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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'rschoorl'

woe - Does anyone know if "woe" was the workin... by rschoorl on 12.12.2006

130 posts by user 'rschoorl'

Did Queen play Long Away live? - When they were rehearsing in New Haven they ran th... by rschoorl on 13.12.2018
The Story of a taper (RIP Jared) - Can't tell you how much this hits home. Taping wa... by rschoorl on 31.10.2017
Queenlive.ca turns 10 today ! - Hey Bob. Congrats on putting together the most co... by rschoorl on 05.07.2017
Harold May MSG story - I wonder when the story was first told, if anyone ... by rschoorl on 07.06.2017
Silent 8mm Footage: The Beacon Theater, NYC (February 1976) - Does anyone know where this came from. I remember... by rschoorl on 03.05.2017
Rank the partial Queen downfall, especially in the states - Having been a big fan way back when, my sense is t... by rschoorl on 27.01.2017
Queenlive.ca - new bootleg LP section - That's great Bob, unbelievably comprehensive as al... by rschoorl on 30.09.2016
Favourite Backing Vocal Parts by Roger - I can't believe nobody has mentioned '39 yet.... by rschoorl on 16.12.2015
Zeppelin vs Queen reissues - As stated in interviews, Jimmy Page was scouring e... by rschoorl on 26.08.2015
Concept singles - Chief Mouse, it's not about where you live, it's a... by rschoorl on 12.08.2015
Reid, Stone, Beach? Deaky providing backing vocals in studio - I think it was always assumed that John did not ta... by rschoorl on 21.06.2015
Marc Martel performance @ Staples Center 2/19 - I was there but didn't record it. He did "Don't S... by rschoorl on 28.02.2015
Fun autographed item - What record store in New York is it in?... by rschoorl on 26.02.2015
Misspressings/Spelling Errors at Canadian Sheer Heart Attack lyric poster. - For me, the stereotype, or implication, started wi... by rschoorl on 04.02.2015
What is your favourite Queen video? - The first video, and if you didn't know Queen befo... by rschoorl on 30.12.2014
Best shows of each tour? - NY MSG 2/5/77, 12/1/77, 11/18/78 Hartford 1980, B... by rschoorl on 08.08.2014
Best shows of each tour? - Great list...and Greg, I am honored that you chose... by rschoorl on 08.08.2014
Deakys vocals - John actually got credit for singing backup vocals... by rschoorl on 24.06.2014
Presale SNAFU - Got my tickets to Madison Square Garden. If this ... by rschoorl on 10.03.2014
Errors / Issues on 'The Lot' (First Edition) - I also received an email today saying that my repl... by rschoorl on 12.12.2013
A Few Things If I May.... - I may be in the minority, but the fact that there ... by rschoorl on 14.11.2013
"the lot" withdrawn - If you go on the Queen Online site for preorders, ... by rschoorl on 06.11.2013
Roger Taylor -Fun On Earth & The Lot tracklisting - I would imagine it is safe to say that this box se... by rschoorl on 17.09.2013
Rare Share: Queen Collectables - Launch date - GT-Does this website effectively eliminate the nee... by rschoorl on 19.07.2013
Earliest Queen Concert - Queen Madison Square Garden 2/5/77, 12/1/77, 11/1... by rschoorl on 14.03.2013
Was 'The Invisible Man' the only time Brian ever.. - If you really want to hear Brian shred, listen to ... by rschoorl on 12.01.2013
Boston Garden (23.07.1982) new source 1'st gen with 90 min show ! - No way I would ever lose 5 minutes of a show for a... by rschoorl on 24.07.2012
American Idol 2012 Top 6 Recap: Who Rocked You on Queen Night? - Fat Bottomed Girls, Another One Bites the Dust, We... by rschoorl on 26.04.2012
Brian May's GUEST solo spots. Discussion - I would have to go for his ripping solo on the son... by rschoorl on 04.01.2012
A Night At The Opera MFSL - I think it was established that Woe was probably t... by rschoorl on 01.08.2011
Announce as torrent: 22 March 1976 Tokyo - Get your knickers off (Tarantura - Thanks Ginger....and bootluca!!... by rschoorl on 26.06.2011
Tokyo march 22nd 1976 - get your knickers off - Can someone create a torrent?  Thanks in advance.... by rschoorl on 26.06.2011
ANNOUNCE: Bootleg Race (stark remaster) - Excellent!!!  Thank you so much.... by rschoorl on 26.03.2011
Announce: Queen Teo Torriatte - Tokyo 17.02.1981 (new peach tape) Torrent - Thank you for making the torrent!!!... by rschoorl on 01.03.2011
BBC session 2 - Can someone please torrent this treasure.  Thanks... by rschoorl on 27.02.2011
Did John Miles appear at a Queen concert? - He was supposed to play with Queen on August 20 an... by rschoorl on 04.02.2011
QUEEN - THE VAULTS - DEMOS + RARE STUFF - Clean Torrent - Thank you for this.... by rschoorl on 27.01.2011
ANNOUNCE: (11/19/1974-3 Tracks) FLAC Torrent - Thank you Greg, Bob and ghostwithasmile.  Much ap... by rschoorl on 14.01.2011
BOOTLEG RACE (new mr Peach release) - Thanks Bootluca!!!   Can someone please create a... by rschoorl on 12.01.2011
Tour Itinerary Update - Orpheum Theater, Boston 1974 - Can you share your Boston '74 show with us?  Than... by rschoorl on 05.01.2011
queen poster chick - I bought this poster at a low budget mall in 1976.... by rschoorl on 30.12.2010
ANNOUNCE RAINBOW 1974-11-20 3tracks pre lp (UPGRADE!) - Thanks ghostwithasmile!!    Could someone pleas... by rschoorl on 19.12.2010
Announce as torrent : Chicago 5 December 1977 - Upgrade - Many thanks to Ginger and ghostwithasmile.... by rschoorl on 18.12.2010
Announce 1977 February 5th New York City, Madison Square Garden - I would hope that another source exists.  Last ye... by rschoorl on 17.12.2010
Announce as torrent : Berlin 24 January 1979 - two source mix - Thank you Ginger and Pittreck!!!!... by rschoorl on 04.12.2010
ANNOUNCE - "Affairs" and "Grand Dame" from QueenItalia.it party - Thank you!!!  A great contribution, in addition t... by rschoorl on 01.12.2010
1977.02.05 New York - "A DAY AT THE GARDEN" - megaupload - Olivier, Thanks for the credit, much appreciated... by rschoorl on 16.11.2010
Announce as torrent : Himeji 24 March 1976 - Princess Road (Tarantura) - Thanks to all involved.  This is great!!!... by rschoorl on 11.11.2010
KASSEl may 18 1982 (UPDATE APRIL 2011) - Thank you for the upgrade!... by rschoorl on 27.10.2010
oakland 82 upgrade - Thanks for the share.  Adding upgrades and mast... by rschoorl on 22.10.2010
ANNOUNCE : OXFORD november 20 1973 (acetate version!) - So, can we see a scan of the acetate?... by rschoorl on 22.10.2010
London 11-20-74 - uncut soundboard - Bob, thanks as always.....can someone please torre... by rschoorl on 16.10.2010
Announce > Queen A Night At Q-den (TARANTURA) TORRENT - Thanks for the torrent!!!... by rschoorl on 28.07.2010
1980.08.20 Hartford, Civic Center - PERFECT GAME - Torrent - Maggiko, If you can please share for a little lon... by rschoorl on 27.07.2010
1980.08.20 Hartford, Civic Center - PERFECT GAME - Torrent - Thank you very much!!!!... by rschoorl on 24.07.2010
1980.08.20 Hartford, Civic Center - PERFECT GAME (megaupload) - Would someone be so kind as to create a torrent so... by rschoorl on 22.07.2010
1980.08.20 Hartford, Civic Center - PERFECT GAME (megaupload) - Always good to see someone making money off of my ... by rschoorl on 20.07.2010
1979.01.24 Berlin, Deutschlandhalle - CAPTAIN BERLIN Torrent - Please seed.  Many thanks.... by rschoorl on 18.07.2010
1979.01.24 Berlin, Deutschlandhalle - CAPTAIN BERLIN Torrent - Thank you very much!!!!... by rschoorl on 17.07.2010
1979.01.24 Berlin, Deutschlandhalle - CAPTAIN BERLIN - If this is the only Uxbridge that represents an up... by rschoorl on 17.07.2010
Solo Demos Now Added - Thanks for this.  It would be great if someone co... by rschoorl on 05.07.2010
Demo and Convention Collection Torrent - Thanks much.... by rschoorl on 27.06.2010
Live at Houston 1977 dvd - It was my understanding that the Summitt videos ar... by rschoorl on 25.06.2010
Announce as torrent - BBC Session 5 - Can someone seed please.  Thanks.... by rschoorl on 16.06.2010
Announce as torrent : BBC Session 4 - Can somebody please seed this torrent.  Thanks mu... by rschoorl on 16.06.2010
John's Vocals - John certainly did add his vocals to "Bohemian Rha... by rschoorl on 12.06.2010
Has anybody seen any Queen Tribute acts and what did you think of them? - In the US, there is a very good tribute band calle... by rschoorl on 08.06.2010
1984.09.02 Birmingham - upgrade - Thanks as always, Bob. ... by rschoorl on 04.03.2010
Horse Feathers And Animal Crackers - I'm a good friend of Richie Ranno, he will be very... by rschoorl on 24.01.2010
Greatest MSG Concert in the 70's? Definitely Queen! - The 1978 Queen shows at the Garden weren't even th... by rschoorl on 06.11.2009
Was late era Q mainly Brian? - Great topic.  I was unaware that Brian had rework... by rschoorl on 16.10.2009
Queenlive.ca - Thanks for all the work you put into the site and ... by rschoorl on 28.09.2009
1974.10.30 Manchester - merge - Thank you Bob, always improving.the library....an ... by rschoorl on 14.09.2009
Best Tour - Day At the Races tour, not yet overproduced, and s... by rschoorl on 26.08.2009
RIP Les Paul - I was there the night that Brian played with Les a... by rschoorl on 13.08.2009
Your 'Bo Rhap' story ... elite QZers needed! - For me, it was as 14 year old watching the midnigh... by rschoorl on 13.07.2009
May ‘Incensed’ By Leaked Jackson/Mercury Tracks - I really don't understand this full out attack on... by rschoorl on 09.07.2009
ANNOUNCE Queen 1976-01-30 Boston MA - 16bit/44.1KHz Torrent - Unbelievable, this has been a remarkable month for... by rschoorl on 27.06.2009
Announce as torrent : Tokyo 16 February 1981 - The Miracle Game (Tarantura) - Thank you very much Ginger!!!  It's raining great... by rschoorl on 22.06.2009
THE MIRACLE GAME - 1981.02.16 Tokyo - Flac - rapidshare - Thank you so much Olivier!  Can anybody torrent t... by rschoorl on 21.06.2009
ANNOUNCE: Queen Sun City 1984 FLAC - pitch corrected and tracks splitted - Thank you for this awesome torrent!! ... by rschoorl on 21.06.2009
Complete list of all downloads - Amazing resource.  Thanks for all the work.  If ... by rschoorl on 16.06.2009
Sneaky Ways to Grab Recordings???????? - At the time security was more concerned with drugs... by rschoorl on 16.06.2009
Sneaky Ways to Grab Recordings???????? - Ditto to Ducksoup.....and then trade your recordin... by rschoorl on 15.06.2009
-Hot News-- First Link to UNLEASH Queen Breaking Out part 1 - Unbelievable!!!  Thank you soooo much.  It sound... by rschoorl on 10.06.2009
Jazz: What in the hell went wrong? - Having started following Queen religiously during ... by rschoorl on 19.05.2009
ANNOUNCE: Queen New York February 5, 1977 MASTER - Don't kill me if this is the wrong forum, but I ... by rschoorl on 24.04.2009
ANNOUNCE: Queen New York February 5, 1977 MASTER - No worries, On My Way Up, thanks for spreading the... by rschoorl on 24.04.2009
1978.11.17 New York - merge - If someone could make it into a torrent, it would ... by rschoorl on 23.04.2009
1978.11.17 New York - merge - Well, I am old enough to have taped this show....... by rschoorl on 21.04.2009
ANNOUNCE: Final Budokan Nights discs 2 and 3 torrent - Thanks for the share.  Much appreciated. ... by rschoorl on 22.03.2009
Announce:Live in New York 1978-11-17 complete 2 source mix FLAC - This is true, I was at both nights at the Garden ... by rschoorl on 01.12.2008
Announce 1977 February 5th New York City, Madison Square Garden - I was up in the nose bleed section which didn't co... by rschoorl on 13.08.2008
Announce 1977 February 5th New York City, Madison Square Garden - In response to Knebworth; yes, this is one of five... by rschoorl on 13.08.2008
Announce 1977 February 5th New York City, Madison Square Garden - An amazing day! In the afternoon we went to see "... by rschoorl on 13.08.2008
Announce: Boston 23.07.1982 - Great show, "Action This Day" totally rocks at thi... by rschoorl on 08.07.2008
ANNOUNCE: Shizuoka 1975 - stark remaster - Thanks a lot.... by rschoorl on 15.02.2008
queens worst album? - I would have to say the Works, as it was the first... by rschoorl on 13.02.2008
Opening bands - Thin Lizzy and Billy Squier were the best openers ... by rschoorl on 12.02.2008
These dowload things - Thank you very much for your input. I appreciate ... by rschoorl on 06.02.2008
These dowload things - If I can add to the naive questions. When you con... by rschoorl on 06.02.2008
Announce: As It Began The BBC Archives - Hasn't a lot of this been officially released?... by rschoorl on 30.01.2008
New Queen Bootlegs Site - It's fantastic to see that it has the 1974 Boston ... by rschoorl on 29.01.2008
Announce: Queen Live in NYC 11.17.1978 (flac) - Thanks Joe, I appreciate the information. Keep sh... by rschoorl on 28.01.2008
Announce: Queen Live in NYC 11.17.1978 (flac) - I'm not sure if there are multiple sources of this... by rschoorl on 28.01.2008
Announced as torrent: Vienna 21-7-1986 - Many thanks for the add as a torrent.... by rschoorl on 23.01.2008
URIS THEATRE, NYC 1974.07.05 (FLAC) on Mediafire - Thank you for this.... by rschoorl on 05.01.2008
November 17, 1973 – Liverpool, UK (FLAC) on Mediafire - Thanks a bunch. happy New Year!... by rschoorl on 01.01.2008
"Hot Space" / "Break Free" video killed Queen in America - Myth or reality? - The big difference in ADATR and The Works is not i... by rschoorl on 29.12.2007
Check this out - The ad appeared in Guitar World Magazine, not sure... by rschoorl on 12.12.2007
"Hot Space" / "Break Free" video killed Queen in America - Myth or reality? - This has been a fun thread. Going back, these are... by rschoorl on 11.12.2007
"Hot Space" / "Break Free" video killed Queen in America - Myth or reality? - Having been a Queen fan since 1975 in America, my ... by rschoorl on 07.12.2007
1973.11.17 Liverpool - master - It's as if you read my mind. Thanks Bob!... by rschoorl on 02.11.2007
Queen + Genesis + Kevin Ayers - Sir GH, I have the Genesis box set, I'll e-mail... by rschoorl on 30.10.2007
Boston Music Hall 1975 - possible new "bootleg" release - Times have certainly changed. When I taped the Bo... by rschoorl on 28.09.2007
BEST BRIAN MAY GUITAR SOLO - I've always thought that although I love the intri... by rschoorl on 17.09.2007
Queen - 10/28/78 Premier Jazz mp3 - I don't understand how the original message is in ... by rschoorl on 29.08.2007
Queenlive.ca - new website - Great stuff Bob. It looks like a lot of hard work... by rschoorl on 04.07.2007
Announcement: Queen Live in Boston 7.23.1982 - I'm trying to figure out what people are saying wh... by rschoorl on 27.04.2007
Queen: Complete Works (Book) - I was happy to see it being sold At the Barnes and... by rschoorl on 11.04.2007
Exactly What Queen Live Footage DOES Exist - DEFINITIVE LIST - I have 2-3 minutes of mostly out of focus silent s... by rschoorl on 11.04.2007
Best queen live era?? - I saw them in on every US tour from Day At the Rac... by rschoorl on 14.03.2007
Queen: Complete Works (Book) - Lester, In fact you did mention "long Away... by rschoorl on 11.03.2007
Queen: Complete Works (Book) - One other small thing I found that led me to my ol... by rschoorl on 11.03.2007
Queen: Complete Works (Book) - I got my copy a couple of weeks ago, and I must co... by rschoorl on 07.03.2007
woe - The article does not mention Millionaire Waltz, bu... by rschoorl on 14.12.2006
woe - Here is the quote from the article in the 1/31/77 ... by rschoorl on 14.12.2006
woe - I have the magazine article in question at home. ... by rschoorl on 14.12.2006
woe - This was definitely post ANATO, pre ADATR, I'm thi... by rschoorl on 12.12.2006
woe - Does anyone know if "woe" was the workin... by rschoorl on 12.12.2006