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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'lucame'

No Subject - i wish u luck, this place is the worst collection ... by lucame on 30.01.2006

39 posts by user 'lucame'

ANNOUNCE - Osaka 3-29-76 (afternoon show) LP, FLAC - Hi Sir SH, I cant keep up with your uploads :) ... by lucame on 12.10.2006
ANNOUNCE - Osaka 3-29-76 (afternoon show) LP, FLAC - Hi Sir GH! I cant keep up with your uploads :) ... by lucame on 12.10.2006
Lossy is Listenable - mp3 is totally gay, stop justifing it, we all know... by lucame on 11.10.2006
1978.12.07 Chicago - master - just listened to part of this, it is truly AWESOME... by lucame on 11.10.2006
1978.12.07 Chicago - master - thank you very much for posting the lossless versi... by lucame on 10.10.2006
Flac Nazis - Sir GH is very much right, and i am glad that the ... by lucame on 03.10.2006
Flac Nazis - retard like this poster should be shot when they a... by lucame on 02.10.2006
ANNOUNCE EXPOSITION HALL PORTLAND USA 28 APRIL 1974 - Mike Van wrote: I bet mp3 improves the sound qual... by lucame on 01.10.2006
Announce: Queen Live Montreal 12.01.1978 FLAC - those of you who cant get a dime account, GOOD! ... by lucame on 14.09.2006
ANNOUNCE: Queen Stuttgart 1984 - hit n runner sucks ass stop posting here get an ac... by lucame on 12.09.2006
RAPIDSHARE-ANNOUNCE: Live in Vienna 1986 DVD (corrected) - While i appreciate this, i for one think that rapi... by lucame on 12.09.2006
moron - no, the OP should just STFU and post when he has s... by lucame on 03.09.2006
BEAT THE RAPID SHARE 70 SECOND COUNTDOWN - that is the most useless shit ever posted here.... by lucame on 27.08.2006
Announce: Queen Live In Sydney Entertainment Centre 04/26/1985 FLAC - first of all stop asking mp3, and learn to go loss... by lucame on 26.08.2006
Announce : Birmingham NEC 6 December 1980 - thanks for the upload, but this is the shittiest s... by lucame on 26.08.2006
No Subject - 949 downloads and 2 seeders are left, fuck this sh... by lucame on 08.08.2006
No Subject - i downloaded all 4 torrent files and BitTorrent b... by lucame on 07.08.2006
ANNOUNCE: Queen: Complete Kampuchea Concert- 26th December 1979 - yea reseed pls thanks... by lucame on 19.06.2006
--- - zebonka fuck off and die with him shitstain. al... by lucame on 09.02.2006
--- - "And I will be encoding this MP3 at the highe... by lucame on 08.02.2006
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Earls Court 1977-7-6 - FLAC - Ex Quality - do you mean that flacs quality is better than mp3s... by lucame on 05.02.2006
PLEASE HELP ME IS THIS VERSION OF ONE VISION FROM DONE UNDER PRESSURE? - questa versione viene dal culo della tua mamma mer... by lucame on 01.02.2006
No Subject - i wish u luck, this place is the worst collection ... by lucame on 30.01.2006
No Subject - bah wtf... by lucame on 30.01.2006
ANNOUNCE - Queen - Not Fade Away Wembley, London 1984 - BUMP please seed a while someone with a full copy ... by lucame on 28.12.2005
ANNOUNCE: Paris '79 (03-01) MPEG - wheres the seeders gone FUCKING HELL SEED THIS... by lucame on 01.11.2005
ANNOUNCE: Paris '79 (03-01) MPEG - goddamn it, the selfish retarded motherfuckers in ... by lucame on 30.10.2005
ANNOUNCE: Paris '79 (03-01) MPEG - seed this please please !... by lucame on 29.10.2005
QUE BUENOOOOOOOOO - please kill yourself. all of you retarded.... by lucame on 29.10.2005
QUE BUENOOOOOOOOO - this thread is idiotic, kill it... by lucame on 13.10.2005
ANNOUNCE: Paris 78 (Flac version) CD1 - If you really converted mp3 to flacs please just k... by lucame on 24.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: Milwaukee 10.09.1980 - thanks sounds nice enough to listen to, save me is... by lucame on 21.09.2005
A first post for me! - a first post! OMG! Never seen. Sadly, a waste o... by lucame on 14.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: ***Guess What This Is*** GUESS WHAT THIS IS*** - idiot, you cannot even post....... by lucame on 11.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: Earls Court Video - i kind seed is needed, badly, thanks a lot... by lucame on 10.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen live in Brussels 1974 - no point getting upset, i appreciate roger effort.... by lucame on 05.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen live in Brussels 1980 - mapo you are full of shit, your mother is shit, yo... by lucame on 30.08.2005
ANNOUNCE: Copenhaghen May 12, 1977 - Bittorrent Mp3 - please seed i am stuck at 98.3%:(... by lucame on 16.08.2005
ANNOUNCE: 07-12-1978 Chicago Stadium, Chicago - stuck 99.3 % PLEASE SOMEONE SEED HELP... by lucame on 16.08.2005