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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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2 discussions started by 'markaw'

Is this the world we created??? - Slightly different take on that beautiful song. I... by markaw on 11.01.2005
A wish from a 'newbie' - HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL YOU QUEENIES-BEST WISHES FOR... by markaw on 31.12.2004

65 posts by user 'markaw'

magic tour concerts - This is easy one to answer... the best were Wemble... by markaw on 05.09.2007
Unknown studio jam - Hey that was quick! just tried to download and I g... by markaw on 13.08.2007
Your Favorite Song- and why it's your favorite. - Doin' Alright /Night Comes Down/White Queen= The e... by markaw on 23.06.2007
Title: Queen 06.10.1977 London, impromptu show after WATC video shoot - Just a quick thank you -now downloading-marvellous... by markaw on 26.04.2007
Plenty of Young People Like Queen - Without wishing to sound like your Grandad-I'm old... by markaw on 25.04.2007
Title: Queen 06.10.1977 London, impromptu show after WATC video shoot - Is there any chance of getting this into another s... by markaw on 25.04.2007
No Subject - Sorry Demetrius but D.I.D is not FM or any actor/a... by markaw on 25.04.2007
freddie sing a long/impromptu - For me the singalong I remember was the one at Lee... by markaw on 01.04.2007
No Subject - Hey another old fogie who remember Queen from the ... by markaw on 12.07.2006
Queen II - Extremely Overrated! - Well, over-rated get real!! This album was a progr... by markaw on 20.04.2006
White Queen (As it began) - Yep this song is a beauty-and to this end its one ... by markaw on 11.04.2006
Merchandise-awesome or lame? - I know its the Q+PR Tour you're refering to but it... by markaw on 02.04.2006
Tie Your Mother Down not really that great - TYMD was a song to prove they could still hammer i... by markaw on 05.09.2005
Has any of you met any members of Queen in real life? - Yep after several hours at Stafford after DATR gig... by markaw on 07.02.2005
pissed off and angry - Hey mate you do sound depressed. Did you fully gri... by markaw on 21.01.2005
This is personal...but not that personal. - Definately Father to Son- and in my darker moments... by markaw on 20.01.2005
who agrees with me on this one..... - Again the topic arrives-pre tour anxieties I suspe... by markaw on 20.01.2005
Anybody? - [I can't help feeling this way about many Black Sa... by markaw on 19.01.2005
What do we think of Marc Bolan & T-Rex - Absolutly brilliant-live they were much better tha... by markaw on 18.01.2005
Kids, anyone? - Yep Natalie 21 Stacy 19 Kieren 16 + Jamie 5 1... by markaw on 16.01.2005
Zeppelin Set to Receive Grammy Lifetime Acheivment - Only one word represents my sentiments on this GOO... by markaw on 16.01.2005
Bowie's best song - Five Years Ziggy Rebel Rebel and the absolutel... by markaw on 12.01.2005
Freddie's friendship with Cliff Richard - Didn't Cliff make loads of complimentary statement... by markaw on 12.01.2005
Mick Ronson - I hadn't forgot they backed IH but did forget to... by markaw on 12.01.2005
Roger and Freddie's highest notes? - What about Rogers note in 39 just before the l... by markaw on 12.01.2005
Is this the world we created??? - No mate I wasn't saying B+R were being greedy or k... by markaw on 12.01.2005
Mick Ronson - Ouch the next connection Ian Hunter (cleveland... by markaw on 12.01.2005
Is this the world we created??? - QUOTENAME]<font color="#009933">gr... by markaw on 12.01.2005
Is this the world we created??? - Hey I'm no commie either, thats not what I'm sayin... by markaw on 11.01.2005
Is this the world we created??? - Slightly different take on that beautiful song. I... by markaw on 11.01.2005
Yours Is No Disgrace - Time and a Word or the Yes album are both worth a ... by markaw on 10.01.2005
Yours Is No Disgrace - Can't agree with the 'others'. Saw them on the... by markaw on 10.01.2005
elvis no 1 - Fact Elvis didn't invent R'NR. He was the exploita... by markaw on 10.01.2005
efc - Hey no need for that...Yes I'm a Villa fan, doin... by markaw on 10.01.2005
Future Queen DVD Releases? - Have I missed something? Is there any footage from... by markaw on 09.01.2005
Uk Tour Dates - Yeah come on, we're supposed to be all friends her... by markaw on 07.01.2005
Jimi Hendrix - [. Beofre this results in a flame-war. I'm... by markaw on 06.01.2005
how old is everyone on here?? - I'm sure Janet and Co including me don't take of... by markaw on 05.01.2005
how old is everyone on here?? - Cheeky young whipper snapper ha! ha! ha!... by markaw on 05.01.2005
Jimi Hendrix - Wooaahh technically every guitarist of repute ... by markaw on 05.01.2005
Jimi Hendrix - QUOTENAME]<B><font color=#ff7f00>Brens... by markaw on 05.01.2005
mth - Get the 'Mott Live' album-released last year as ... by markaw on 04.01.2005
Jimi Hendrix - My friend you want melodies listen to the first He... by markaw on 04.01.2005
how old is everyone on here?? - Hey nice to see some other 'mature Queenies' abo... by markaw on 04.01.2005
how did you get into queen? - No matey you aint too old-I was 16 when Bo Rhap ... by markaw on 04.01.2005
Queen ever do something close to reggae? - Awesome SRV- now ya talking, Rory Gallagher did it... by markaw on 01.01.2005
Queen ever do something close to reggae? - Hey my American cousin-I ain't gonna slam your mus... by markaw on 01.01.2005
Favorite Queen Bass line - Magic, Misfire and I just love that bit in Liar wh... by markaw on 01.01.2005
Queen... LIP SINGING??? - Is it me or is the above sin of sins (irony) also ... by markaw on 01.01.2005
Most underrated Queen song - The reason you may be thinking haven't we done thi... by markaw on 01.01.2005
Was Brian a Loser? - Brian a loser mmmmm...as other posts have said he ... by markaw on 01.01.2005
A wish from a 'newbie' - HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL YOU QUEENIES-BEST WISHES FOR... by markaw on 31.12.2004
Free MP3 Bootlegs etc - I'm looking for a kind person with a 'good' ... by markaw on 31.12.2004
How did Freddie get HIV/AIDS - Well said, I thought people were educated these da... by markaw on 31.12.2004
Meaning Of Bohemian Rhapsody - S'cuse me for butting in here, isn't a Bohemian so... by markaw on 30.12.2004
queen live during the 1970s - If you go to the associated links on the home page... by markaw on 29.12.2004
Who got the chance to see Freddie live? - Charisma is the defining word when seeing Queen li... by markaw on 28.12.2004
Queen + Paul = An Shit - Tiger1994-Were you replying to my post? coz me bra... by markaw on 27.12.2004
Freddie was hot in 1979, No? - Have I missed something here? I thought the statem... by markaw on 27.12.2004
Queen + Paul = An Shit - Oh come on-as some have said accept that Brian + R... by markaw on 27.12.2004
Who is Paul Rodgers? - You prat!! Nobody gives a shit eh...still sell... by markaw on 15.12.2004
Who is Paul Rodgers? - wow I've just gone through these posts. Have to sa... by markaw on 14.12.2004
The real writers of the Queen songs. - Hey I can answer the question...............Freddi... by markaw on 13.12.2004
Tracklisting for Queen GVH3 - The BEEB in its magnificance didn't film SSOR, the... by markaw on 13.12.2004
What Queen song would you play at your funeral? - It would have to be White Queen-its moving and his... by markaw on 12.12.2004