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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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2 discussions started by 'rubens'

FIRST FREDDIE VIDEO FOOTAGE EVER RECORD? - Well it probably is! Looks he was at his 18´s! P... by rubens on 18.06.2014
dance with the devil in beat with band - Hello all of you queenzone fellows. Greetings! I´... by rubens on 08.12.2009

155 posts by user 'rubens'

Which song from another artist you wish Freddie had sung ? - I would love to hear Feddie covering "Carry on my ... by rubens on 12.11.2019
Freddie Mercury - Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow (Official Video Premier) - Huum...with this kind of video, the new Never Bori... by rubens on 05.09.2019
Sweet Caroline - SweetCaroline thank you for pint out Elvis date. I... by rubens on 25.11.2017
Sweet Caroline - I don´t get it. Why someone who are not a Freddie... by rubens on 25.11.2017
Announce: Queen + Adam Lambert - São Paulo, Brazil - 2015 720p Multicam - Cant´t thank you enough. I was there with my wife... by rubens on 19.11.2015
. - Great work as always. Love your multicams. Do you ... by rubens on 18.11.2015
Question about Greatest Video Hits II - Pay for it and you will have all of it´s contend ... by rubens on 04.03.2015
Announce: Queen + Adam Lambert - Milan - 10th Feb 2015 - Multicam 720p - Your work is really appreciated! Love your multi c... by rubens on 17.02.2015
ANNOUNCE VIDEO: Frankfurt 1982 Merge - Amazing share!! Thank you very much!... by rubens on 12.02.2015
Brian: Show with Adam Lambert is equal to Freddie Mercury - Someone please send TOKYO 05/01/1975 record for Br... by rubens on 29.01.2015
ANNOUNCE: Queen live in Argentina - 30 anniversary (Snowproducciones) - Thank you very much. Looks like a nice upgrade. An... by rubens on 26.01.2015
Q & AL Set list 2015 - Honestly, I´m disappointed. Now I´m Here was a t... by rubens on 13.01.2015
Queen first promo videos, Brewer Street Sudio 1973 - Thank you very much!! I was looking for a cleaner ... by rubens on 12.01.2015
Queen +Adam Lamber on X Factor - Wow! They hired Santa Claus for the drums! I wonde... by rubens on 01.12.2014
MARC MARTEL - What a awesome song! Oh if only Brian and Roger re... by rubens on 05.09.2014
Announce: Queen + Adam Lambert - Tokyo, Japan 17th August 2014 MultiCam - Thak you for your efforts. You have been a hero to... by rubens on 19.08.2014
Poll: What release do you want next - It should be Hammersmith 79. The band was on fire ... by rubens on 05.08.2014
1985-01-18 - Rio De Janeiro [Chief Mouse restoration] - Amazing! You are a pro!... by rubens on 01.08.2014
Farewell Don't Stop Me Now & the Show Must Go On in the 2014 Tour - And what about Joey Kramer? He´s touring right no... by rubens on 23.07.2014
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert New York 17-July-2014 Multi Camera DVD PAL - Now that was a quick one! You are a hero, bringing... by rubens on 20.07.2014
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert Dallas 10th July 2014 Multi Camera DVD PAL - Thanks man!... by rubens on 19.07.2014
Poll: Age of QZ Users - 30 and just getting better ... by rubens on 18.07.2014
ANNOUNCE:Queen + Adam Lambert-Las Vegas 5th July 2014-Multi Camera DVD PAL - Amazing! Thank you!... by rubens on 11.07.2014
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert - Chicago 2014 - DVD Full Multi Camera PAL - Amazing, thanks!... by rubens on 07.07.2014
Favourte heatvy metal queen song..? - I guess I would take Ogre Battle, but it´s very h... by rubens on 06.07.2014
Do you think Freddie would still be touring just like they are now? - Who knows? Maybe there would be some changes but I... by rubens on 01.07.2014
JUST WEIRD AGAIN! - Queen are a seminal band for the heavy metal style... by rubens on 29.06.2014
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert - 2014/06/19 - United Center, Chicago, IL - Haha! Lovely title! Thanks for the torrent! I real... by rubens on 21.06.2014
Lambert and Killer Gay - Kindly fuck off? Mr.Nitroboy you are a real gentle... by rubens on 21.06.2014
Lambert and Killer Gay - Yeah...didn´t expect that.I don´t care about a a... by rubens on 20.06.2014
FIRST FREDDIE VIDEO FOOTAGE EVER RECORD? - Well it probably is! Looks he was at his 18´s! P... by rubens on 18.06.2014
Queen+ Adam Lambert iHeartRadio Theatre,Los Angeles (June 16th 2014) 720p - Thank you!... by rubens on 17.06.2014
Setlist - Well, I know I´m dreaming but Iwould love to see ... by rubens on 13.06.2014
Queen+AL album ! - If this turn to be true, it will probably be the f... by rubens on 10.03.2014
songs you wish queen had done - I always thought that Kansas "Carry on my wayward ... by rubens on 13.02.2014
would john be happy if roger and brian called it a day? - I ´ll probably never understand why people think ... by rubens on 11.02.2014
Queen to play with Adam Lambert in US - Drummer Brian May?... by rubens on 08.02.2014
1981.10.17 Puebla - merge of bootlegs - What a nice surprise! Thank you sir!... by rubens on 30.01.2014
Cliff Richard & Freddie Mercury - It's In Everyone Of Us (Soundboard) - What a amazing share! You made my day sir, thank y... by rubens on 19.11.2013
Queen Live DVD box set - I already riped my official Rio VHS to DVD years a... by rubens on 24.10.2013
"It speaks for itself, his voice’: Queen’s Brian May calls Adam Lambert one - To read such statement coming from Dr. May just ma... by rubens on 02.10.2013
TORRENT: Queen + Paul Rodgers - Live in Firenze, 07/04/2005 - Multicamera - Thank you my good sir! It´s far better than any Q... by rubens on 10.09.2013
Sascha Baron Cohen Quits Freddie Biopic over creative differences - I belive that Brian and Roger made the right decis... by rubens on 24.07.2013
ANNOUNCE: Queen Tour Books Collection High Resolution PDF - A very interesting share! Thank you very much!... by rubens on 18.06.2013
Roger Taylor - 1999-04-03 London (2013 CMI Music 2CD+1DVD) - Thank you very much.... by rubens on 26.05.2013
Proof that Freddie is Alive - There was a time that Queenzone was a great place ... by rubens on 16.03.2013
Queen - Live In Japan 1985 (TV ALTERNATE SHOTS) - Oh thank you so much for this!!! There is no synt ... by rubens on 13.03.2013
A POLL ABOUT ADAM ON QUEENZONE *GASP* - BRIANMAYCOLLECTOR, you said it all. We are not tak... by rubens on 21.02.2013
Saddest Queen song(s)? - White Queen..."so sad it ends, as it began"... by rubens on 28.01.2013
Was the group Queen a commercial band? - Queen were very smart. They knew that music is art... by rubens on 08.01.2013
Xmas present for father - You can find the master tape audio here: http://h2... by rubens on 04.12.2012
ANNOUNCE: Brian May - Live Solo TV Performances - Thanks a lot. You made my day!... by rubens on 04.12.2012
Announce: FLAC 1974-12-08 The Hague (you'll gonna like it silver) - Lossy or not, thank you so much for this gem!... by rubens on 04.11.2012
When Wolverine met Freddie Mercury - So Freddie was a mutant?... by rubens on 25.04.2012
Searching for Deaky - 'What´s the name of the guitarrist?" Untill now I... by rubens on 25.04.2012
REAL FANS UPLOAD RARITIES, BAD PPL KEEP THEM FOR THEMSELVES - Micrówave wrote: I like hamburgers. And I would... by rubens on 13.04.2012
ANNOUNCE: Roger Taylor - The Waterfront, Norwich, England 3.29.1999 FLAC - thank you very much!... by rubens on 09.03.2012
"Complete" Queen(related) concert-collection on Mediafire.com - Oh you are a wonderfull person! Thanks so much man... by rubens on 09.03.2012
What if Queen toured playing Metallica's 'The Black Album' - dont worry mattz, I know it was a joke, but since ... by rubens on 01.03.2012
What if Queen toured playing Metallica's 'The Black Album' - Queen + black album would be alsome! The dream ... by rubens on 01.03.2012
Brian admits a tour "may happen" in 2012 - Bring back Paul Rodgers.  Simple as that.... by rubens on 03.01.2012
Queen II - Special Deep Cut Edition (2011) - it brought tears to my eyes...the best album ever ... by rubens on 08.11.2011
ANNOUNCE FLAC: Queen - Earl's Court 1977 (1st Night Audience Recording) - we can finally hear the audience now! thank you ve... by rubens on 17.10.2011
RARE PRO-SHOT DVD: Brian May - 06/07.11.1998 - St Petersburg+Moscow, Russia - Eric Taylor wrote: Oi Rubens!!! Cara, estavam pla... by rubens on 13.10.2011
RARE PRO-SHOT DVD: Brian May - 06/07.11.1998 - St Petersburg+Moscow, Russia - Muito obrigado por sua generosidade amigo!  Apro... by rubens on 13.10.2011
A Pic-nic By The Sepertine - It´s been a while since I felt excited about some... by rubens on 18.09.2011
Queen Obsessions.... - Every single day I listen to a queen live recordin... by rubens on 18.06.2011
New Artwork is born. - Man, you are a real artist! Thank you!... by rubens on 15.06.2011
So What do people think of the Hammersmith 75 concert - A very overrated concert. The band was nervous, fr... by rubens on 03.06.2011
QUEEN DAYS OF OUR LIVES BBC DVD COVER (FULL) - great job!!Thanks!... by rubens on 01.06.2011
2008_09_16 - QUEEN + PAUL ROGERS - RUSSIA, MOSCOW, OLIMPIYSKY STADIUM - Thank you for share this! Is this audience or pro... by rubens on 09.05.2011
Announce on QZ tracker : Ibex 9 Sept 1969, Liverpool - redigitalised - thaks!! lovely share :)... by rubens on 13.04.2011
are Queen a ROCK band? - lifetimefanofqueen wrote: aye, but "god of thunde... by rubens on 29.03.2011
are Queen a ROCK band? - I think Queen is a rock band that can do other thi... by rubens on 28.03.2011
ANNOUNCE: WWRY musical italian version tv special with Brian and Roger - Thank you very much!... by rubens on 16.03.2011
Queen and Adam Labmert could make history - Adam Lambert? No thanks. A guy who would put up a... by rubens on 11.03.2011
Announce: 2DVD Milwaukee 2006-03-27 - Amazing!Thank you very much!... by rubens on 06.02.2011
Announce: Queen Live At Hammersmith 1979 - Thank you very much . Looks like a nice upgrade. V... by rubens on 27.01.2011
Press Release: QUEEN: FIRST FIVE ALBUMS RE-ISSUED ON ISLAND RECORDS - Well I´m happy that they decide to finally give a... by rubens on 26.01.2011
Queen 40 - DELUXE Editions/DEEP CUTS tracklists? - Makka wrote:   checked out the japanese univer... by rubens on 18.01.2011
ANNOUNCE-Queen-Prince's Trust Rock Gala 2010 DVD - TimBHM wrote: "Yeah I can imagine. I was just wond... by rubens on 02.01.2011
My New Years Gift To Everyone (From Personal Section) - Very nice of you Greg. Thank you very much!... by rubens on 01.01.2011
ANNOUNCE-Queen-Prince's Trust Rock Gala 2010 DVD - A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU MISTER!!! You made my day ... by rubens on 01.01.2011
Princes Trust on Sky tv - Althought  the vocalist ruined the song, it was a... by rubens on 31.12.2010
1980-11-25 Paris VIDEO WITH SOUND - thank you very much. Again, a wonderfull share!... by rubens on 31.12.2010
Queen Live At Wembley 1990 - ooops it´s stone cold crazy, sorry my bad... by rubens on 30.12.2010
Queen Live At Wembley 1990 - Here is the set list: 1-Innuendo 2-Ogre Battle ... by rubens on 30.12.2010
Concert For The People of Kampuchea - multi-source DVD - Are you seeding guys? I´m stuck in 48%. Keep seed... by rubens on 25.12.2010
Concert For The People of Kampuchea - multi-source DVD - How can I thank you enough Pittrek? You are super... by rubens on 25.12.2010
QUEEN - GREATEST HITS REISSUE TO CELEBRATE THE START OF 40TH ANNIVERSARY - I think they are pretty right this time. They said... by rubens on 10.12.2010
1979-01-26 Brussels (3-source mix) - Thank you very much!!... by rubens on 07.12.2010
1977.03.03 Inglewood - low gen - Thank you very much Sir GH!... by rubens on 03.12.2010
RARE DVD Low Gen - Brian May Brisbane, Australia - Thank you very much. Valeu mesmo cara! Ainda não... by rubens on 25.11.2010
Two videos from the "Gluttons for Punnishment " tour - As always a amazing share Pittrek! Thank you very ... by rubens on 21.11.2010
Queen - Princess Road (TARANTURA) - Thank you very much but where´s disk two link?... by rubens on 09.11.2010
Old Queen Fan Club Magazine Scans - I feel traveling back in time! Thank you very much... by rubens on 18.10.2010
QPR São Paulo 26.11.2008 Multisource FLAC - Valeu mesmo Bruno!! To querendo uma lembrança des... by rubens on 24.09.2010
New Brian May Song - I loved the part when he said badger!!... by rubens on 16.09.2010
Crazy blog about Brian May - It´s more sick than funny...... by rubens on 15.09.2010
1985.01.19 Rio de Janeiro - 25th Anniversary Edition - sir GH you made me a happy man! Thank you so much,... by rubens on 02.09.2010
The Quietus Panel - Queen's Greatest Non-Hits - It´s a shame that they didn´t mention Liar. This... by rubens on 02.09.2010
Freddie - The Bananahead Man - It just come to proof that internetis not the info... by rubens on 31.08.2010
Your special Queen song - White Queen...always give me some memories. And wh... by rubens on 29.08.2010
Announce - Oxford 73 Soundcheck (Kurgans Vault edition) - Many thanks kurgan!... by rubens on 26.08.2010
Queen - 1973 - Many thanks! Hope the project go on!... by rubens on 22.08.2010
Queen SHA tour disks (for the nieve) - and you can find the link to download on queenconc... by rubens on 22.08.2010
Queen SHA tour disks (for the nieve) - Well, if you don´t have any sheer heart attack bo... by rubens on 22.08.2010
Brian & Kerry on weekend Wogan - well, there is a good side, you know. Brian showed... by rubens on 21.08.2010
Brian and Anita Argument Footage (genuine) - ha ha! very funny indeed!!... by rubens on 21.08.2010
Brazilian band Cover of Dreamers Ball - Wow!! Although I am brazilian I´m not a Biquini C... by rubens on 13.08.2010
queen live in kenworth park dvd snow producciones version - I already have a version of this one but the snow ... by rubens on 06.08.2010
Demo and Convention Collection - Thank you very much!! I was needing some upgrades ... by rubens on 27.06.2010
Freddie recorded what? - What´s the source?... by rubens on 24.06.2010
Brian confirms more Queen work - Vali wrote: "I bet it´s the re-release of the alb... by rubens on 23.06.2010
VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO JOHN S. STUART - So when I said new products, it was about real new... by rubens on 31.05.2010
VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO JOHN S. STUART - sir gh wrote: "Then I guess most people at this fo... by rubens on 31.05.2010
VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO JOHN S. STUART - I think real fans always buy official reliases eve... by rubens on 30.05.2010
BBC Session 4 MASTER COPY - thank you very much again guys. That´s the why I ... by rubens on 30.05.2010
BBC Session 5 MASTER COPY - Wow Pittrek you are fast! Thank you very much for ... by rubens on 30.05.2010
BBC Session 6 MASTER COPY - THANK YOU VERY MUCH JOHN!!!... by rubens on 29.05.2010
Innuendo - If it was reliased in the 70´s, it would be a ave... by rubens on 28.05.2010
Brian and Kerry Ellis playing "Some Things That Glitter" in the studio - Thanks for the mp3. She´s far better than Ithough... by rubens on 27.05.2010
Queen's Back Catalogue Universal Music for EMI - Alejandro Siepe wrote: "2002 - The Game/A Night At... by rubens on 26.05.2010
Best Freddie Mercury Solo Song - in my defense was the first one that came in my mi... by rubens on 20.05.2010
ANNOUNCE: Queen 1979-04-28 Nagoya (AUD) Original Master - thanks for this one!... by rubens on 20.05.2010
Roger and Brian doing Tenement Funster - amazing!!! what was the show set list?... by rubens on 13.05.2010
Which Queen song do you enjoy the most - Liar...so powerfull and dramatic...for me it´s a ... by rubens on 13.05.2010
What Queen love songs do you like best? - white queen and sail away sweet sister. A real sha... by rubens on 14.04.2010
I love queen productions :D - This forum is getting more and more weird...maybe ... by rubens on 01.04.2010
Who here has every Queen Album and - I got all official releases, both audio and video ... by rubens on 26.03.2010
36 years ago, specifically on March 8 has released its second album, Queen - It´s the best album they ever made, IMO. ... by rubens on 08.03.2010
Best Single B Side Or Non Album Track - Silver Samon Hangman See what a fool I´ve bee... by rubens on 08.03.2010
Tired of Queen? - Well, I listen to their music non-stop for more th... by rubens on 07.03.2010
Potential For Rare Live, Vol 2? - Personally I have no interest in bits and pieces.T... by rubens on 02.03.2010
Songs that took on a new life when played live - action this day, I want to break free, white queen... by rubens on 27.02.2010
What a concert on DVD, we expect in 2011? - Hello community! I agree with you that Wembley con... by rubens on 23.02.2010
What a concert on DVD, we expect in 2011? - you did a amazing version Pittrek, as always. Ba... by rubens on 23.02.2010
Queen Archivist : A serious question if you please - Thank you very much Greg! ... by rubens on 23.02.2010
5 best Queen Albums and 5 Worst - Best: 1- Queen II - They truly master piece 2... by rubens on 22.02.2010
The Emperor's New Clothes - " So even if you do not believe in 'him', there is... by rubens on 18.02.2010
The Emperor's New Clothes - I mean, he can be just a troll... ... by rubens on 18.02.2010
The Emperor's New Clothes - Is there any real proof that Queen Archivist is Gr... by rubens on 18.02.2010
The Microwave's job is NOT being undermined. - I have a very serios question for you microwae and... by rubens on 16.02.2010
Freddie tribute concert - your view - I think that SCC with James Hatfield was very enjo... by rubens on 03.02.2010
Your Opinion: Weakest Song(s) in Queen's Catalog - It´s a suprise (to me) to see that a lot of peopl... by rubens on 02.02.2010
Innuendo - Religious Meaning - I belive when they wrote "Our lives dictated by tr... by rubens on 02.02.2010
Your Opinion: Weakest Song(s) in Queen's Catalog - 1) body language(the worst video too) 2)delilah ... by rubens on 01.02.2010
Paul Rodgers was asked to join Aeroshite - paul will never scream or dance like steve and tha... by rubens on 28.01.2010
How do Queen fans feel about Adam Lambert? - I don´t care about him ... by rubens on 28.01.2010
Rock in Rio - 25 years (Brazilian paper news) - Yes, Queen was the festival stars. It was the firs... by rubens on 13.01.2010
1975-12-24 Hammersmith Odeon DVD "pittrek edition 2009" - thank you very much!![img=/images/smiley/msn/teeth... by rubens on 22.12.2009
DVD Queen + PR Rio de Janeiro 11-29-2008 - thank you for this one ... by rubens on 09.12.2009
DVD Queen + PR Rio de Janeiro 11-29-2008 - any seeders? ... by rubens on 09.12.2009
dance with the devil in beat with band - olá queenpaulo sou brasileiro sim! o blog é muit... by rubens on 08.12.2009
dance with the devil in beat with band - Hello all of you queenzone fellows. Greetings! I´... by rubens on 08.12.2009