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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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36 posts by user 'n.smile'

Queen Live - Thanks for your work:-) I've downloaded 1973 year... by n.smile on 04.04.2020
Queen & Adam Lambert 2020-01-26 Saitama, Japan FLAC/AUD (24Bit/48Khz) - After an update of google chrome, I can download..... by n.smile on 26.02.2020
Queen & Adam Lambert 2020-01-26 Saitama, Japan FLAC/AUD (24Bit/48Khz) - the link doesn't work... So sad!:-( ... by n.smile on 25.02.2020
The Immortals (John Deacon) - No Turning Back Vinyl Rip (Lossless) - Chinwonder2 >>Hmm? The link is working..?>> It... by n.smile on 20.11.2019
The Immortals (John Deacon) - No Turning Back Vinyl Rip (Lossless) - So sad, your files have been deleted... ... by n.smile on 20.11.2019
Back To The Light (Deluxe) - thank for this. will you make the same with anothe... by n.smile on 24.08.2019
ANNOUNCE: 2019-07-10 Queen + Adam Lambert, Vancouver, YT Audio mix, FLAC - thanks norbik, it's a great share... by n.smile on 24.08.2019
Ranking Queen tours - Adtr is the best... by n.smile on 19.07.2019
Ranking Queen tours - A day at the races tour is the n'est Return if ch... by n.smile on 19.07.2019
Ranking Queen tours - A day at the races tour...of course... by n.smile on 19.07.2019
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Please make it happenned on July 32nd because I 'l... by n.smile on 11.07.2019
The Miracle (JJ Mix) - Excellent mix! bravo:-)... by n.smile on 13.06.2019
We Are The Champions (Alternative Ending) - Nice version. I think it would be better if your f... by n.smile on 06.06.2019
Bring Back That Leroy Brown - Word In Your Ear Mix - Really good!... by n.smile on 06.06.2019
Under Pressure - Outtake Mix - Well done! Thanks!... by n.smile on 06.06.2019
We Are The Champions - 2019 Orchestral Edit - Is this song frome "Queen & Royal Philharmonic Orc... by n.smile on 06.06.2019
delilah review 2019 - I'd rather the original version but your mix is go... by n.smile on 18.03.2019
la japonaise - haiku remix - Short but very effective. thanks ... by n.smile on 18.03.2019
Queen - Radio GaGa @ Knebworth Park 1986 - well done... ... by n.smile on 11.02.2019
Earth 2018 suite - great work! thanks! ... by n.smile on 19.11.2018
Smile - Step On Me cover - Well done...It's pretty cool!... by n.smile on 08.10.2018
C_Matt's HD Revisions - Thanks Matt for your good work. I really like your... by n.smile on 26.09.2018
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert - Las Vegas 2018 - Day 5 (Sep 8th) - Thank you very much. Queen is my favorite band and... by n.smile on 14.09.2018
Forgotten John Deacon Albums - Album Notes John William Deacon was born on Aug... by n.smile on 22.08.2018
Brian May - Another Rant - that time will comme one day you'll and we can all... by n.smile on 15.08.2018
Live Killers & Greatest Hits II Italian Booklet - Thank you . GHII is my first CD and I've fallen in... by n.smile on 13.08.2018
A Day At The Races & Live At Rainbow (2Lp) Italian Booklet - Thank you very much. Brian with a beard...this pho... by n.smile on 13.08.2018
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - I just want to applause your hard work. Queen are ... by n.smile on 10.08.2018
QUEE+A.L Live in Poland 2017 LÓDZ The Monster SET (blu-ray,dvd,cd) - Thank you very much. ... by n.smile on 05.08.2018
Feelings Feelings - Hello Kacio, I appreciate your mixes. Your blog is... by n.smile on 05.08.2018
An article I wrote about '39 - Felicitation. Your article isn't on my level besau... by n.smile on 22.07.2018
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert - London O2 2018 - Day 2 (Jul 4th) - Thank you very much. it's very cool! ... by n.smile on 10.07.2018
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert - Wembley 2018 - Thank you very much!!!... by n.smile on 04.07.2018
Greatest Hits & Sheer Heart Attack Italian Booklet - it's kind to scan this booklet. thank you ... by n.smile on 18.06.2018
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - I've download all your expanded work...thank you v... by n.smile on 15.06.2018
Golden Salmon's Unusual Anthology (Final Update) - Very interessing! Thank you:-)... by n.smile on 15.06.2018