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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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Queen guitarist Brian May talks to Richie Taylor - I find it sad that journalist doesn't know the ... by riku2 on 15.01.2010
The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) - You are right of course, but my guess is that... by riku2 on 21.11.2009
The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) - Well, if one of the main goals of this song w... by riku2 on 20.11.2009
RT - The Unblinking Eye - No, the one on youtube is some kind of a weir... by riku2 on 18.11.2009
RT - The Unblinking Eye - Thanks! It sounds very Rogerish. I like it. R... by riku2 on 18.11.2009
1980.11.30 Berlin - upgrade - Great, thanks! Riku ... by riku2 on 11.11.2009
ANNOUNCE:Sao Paulo 21-03-81 - Great! Thank you very much! Riku ... by riku2 on 19.07.2009
Re-Upload - Live Killers - All Four DVDs - Thanks, I didn't have these. Riku ... by riku2 on 29.06.2009
-Hot News-- First Link to UNLEASH Queen Breaking Out part 1 - Many thanks to you for doing the right thing by... by riku2 on 10.06.2009
Boyzone perform Queen medley - Well, if nothing else these guys make Freddie... by riku2 on 02.06.2009
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1981 Tour Mega Torrent - So, how about that Sao Paulo gig :-). It woul... by riku2 on 02.06.2009
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1981 Tour Mega Torrent - Yes, please upload it. Even if the quality mi... by riku2 on 26.05.2009
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1980 Tour Mega Torrent - Seems like I have to get myself a bigger hard d... by riku2 on 24.05.2009
Rosario, Argentina - 1981 - Great! Thanks! A new show is always nice be it ... by riku2 on 24.05.2009
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1982 Hotspace Tour Mega Torrent - Thanks for yet another massive upload! Riku ... by riku2 on 16.05.2009
Assassin demo live cover - Oh no! Not THAT "Assassin" again. They are actuall... by riku2 on 26.04.2009
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1998-10-30; Newcastle - Thanks for yet another BM concert! Riku ... by riku2 on 22.04.2009
1980-11-25 Paris, France (upgrade) + video - Thanks again for all the nice shares! That's ... by riku2 on 19.04.2009
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1993-11-05; Tokyo - Thanks for a great upload! Riku ... by riku2 on 19.04.2009
ANNOUNCE: Final Budokan Nights discs 2 and 3 torrent - Thanks again! This show is a "must have". Rik... by riku2 on 22.03.2009
ANNOUNCE: Final Budokan Nights Disc 1 (May 8th, 1985) - Thanks! It will be interesting to listen to a diff... by riku2 on 27.02.2009
Announce as torrent : Toronto 30 August 1980 FLAC - Thanks for reseeding this recording! Riku ... by riku2 on 20.02.2009
Poll: Do you think Freddies balls were too round - Ride the Wild Balls... ... by riku2 on 17.01.2009
Announce: Sydney, Entertainment Centre 26 April1985, MediaFire - Thanks, I didn't have this one. Riku ... by riku2 on 28.12.2008
Best Of The Best 1986 - Thanks for your outstanding effort with "The be... by riku2 on 20.11.2008
No Subject - Thanks very much for this great concert. If thi... by riku2 on 17.11.2008
ANNOUNCE: QPR - Hannover Oct. 4th 2008 (FLAC master) - Thanks very much Riku! Riku ... by riku2 on 09.11.2008
Best Of The Best 1984 - Thanks so much once again Pittrek. Btw. does... by riku2 on 22.09.2008
The Best Of The Best - 1980 - Many thanks once again! Riku... by riku2 on 30.07.2008
Best of the best - 1979 - Let me be the first to thank you Pittrek! Riku... by riku2 on 25.06.2008
The Best Of The Best - year 1978 - Thanks again Pittrek for your fantastic work and t... by riku2 on 24.06.2008
1982.10.29 Sapporo - merge - Thank you for your trubble, sir GH! And a big than... by riku2 on 24.06.2008
ANNOUNCE: FLAC - Queen, Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, May 8th 1985 - Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to hearin... by riku2 on 24.06.2008
Announce - New York 29 September 1980 FLAC (torrent) - Thanks for this one!... by riku2 on 03.06.2008
ANNOUNCE: Queen in London, UK (Dec.09-1980) - Man, you're on fire tonight :-) Thanks a lot! R... by riku2 on 28.05.2008
ANNOUNCE: Queen in London, UK (Dec.10-1980) - Thank you very much for this one! Riku... by riku2 on 28.05.2008
ANNOUNCE Tokyo April 14th 1979 FLAC - Thanks! Riku... by riku2 on 27.05.2008
ANNOUNCE: 26TH, OCTOBER, NAGOYA, 1982, MEDIAFIRE, STARK REMASTER - Let me be the first to thank you, Yara! Riku... by riku2 on 25.05.2008