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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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5 discussions started by 'nasty_queenie'

Rainbow '74 Video - Ok, so Live at the Rainbow is not available in the... by nasty_queenie on 18.06.2005
Help - Whenever I try to download a show with bittorrent ... by nasty_queenie on 27.05.2005
X Factor Contestant Performs We Will Rock You - You can view the news article athttp://www.queenzo... by nasty_queenie on 02.05.2005
Freddie Mercury Impersonator Appears on Starstruck - You can view the news article athttp://www.queenzo... by nasty_queenie on 17.02.2005
Wierd Thoughts - Whenever i listen to GOFLB when Freddie sings the ... by nasty_queenie on 16.01.2005

137 posts by user 'nasty_queenie'

Death On Two Legs (Fickle Mix) - Yeah i quite liked it, especially how you only use... by nasty_queenie on 19.02.2006
don't try suicide - I like it!!! The bassline's great.... by nasty_queenie on 23.09.2005
Freddie and Bono - Ooh yes, I remember reading an article about Live ... by nasty_queenie on 01.09.2005
ANNOUNCE - The Champions 1979 - Seeders please. :)... by nasty_queenie on 17.08.2005
Coca Cola ad - Thanks for this. I'm looking forward to seeing the... by nasty_queenie on 17.08.2005
Announce: Melbourne '85 - Seeders would be much appreciated.... by nasty_queenie on 11.08.2005
Least appealing/attractive band member? - Well, I don't think John was particularly attracti... by nasty_queenie on 09.08.2005
We Will Rock You musical - Dominion theatre 14-05-2002 (premiere) - Yep, I'm using BitTorrent... by nasty_queenie on 08.08.2005
What Queen songs have you really never got into - Well, I've always despised You Don't Fool Me but m... by nasty_queenie on 08.08.2005
We Will Rock You musical - Dominion theatre 14-05-2002 (premiere) - I'll seed if someone tells me how to. I've tried b... by nasty_queenie on 07.08.2005
Recording Days Of Our Lives... - I think it would have been terribly upsetting for ... by nasty_queenie on 30.07.2005
ANNOUNCE - The Champions 1979 - When I play this it says there's an error in the c... by nasty_queenie on 28.07.2005
ANNOUNCE - The Champions 1979 - Thanks this sounds great ... by nasty_queenie on 24.07.2005
John's voice - You can hear John's voice in their show in Milan i... by nasty_queenie on 22.07.2005
Hammersmith Odeon 26-12-1979 video - Any seeders? Please?... by nasty_queenie on 18.07.2005
Is Brian Hot - He was kinda cute in the 70's. If you go on the QO... by nasty_queenie on 18.07.2005
Resembles of Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury - How about, in the "video" for KYA or Lia... by nasty_queenie on 18.07.2005
ANNOUNCE:Seven Seas on Top of the Pops - That could be a good idea, most people seem to... by nasty_queenie on 13.07.2005
ANNOUNCE:Seven Seas on Top of the Pops - Yeah, I've been stuck on about 74% for about a wee... by nasty_queenie on 13.07.2005
ANNOUNCE:Seven Seas on Top of the Pops - I'm a bit late but could anyone please seed this? ... by nasty_queenie on 04.07.2005
We Will Rock You musical - Dominion theatre 14-05-2002 (premiere) - Hey could anyone reseed this please? I'm stuck at ... by nasty_queenie on 04.07.2005
ANNOUNCE: 15-11-1975 Empire Theatre, Liverpool - Thanks for the show it looks like it will be great... by nasty_queenie on 24.06.2005
Queen-It's a kind of magic? - I'm going to see them in a week and a day so I let... by nasty_queenie on 23.06.2005
What is John Deacon's job now? - Ooh, I'll have to go to England now and scour ... by nasty_queenie on 22.06.2005
ANNOUNCE Queen Miming at Top Pop (dutch programme) '74 - Thanks this is great!... by nasty_queenie on 22.06.2005
Bittorent Information - How exactly do you seed something? Because I've tr... by nasty_queenie on 22.06.2005
Why does this exsist? - Hahhahahaha that's hilarious!... by nasty_queenie on 22.06.2005
And Hot Space sucks... - I actually bought it today and I'm listening to it... by nasty_queenie on 22.06.2005
Sheer heart attack album review - Quite a good review but could be improved with bet... by nasty_queenie on 18.06.2005
Rainbow '74 Video - That could be helpful. I went through the list... by nasty_queenie on 18.06.2005
Rainbow '74 Video - And whereabouts would I do that? ... by nasty_queenie on 18.06.2005
Rainbow '74 Video - Ok, so Live at the Rainbow is not available in the... by nasty_queenie on 18.06.2005
ANNOUNCE: 14-12-1980 Festhalle, Frankfurt - Thanks in advance but would anyone like to seed th... by nasty_queenie on 18.06.2005
Favorite May Song - That's a really hard question considering I think ... by nasty_queenie on 12.06.2005
Question for any aussies here - Yeah, he was the main reason I watched that show. ... by nasty_queenie on 10.06.2005
Roger and Brian singing - I don't think they were selfish, they wrote the so... by nasty_queenie on 07.06.2005
Queen songs that you discovered to like... - I never really saw what the big deal about TSMGO w... by nasty_queenie on 04.06.2005
GREATEST VIDEO HITS II, TV ADVERT - Oh my god I love that! That's the best ad I've eve... by nasty_queenie on 03.06.2005
Help - Whenever I try to download a show with bittorrent ... by nasty_queenie on 27.05.2005
Bohemian Rhapsody on the X-Factor - As soon as I saw it I thought of G4. I was excited... by nasty_queenie on 22.05.2005
MOVIES - The Butterfly Effect is really good and the commen... by nasty_queenie on 22.05.2005
Roger Solo/Smile - I have the video for I Wanna Testify... by nasty_queenie on 22.05.2005
Corny versions of WWRY - At school once we had a thing for the leaders of e... by nasty_queenie on 21.05.2005
Singles that could or should have been - Haha, Death on Two Legs/Good Company... I love the... by nasty_queenie on 19.05.2005
ogre battle: march of the black queen. - Well, I heard that the maker of the game was a fan... by nasty_queenie on 17.05.2005
March of the black queen - I read a very similar thing like that and it... by nasty_queenie on 13.05.2005
Three Songs - Something to do with Queen? I know Hollaback Girl ... by nasty_queenie on 11.05.2005
'Weird Names of Music Performer's Children' - Hahaha, actually it would be quite cool if som... by nasty_queenie on 11.05.2005
Freddie Meets Sid - Ooh I just downloaded part of an interview with Jo... by nasty_queenie on 10.05.2005
Freddie Meets Sid - He he, you got that from me off QueenOnline didn't... by nasty_queenie on 10.05.2005
'Weird Names of Music Performer's Children' - He seems to like animal names for his kids. Felix ... by nasty_queenie on 10.05.2005
Is This Roger Taylor? - Once I was on the mtv website I think it was and t... by nasty_queenie on 08.05.2005
Most unusual Queen song that you've heard on the radio. - I have a feeling I've heard Larry Lurex's I Can He... by nasty_queenie on 04.05.2005
Beeping noises on two albums?? - Wow, when I was thinking of IILWMC, that was t... by nasty_queenie on 04.05.2005
X Factor Contestant Performs We Will Rock You - You can view the news article athttp://www.queenzo... by nasty_queenie on 02.05.2005
ANNOUNCE:Queen - Supporting Mott The Hoople - If anyone could reseed this I'd be really grateful... by nasty_queenie on 02.05.2005
Any singers out there? - Oh me too, maybe because whenever I try to sin... by nasty_queenie on 01.05.2005
the sexiest song - I don't know about the whole song but in Keep Your... by nasty_queenie on 29.04.2005
Any singers out there? - Maybe it's just me but I find most Queen songs fai... by nasty_queenie on 29.04.2005
ANNOUNCE: Hammersmith '75 Video - If anyone could seed I would be very grateful, I'm... by nasty_queenie on 24.04.2005
Weirdest place you've heard a Queen song? - That reminds me, I Want it All used to be used... by nasty_queenie on 23.04.2005
Weirdest place you've heard a Queen song? - You Don't Fool Me is rubbish... but anyway, I ... by nasty_queenie on 22.04.2005
100 greatest Albums - Thats really good, there was a special edition mag... by nasty_queenie on 18.04.2005
bohRap and the college kids - I'm in the musical at school and one of the leads ... by nasty_queenie on 17.04.2005
A Queen Baby?? - Well I recently read that Reese Witherspoon's son ... by nasty_queenie on 17.04.2005
Which of the Queen's songs would you choose for a "perfect compilation CD"? - I know what you mean, I recently made a playli... by nasty_queenie on 17.04.2005
The Mercury man by Mary Howis has anyone every read it? - The psychic person sounds a bit dodgy saying that ... by nasty_queenie on 17.04.2005
i love............ - You don't like John???????... by nasty_queenie on 17.04.2005
YOUNG QUEEN FANS - It's my 16th birthday today and I've liked Queen f... by nasty_queenie on 14.04.2005
Queen stickers.. - Also doesn't really help if you don't live in ... by nasty_queenie on 14.04.2005
Request my Queen concerts - I'd love to hear one of the Australian ones, they ... by nasty_queenie on 14.04.2005
94.7 Arrow Radio played WWRY, WATC last night - A few months ago I was listening to a radio statio... by nasty_queenie on 06.04.2005
Harry Potter and it's a kind of magic - I read about that and I thought that Queen in ... by nasty_queenie on 06.04.2005
You Don't Fool Me.. - Really really don't like it. Too repetitive.... by nasty_queenie on 03.04.2005
Caption for this....unique.... pic. - Freddie: Rog, you keep that joint i'm feeling ston... by nasty_queenie on 22.03.2005
just finished watching the borhap vid - Yeah it's quite nice... took me ages to figure... by nasty_queenie on 19.03.2005
What are there star signs? - I think they were just joking...... by nasty_queenie on 18.03.2005
Converting the oblivious (success and/or failure) - You guys have great friends most of mine won't eve... by nasty_queenie on 15.03.2005
i want to break free: john deacon and roger taylor - Well everyone reckons Roger looks like a girl but ... by nasty_queenie on 13.03.2005
Bo Rhap Re-Release - I've heard it on the radio heaps of times. Onl... by nasty_queenie on 13.03.2005
KISS Fans On Queen - Hehehe "hammer to the fall"... by nasty_queenie on 11.03.2005
Roger Taylor is kind of moody. - Yes! I'm not the only one who's noticed that wierd... by nasty_queenie on 11.03.2005
Ellegirl UK March Editon Anti - Icon. - Maybe when they said jumpsuit they meant those tig... by nasty_queenie on 11.03.2005
Roger's eyebrow :) - I love that part, i reckon everyone manages to loo... by nasty_queenie on 11.03.2005
Your Favorite band member? Dare I say... - I suppose Freddie's my favourite but i definitely ... by nasty_queenie on 09.03.2005
BRIAN'S HAIR - I'd cry if Brian cut his hair :(... by nasty_queenie on 09.03.2005
ROCK IT (prime Jive) - Roger's voice annoys me when i hear him and Fr... by nasty_queenie on 09.03.2005
excuse me! - Apparently its based on a book of the same name.... by nasty_queenie on 09.03.2005
Bands Out There As Good As Queen? - Wow you're really picky aren't you? :P... by nasty_queenie on 09.03.2005
Which Queen song cheers you up? - Me too. I love Don't Stop Me Now always puts a... by nasty_queenie on 09.03.2005
Which song would you sing on american idol? - I'd like to sing Seaside Rendezvous or maybe March... by nasty_queenie on 02.03.2005
? - Hahaha that was really lame but just the kind ... by nasty_queenie on 28.02.2005
WWRY - Me too!... by nasty_queenie on 28.02.2005
singles not so good - Is it just me or does anyone else absolutely hate ... by nasty_queenie on 28.02.2005
what song - AOBTD... and then Deacy walks out! :P... by nasty_queenie on 25.02.2005
Mustafa - I was watching Aladdin the other day and the sulta... by nasty_queenie on 25.02.2005
Queen Night On Vh1 - I know what you mean i bought GVH1 and about a... by nasty_queenie on 25.02.2005
Freddie's Favorite singer was... - I don't know about favourite but apparently he was... by nasty_queenie on 22.02.2005
Who makes mistakes in sleeves? - Not actually a sleeve not mistake but i was readin... by nasty_queenie on 20.02.2005
freddie's golden boy - I'm not sure where i could do that but i can s... by nasty_queenie on 20.02.2005
freddie's golden boy - I downloaded a great early version of it with who ... by nasty_queenie on 19.02.2005
if your friend never heard queen... - Possibly GOFLB? It's a great song. Once I was havi... by nasty_queenie on 19.02.2005
queen and abba - Why does everyone hate We Will Rock You? I tho... by nasty_queenie on 19.02.2005
Famous Jug Band (for John S. Stuart) - Not me sorry. Sounds interesting though.... by nasty_queenie on 17.02.2005
Why not Australia - They did come to Brisbane, they played at Festival... by nasty_queenie on 17.02.2005
Freddie Mercury Impersonator Appears on Starstruck - You can view the news article athttp://www.queenzo... by nasty_queenie on 17.02.2005
Freddie and the Rocky Horror Picture Show - Kind of wierd because i thought Tim Curry and Fred... by nasty_queenie on 16.02.2005
Fistfights? - Hahahahaha i snorted when i read the runty bit... by nasty_queenie on 15.02.2005
"Jesus" is actually pretty good - I reckon it's a great song and Freddie's voice is ... by nasty_queenie on 12.02.2005
queen on speed - And John doesn't just smoke marijuana... now we kn... by nasty_queenie on 05.02.2005
What was the first Queen song you've heard? - Actually that time I saw the video for Bo Rhap... by nasty_queenie on 05.02.2005
What was the first Queen song you've heard? - He he that's what i thought when i saw CLTCL. ... by nasty_queenie on 05.02.2005
Roger's vocals on I'm In Love With My Car - I was listening to it a few months ago and i thoug... by nasty_queenie on 02.02.2005
Does any of your friends or family make fun of Queen? - My little brother reckons he hates Queen and the o... by nasty_queenie on 01.02.2005
what is the most famous bassline?AOBTD or UP - Actually the other day i was watching this current... by nasty_queenie on 29.01.2005
John Deacon sightings? - I always thought it would be cool if I went to Eng... by nasty_queenie on 29.01.2005
Surprises on Tour - Ok ok I know that John isn't going to be there but... by nasty_queenie on 28.01.2005
Brian does not like medleys. (Freddie loved them) - Bit of randomness... You know how at the bottom... by nasty_queenie on 26.01.2005
Freddie Mercury as Mellina Mercury - I read a thing that was written by someone who was... by nasty_queenie on 26.01.2005
John looking board on Bohemian Rhapsody? - I always used to think John looked a bit wierd in ... by nasty_queenie on 26.01.2005
what is the best b-side ? - Thats what i was going to say.... by nasty_queenie on 26.01.2005
Obi John Kenobi - Hee hee i laughed when i saw that pic. I though... by nasty_queenie on 22.01.2005
Who the heck is this dude? - I reckon it would be funny if he WAS the guy who s... by nasty_queenie on 19.01.2005
Wierd Thoughts - I really have no idea. When Freddie sings "Co... by nasty_queenie on 16.01.2005
Album Reviews - I almost cried when i read those Rolling Stone rev... by nasty_queenie on 16.01.2005
interesting stories? - This isn't really a story but i read in this book ... by nasty_queenie on 16.01.2005
Wierd Thoughts - Whenever i listen to GOFLB when Freddie sings the ... by nasty_queenie on 16.01.2005
Is anybody here an obsessed Queen fan? - My friends reckon i'm obsessed but i'm nothing com... by nasty_queenie on 13.01.2005
Easiest Song to Sing Along To - I don't know if it's just a coincidence but the so... by nasty_queenie on 08.01.2005
Freddie's best hair style. - I must say i think he was absolutely gorgeous with... by nasty_queenie on 08.01.2005
Favourite Queen Songs Sung by other members of the band - I really love 'Sleeping on the Sidewalk'. Roger's ... by nasty_queenie on 08.01.2005
Which Queen member was the least horny? - ... Don't join 'em... by nasty_queenie on 07.01.2005
Best and worst Queen covered songs - Turning it around now, i think Freddie's version o... by nasty_queenie on 07.01.2005
Teo torriatte - Your name says it all...... by nasty_queenie on 07.01.2005
who do u think is the cutiest and the handsomest? - I reckon they were all gorgeous in the 70's with t... by nasty_queenie on 06.01.2005
how did you get into queen? - I got into queen when i saw the musical wwry. Mum ... by nasty_queenie on 05.01.2005
QUEEN Nightmare - I had a dream the other night that i was at my hou... by nasty_queenie on 05.01.2005