by sara310 on 08.10.2006
what is brian doing here - This reminds me of that scene with the guy in the ... by sara310 on 07.10.2006
What would u consider to be Queen's most underated song? - One Year Of Love, man I love that song.... by sara310 on 05.10.2006
My Fairy King instead of Bo Rhap? - Oh please,no song will ever be like Bohemian Rhaps... by sara310 on 04.10.2006
What is Queen's best song lyrically? - The Show Must Go On... by sara310 on 04.10.2006
Where do you think you would be now if you never got into Queen? - I don't even want to know ! I listened to Dream ... by sara310 on 03.10.2006
Liza's perfomance of we are the champions - Liza Minelli?... by sara310 on 02.10.2006
Who was the best Songwriter in the group? - Either Freddie or Brian, but these days its been B... by sara310 on 28.09.2006
What are yur fave Freddie Quotes? - Hmm, I forget but there was this one quote that I ... by sara310 on 28.09.2006
What is everybody's fave. Alblum By Queen? - A Day At The Races... by sara310 on 28.09.2006
Who Dislikes Paul Rodgers? - Paul,I have nothing against him...he's cool.... by sara310 on 28.09.2006
other fav band - Zepp :)... by sara310 on 27.09.2006
Queen Birthday Cake? - Whose face are you going to slice first?... by sara310 on 27.09.2006
Who was the sexiest member of Queen? - Freddie...that's like a fact...and then I say Bria... by sara310 on 27.09.2006
Target selling Queen Shirts.... - Wow, nice. My friend told me there was a Fredd... by sara310 on 26.09.2006
What would Queen have been like in the nineties? - For some reason, I dont think they would have been... by sara310 on 24.09.2006
Red Special Guitar Earrings - I AM SO BUYING THOSE RIGHT NOW... by sara310 on 23.09.2006
Brian has big cock? - Yes he does... ;)... by sara310 on 23.09.2006
Me and Freddie danceing - HAHAHAA OMG. I WANNA MAKE ONE !!!!... by sara310 on 19.09.2006
Brian May's animal rights rants - I like his rants...it shows that he's a very carri... by sara310 on 17.09.2006
A Queen Song For a Wedding - ONE YEAR OF LOVE... by sara310 on 17.09.2006
Buckwheat. - I got a dollah.... by sara310 on 16.09.2006
"What the hell?" pictures - AHHH...I love those pictures !!!!!... by sara310 on 15.09.2006
Best Queen Friendly city in USA? - I go to NYC all the time and they had a cute littl... by sara310 on 13.09.2006
Freddie was in my dreams... again. - I had a dream about Freddie and Roger on Monday, b... by sara310 on 12.09.2006
Best Queen Friendly city in USA? - Deffinitly NOT Connecticut...... by sara310 on 11.09.2006
F*cking assholes - Wow...that just screams 'NO LIFE' for the people w... by sara310 on 10.09.2006
Freddie speaks beyond the grave... - You can't have sex in Heaven !? man...I hope that ... by sara310 on 10.09.2006
How gracefully would Freddie have aged? at 60 - Haha...hmm...Hopefully still wearing leather pants... by sara310 on 07.09.2006
What you've done yesterday? - Wore a really cute shirt to school :)... by sara310 on 06.09.2006
The History Channel Airing Something About Freddie? - I'm sure it wont be in the U.S...... by sara310 on 05.09.2006
What Queen songs make you smile? - BREAKTHRU... by sara310 on 04.09.2006
Favourite words in a queen song? - THE SHOW MUST GO ON...I would say that the lyrics ... by sara310 on 02.09.2006
You are not going to believe what I heard.. - I heard Somebody To Love when I was on those big s... by sara310 on 02.09.2006
I think Brain is Officially Old - I'd really love to see Brian punch some myspace im... by sara310 on 01.09.2006
CHRISTINA AGUILERA TO FRONT QUEEN - Wait...I wouldnt love Christina Aguilera...but I d... by sara310 on 01.09.2006
CHRISTINA AGUILERA TO FRONT QUEEN - I would LOVE Christina Aguilera...what a voice...b... by sara310 on 01.09.2006
this needs to be said (longwinded maybe, but true none-the-less) - Yeah, I always notice little rude remarks that are... by sara310 on 31.08.2006
Freddie´s birthday censorship in zanzibar! - Thats sad...they should have like a Freddie Mercur... by sara310 on 31.08.2006
most kickass Queen song/s? - Hmm...Dear Friends...=)... by sara310 on 31.08.2006
Queen to tour with Kiss in 2007 ? - Uhh...I don't really think touring with eachother ... by sara310 on 31.08.2006
Roger Taylor Voice... Marge Simpson? - HAHAHAHA!... by sara310 on 31.08.2006
BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY - Yes...Wow, I remember when I was obsessed with it.... by sara310 on 30.08.2006
Freddie's Race - Iranian/Persian people have watering cans near the... by sara310 on 30.08.2006
GEORGE MICHAEL OR PAUL RODGERS? - Gotta have the faith....George Michael.... by sara310 on 29.08.2006
The Official JOHN DEACON Birthday Bash thread! - Hey John, have a fabulous birthday...where-ever yo... by sara310 on 18.08.2006
Happy Birthday JOHN DEACON! - Happy Birthday John !!!!... by sara310 on 18.08.2006
More Freddie Figures in 2007 - I want a unitard Freddie figure !!!! Bulge includ... by sara310 on 17.08.2006
haha cool version of tie your mother down - Haha, I found that hilarious...at first I thought ... by sara310 on 16.08.2006
Brian, Rog and Paul to hit the studio in October (confirmed) - Ah, I really hope they have another tour !!!!!... by sara310 on 16.08.2006
which queenzoner is Deaky? - If John is reading this ... HEY JOHN !!!! :)... by sara310 on 15.08.2006
what was Queen doing when you were born? - Brian or Roger were probably working on solo proje... by sara310 on 15.08.2006