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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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48 posts by user 'madprofessorus'

Brian: Show with Adam Lambert is equal to Freddie Mercury - I think Mr May tries to get attention to his activ... by madprofessorus on 18.12.2014
Most -AGGRESSIVE- Queen song. - Aggressive...hmm,in terms of raw power,I can only ... by madprofessorus on 05.12.2014
Brian May Or Roger Taylor Solo, Who's Better? - hard to tell,Roger produced more solo material,I d... by madprofessorus on 05.12.2014
Son & Daughter: Meaning & Thoughts - never liked this song,it's too rip off from Led Ze... by madprofessorus on 05.12.2014
Witout II There'd Be No BoRap - all musicians improve as they begun to create musi... by madprofessorus on 05.12.2014
Reflections Of Queen + Paul Rodgers "The Cosmos Rocks" - Cosmos Rocks wasn't a bad album,to me is a combina... by madprofessorus on 24.11.2014
Brian May Anita Dobson Let Me In Your Heart Again?? - I like the Freddie's version,it's a bit more rock ... by madprofessorus on 24.11.2014
Queen "Forever" First Listen & Thoughts - I'll talk only for the "new" tracks,since I haven'... by madprofessorus on 16.11.2014
Freddie didn't change much from 1979-1987 - propably yes,quitting smoking brings your lungs an... by madprofessorus on 16.11.2014
Queen "Forever" First Listen & Thoughts - weird,couldn't find there must be more to life... by madprofessorus on 11.11.2014
Why is Body Language so reviled? - Body Language is not bad in my opinion,it goes wit... by madprofessorus on 21.09.2014
Freddie's Voice - Most of the great singers do have changes in their... by madprofessorus on 21.09.2014
Last Verse of Mother Love - Propably Freddie didn't made it to record the last... by madprofessorus on 24.07.2014
Were you surprised when Freddie announced he had Aids? - When I discovered Queen it was back on 1989,beyond... by madprofessorus on 24.07.2014
First queen song you heard - My first contact with Queen's music was in 1989,a ... by madprofessorus on 24.07.2014
We Still Remember Freddie! - When freddie died it's been 2 years since I was li... by madprofessorus on 28.11.2013
New Queen Album On The Way, Says Brian May - And if this is true....who's gonna be the bassist?... by madprofessorus on 12.11.2013
New footage from Behind the Scenes of These are the days of our lives - It makes me sad to see Freddie in that condition,b... by madprofessorus on 12.11.2013
"It speaks for itself, his voice’: Queen’s Brian May calls Adam Lambert one - Brian talks crap here,surely he wants to sell this... by madprofessorus on 12.11.2013
Fun on Earth - Just received - I heard it a couple of times on Spotify,and I can ... by madprofessorus on 12.11.2013
Queen Myths People Tend to Swallow - When I first heard innuendo as a teenager I was pr... by madprofessorus on 12.10.2013
Freddie's complete vocal range - Nice work here,although I do believe that's not th... by madprofessorus on 09.10.2013
Made in Heaven 2! - The only question is, does May and Taylor have eno... by madprofessorus on 08.10.2013
Lyrical Laziness - I am not British so I don't get 100% the lyrics, b... by madprofessorus on 23.05.2013
Lyrical Laziness - I am not British so I don't get 100% the lyrics, b... by madprofessorus on 23.05.2013
what the hell is happening with john deacon? - @waunakonor: of course I read rhyeking's post, I ... by madprofessorus on 28.03.2013
Show Must Go On [video montage] - Who cares about doro video, that's the real thing,... by madprofessorus on 24.03.2013
Should Brian and Roger truly wave the white flag? - Oh yes they should,they have enough money to live ... by madprofessorus on 23.03.2013
Made In Heaven Review - A quick review from me too,Its abeautiful day,a ni... by madprofessorus on 23.03.2013
what the hell is happening with john deacon? - John just left the whole thing and it was the best... by madprofessorus on 23.03.2013
Was It All Worth It - Superb Superb!... by madprofessorus on 23.03.2013
Man On The Prowl is underrated - Not that bad,it was nice hearing Freddie trying to... by madprofessorus on 23.03.2013
Was the group Queen a commercial band? - Sure it was,although in the 70s they combined well... by madprofessorus on 23.03.2013
WHAT IF: ROGER TAYLOR - I think that Queen would had exist somehow,althoug... by madprofessorus on 23.03.2013
These are the days of our lives........ - I believe that this song is a looking back,to the ... by madprofessorus on 22.03.2013
Had Freddie not died do you think Queen would still be putting out albums? - well I think they would continue,dont know for sur... by madprofessorus on 16.03.2013
The Barcelona High F.... - Although I am.not a music scientist,I am sure that... by madprofessorus on 16.03.2013
Queen in new Highlander's Remake - well the first "Highlander" is one of my favourite... by madprofessorus on 19.06.2011
Am I Alone? (late-era Queen) - personally I discovered Queen back at 1989 with Th... by madprofessorus on 18.06.2011
embarrassing songs. - I can name two songs,"don't try suicide" and "son ... by madprofessorus on 17.06.2011
What is the best live version of Another One Bites The Dust (Debate Topic) - For me,is the performance on the Montreal in 1981,... by madprofessorus on 17.06.2011
DAVID R FULLER'S ACCOUNT TERMINATED - When I found out that Dave's channel was deleted I... by madprofessorus on 16.06.2011
ANNOUNCE: Days of our lives HD (720p) with subtitles - thanks a lot dear(as Freddie would say) for this u... by madprofessorus on 05.06.2011
ANNOUNCE: Freddie Mercury-Live At The Dominion Theatre (4/14/1988) - nice one,I didn't knew that Freddie had done anoth... by madprofessorus on 17.11.2010
Rosemont (Chicago) 19 September 1980 FLAC - Torrent - hello,any seeders for this one ?... by madprofessorus on 21.12.2007
ANNOUNCE: Portland 1974 remaster - Hello,any seeders for this one please?... by madprofessorus on 21.12.2007
Announce: Queen Live A Night At The Warehouse 1977 - I see there's no activity in this torrent for a lo... by madprofessorus on 21.12.2007
ANNOUNCE: Hyde Park DVD Great Quality - The DVD works on my DVD Player,however when I reco... by madprofessorus on 14.12.2007