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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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35 posts by user 'ksimpson1960'

If you want to be ready for the tour. . . . - Some "never played live" tracts would be smart, su... by ksimpson1960 on 01.06.2014
Good decent boxsets. Your opinion - Don't forget "The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper,... by ksimpson1960 on 25.04.2013
QUEEN LIVE AT THE RAINBOW - i would like gold orb collection,very much , where... by ksimpson1960 on 08.01.2013
Live at the Rainbow will be released in Ultra HDTV 4320p - your thoughts - What does the cover look like? they didnt put that... by ksimpson1960 on 08.01.2013
Brian May is Gay!!!! - You guys leave my beloved Brian ALONE! ....If he w... by ksimpson1960 on 31.10.2012
Freddie Mercury Interview in USA 1976 RARE!!! - bring back the old forum pages, i liked them bett... by ksimpson1960 on 27.10.2012
Was Stewie over-reacting? - News of the World is a great album, great song pla... by ksimpson1960 on 27.05.2012
What do you think the QE setlist will be? - You know, Queen could do a large melody, (Styx did... by ksimpson1960 on 30.04.2012
I get the distinct impression here that not many people like Brian. - I just want Brian to put out more material. 2 or 3... by ksimpson1960 on 15.03.2012
John Deacon on tour - Just imagine the stage, the lights are low, there... by ksimpson1960 on 06.02.2012
Hot Space No 14 on Classic Rocks worst album list - I really like listening to all these comments, the... by ksimpson1960 on 06.02.2012
Lambert Is Queen's New Frontman - give Adam a chance, mabe he'll do some songs like ... by ksimpson1960 on 04.02.2012
Queen + Paul Rodgers - Live Downloads 2005 & 2008 MP3 - Can somebody make these files available as a nice,... by ksimpson1960 on 25.01.2012
ANNOUNCE : "North Calling" & "Got The Power" - 29th October Sapporo, Japan - can somebody please make a torrent for this downlo... by ksimpson1960 on 16.01.2012
Another Remix of 'Don't Stop Me Now' - really liked it   ...nice tamborine, sounds grea... by ksimpson1960 on 13.12.2011
Don't Stop Me Now (Sound Assault Remix) - .....I Really Liked The Beginning, (Timings Everyt... by ksimpson1960 on 13.12.2011
Interview Roger / maybe a box set...? - ..A lot  of work ?,, all he has to do, is pick u... by ksimpson1960 on 07.12.2011
holy grail - "Queen I I " played live, in a small venue like th... by ksimpson1960 on 08.08.2011
Songs that should have been Hits/Singles - See  'brENsKi's post; ...pretty well sums it up ... by ksimpson1960 on 14.07.2011
Tokyo march 22nd 1976 - get your knickers off - Thanks for the torrent, as I have somewhat of a pr... by ksimpson1960 on 27.06.2011
What does everyone think on a new Queen Album??? - Even though Freddie's absence on a new album would... by ksimpson1960 on 23.06.2011
pics on back of Queen 1 - I always thought it was Brian that was dressed as ... by ksimpson1960 on 12.06.2011
OFFICIAL: LIVE AT THE RAINBOW DVD & BUDAPEST 3D DVD IN DEVELOPMENT! - Queenman!... In answer to your Question, : April 2... by ksimpson1960 on 11.06.2011
Forgive me for being stupid but.... - ok, you download the utorrent program,do nothing ... by ksimpson1960 on 11.06.2011
Killer Queen - Killer Queen is legendary, (as we all know..)  bu... by ksimpson1960 on 10.06.2011
OFFICIAL: LIVE AT THE RAINBOW DVD & BUDAPEST 3D DVD IN DEVELOPMENT! - I wish Queen would have selected a show from NOTW... by ksimpson1960 on 10.06.2011
So What do people think of the Hammersmith 75 concert - Please release something, ....I dont even care an... by ksimpson1960 on 03.06.2011
My top 50 Queen songs - I really like Paulosham's list, only I would switc... by ksimpson1960 on 08.05.2011
Your first Queen bootleg - I bought the album  "Sheetkeeckers" = vinyl, 8 so... by ksimpson1960 on 08.05.2011
Bo Rap 'queer' analysis by Shela Whiteley - Only the mystery of ''TRUE ART'', can stir up the... by ksimpson1960 on 11.04.2011
2011 remasters - pedant's point - I agree 100% with Rhyeking, ..that's  a very accu... by ksimpson1960 on 08.04.2011
... - ..Dressed in rags, ...I should have known, Thanks... by ksimpson1960 on 23.03.2011
... - Don't forget, "Oberon and Titainia" are King and Q... by ksimpson1960 on 23.03.2011
Just curious about this - Rolling 'R' - Please, dont forget Flick of the Wrist 'live' "Trr... by ksimpson1960 on 21.03.2011
RARE FREDDIE STAGE WEAR - Yes, .. very rare indeed , ..1978  only having se... by ksimpson1960 on 23.10.2010