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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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33 posts by user 'prince_tom'

Belfats Q+PR 2005 - He should be appologized for giving the wordplay '... by prince_tom on 28.07.2008
Brian May-Brisban Australia 1998. - :-D maybe you can, maybe you cannot. depen... by prince_tom on 15.07.2008
Snippets of Queen Live. - hum. maybe you specify your request for not requ... by prince_tom on 15.07.2008
take a look at this somebody to love - So very true!... by prince_tom on 13.07.2008
Lisboa 2005 - -self destructed- :-D... by prince_tom on 13.07.2008
My Melancholy Blues and Gracie Fields's 'Sally' - as well as tom waits sounds like abba. and..... by prince_tom on 12.07.2008
Announce: Queen Live in Hyde Park 1976 - Hum. Nagging again: MediaCoder says, the video is... by prince_tom on 10.07.2008
HUDE PARK 1976(AUD SOURCE)flac - Hude is a village in northern germany. the only ... by prince_tom on 07.07.2008
Best of the best - 1979 - i finally managed to dl them... thx for all your ... by prince_tom on 07.07.2008
Wantto join the hub but don't feel like sharing - "and in the end the love you take is equal to the ... by prince_tom on 05.07.2008
Sorry to ask this again but what Q+PR's conerts were pro-filmed? - ähm... no us-dates ? what about 2006-05-25 - US... by prince_tom on 03.07.2008
ANNOUNCE: 4DVD-set of the complete 46664 Hyde Park 27-06-2008 concert - thx... by prince_tom on 29.06.2008
ANNOUNCE: 4DVD-set of the complete 46664 Hyde Park 27-06-2008 concert - mean: suxx. :-D... by prince_tom on 29.06.2008
ANNOUNCE: 4DVD-set of the complete 46664 Hyde Park 27-06-2008 concert - which source is it ? i got the n24-recording mys... by prince_tom on 29.06.2008
Was "Queen" (The Album) ever remastered??? - excuse me for this major mistake! see what a fool... by prince_tom on 25.06.2008
Announce - Tokyo April 1st 1976 - thx a lot! a really superb version of hangman!!... by prince_tom on 25.06.2008
new Extreme single "Star": keeping the Queen spirit alive - boring. i think it sounds like a children's song.... by prince_tom on 24.06.2008
Was "Queen" (The Album) ever remastered??? - To answer the other part of the question: yes, th... by prince_tom on 24.06.2008
Queen's best live performances - 'White Queen', Seattle, 77-03-13. Definitive versi... by prince_tom on 22.06.2008
rainbow screen shot - :-D... by prince_tom on 21.06.2008
Roger Taylor live in Japon & Paris 1994 (video) - is it me, or is 'foreign sand' some kind of... mut... by prince_tom on 21.06.2008
Roger Taylor X-Japan music X-perience 1994 (Second part) - thx a lot. i've been watching this on tv back in ... by prince_tom on 21.06.2008
rainbow screen shot - it's freddie. no doubt. freddie indeed. ... by prince_tom on 21.06.2008
"Roger Taylor - drums, occasional vocals, keyboards" - DLYH/a dozen red roses for my darling (ADRRFMD :-D... by prince_tom on 20.06.2008
"Roger Taylor - drums, occasional vocals, keyboards" - you mean yoshiki? just 2 songs, and just one o... by prince_tom on 20.06.2008
queen + - i'm sure he meant: PRONOUNCE : vienna 2005,fran... by prince_tom on 13.06.2008
'Confirmed songs' - "Interlude in Cosmostinople" ? *LOL* ! btw. cosmo... by prince_tom on 30.05.2008
'Confirmed songs' - ^^^^ to be precise: it's 'the cos mos go on' a... by prince_tom on 29.05.2008
Oh dear God, NO! - i don't get the f**king point in making waves on Q... by prince_tom on 26.05.2008
New Format - congrats for finding a proper forum. although i d... by prince_tom on 26.05.2008
'Confirmed songs' - sail away sweet cosmos don't try cosmoside tenem... by prince_tom on 23.05.2008
An open offer to John Deacon - lets sum it up... 25,97 us$ + 33 pound + 2 ... by prince_tom on 20.05.2008
Roger's voice - I'm in Love with My Cat - @inu-liger i think the first third of ROTC is pla... by prince_tom on 20.05.2008