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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'likecats'

Hollywood Bowl - Well, I finished around 3:15, and I got two in sec... by likecats on 28.07.2005

50 posts by user 'likecats'

Queen + Adam Lambert @ The Forum 7/3 - My wife and I are going tonight, driving from San ... by likecats on 03.07.2014
Analyzing the 3 tour legs briefly - I enjoyed the Oct. '05 Hollywood Bowl show very mu... by likecats on 04.06.2006
San Diego-wtf happened at the show? - These are great! Thank you! It was a great sho... by likecats on 03.04.2006
San Diego-wtf happened at the show? - Thanks. I reckon she has the rest of her teena... by likecats on 02.04.2006
San Diego-wtf happened at the show? - Well,...a splendid time was had by all. My wife an... by likecats on 02.04.2006
ANAHEIM CONCERT - Anaheim is pretty far from downtown L.A. If you w... by likecats on 30.03.2006
Anybody meeting before the San Diego gig? - Cox Arena is on the SDSU campus, and there are loc... by likecats on 30.03.2006
Our Roger Taylor to play show with Pink Floyd members?? - Yes, I might be a knee jerk asshole, but the C... by likecats on 19.03.2006
Our Roger Taylor to play show with Pink Floyd members?? - I'm also really disappointed if they're playing a ... by likecats on 19.03.2006
Queen gigs you visited - Queen: Los Angeles Forum - July, 1980 (I think it... by likecats on 18.03.2006
Over or under 30? - Well...I'm in the 30+ category, and my favorite Qu... by likecats on 13.03.2006
Some Jacksonville and Atlanta pics for your viewing pleasure.. - Nice! Thanks!... by likecats on 09.03.2006
Artist Arena Tickets - I just got my San Diego tickets today.... by likecats on 28.02.2006
Question about the 1980 USA tourbook - They're souvenir booklets that you can buy a... by likecats on 22.02.2006
Question about the 1980 USA tourbook - I still have the one I bought at a Queen concert i... by likecats on 22.02.2006
Hello, I'm new! - Greetings, MissAnn! I see you have already heard f... by likecats on 27.01.2006
LOST Rhapsody - That was hilarious!... by likecats on 09.01.2006
ANNOUNCE David Bowie & Gail Ann Dorsey - Under Pressure (live) - Yes, she's been recording and touring with David B... by likecats on 05.01.2006
Queen + PR - Innuendo? - I would very much like to hear Innuendo, and not j... by likecats on 03.01.2006
2006 USA Tour Setlist - A Survey - Well, if we're voting for five only, here are mine... by likecats on 26.12.2005
What shows are you attending? - Sat. Apr.1 San Diego Cox Arena... by likecats on 18.12.2005
Set List - Well, I was fortunate to see the original line-up ... by likecats on 05.12.2005
Artist Arena Presale - I got on right when it started and accidentally cl... by likecats on 30.11.2005
Did you all receive confirmation emails for the pre-sale? - I got my confirmation immediately.... by likecats on 30.11.2005
Q+PR Tour Advertisements Today - Friday's edition of the San Diego Union-Tribune ra... by likecats on 27.11.2005
Ticketmaster usa shows 2 queen+PR dates 2006. - The San Diego Union-Tribune on Friday announced th... by likecats on 26.11.2005
Your first Queen song ever - I agree. It looks like, for a lot of us, it wa... by likecats on 03.11.2005
Poll: How old are Queen Fans out there - 41 and over.... by likecats on 02.11.2005
Your first Queen song ever - Hmmm....either Keep Yourself Alive or Killer Queen... by likecats on 01.11.2005
Westward Bound - The last time I saw Queen was 23 years ago, so I'm... by likecats on 21.10.2005
QUEEN+PR at the HOLLYWOOD BOWL...GOOD LUCK!!! - My wife and I will be there tomorrow. Looking forw... by likecats on 21.10.2005
Why did Queen never Peform the whole of Killer Queen live? - I seem to remember hearing them play the entire so... by likecats on 12.10.2005
For Anyone Who Bought Their Tickets The Presale... - My LA tickets arrived more than a week ago.... by likecats on 11.10.2005
Queen comic books - Those were an unauthorized biography of Queen in c... by likecats on 10.10.2005
aruba setlist? - Hmmm....Not the kind of setlist changes I was hopi... by likecats on 09.10.2005
How do Bri, Rog, John (And even Freddie in his time) feel about Bootlegs? - I had read that Led Zeppelin hated bootleggers, an... by likecats on 06.10.2005
Artist Arena Pre-Sale buyers should be getting their tickets soon - I got my Hollywood Bowl tickets today.... by likecats on 30.09.2005
DUDE, WHERE'S MY TICKET?? - I got my Hollywood Bowl tickets today.... by likecats on 30.09.2005
New Set List??? - Since my exposure to Queen music dates back to the... by likecats on 24.09.2005
25 years ago today I saw Queen.... - What a great story!! What a great mom you have, to... by likecats on 14.09.2005
How Old Are You Guys???? - 45, and I saw the original Queen line-up on their ... by likecats on 08.09.2005
Is this what "Bohemian Rhapsody" is really about? - I read "The Stranger" a long time ag... by likecats on 08.09.2005
Is this what "Bohemian Rhapsody" is really about? - Let's see,...the song mentions death, and ... by likecats on 07.09.2005
Hey, for the little bit older members - I saw Queen on their last two U.S. tours: 1980 and... by likecats on 23.08.2005
What if there was a Queen comic? - QUOTENAME]Crazy LittleThing wrote: [/QUOTENAME]I h... by likecats on 07.08.2005
Post what show you will be at - Hollywood Bowl, my wife and I, section G1.... by likecats on 30.07.2005
US setlist- will it be different? - I would also like to hear Innuendo added to the sh... by likecats on 29.07.2005
Hollywood Bowl - Well, I finished around 3:15, and I got two in sec... by likecats on 28.07.2005
Tickemaster announces Friday Pre-Sale for NJ show on 10/16 - I've had a lot of experience buying tickets in LA ... by likecats on 27.07.2005
What is your 20 song "Wet Dream" set list for this tour?? - In no particular order (and a snowball in Hell's c... by likecats on 06.05.2005