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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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4 friends - Faking tears? Fuck there's some idiots on here. ... by joe90 on 07.02.2009
Does Brian drive his own car?? - Yes. and he made it himself from pieces of hi... by joe90 on 04.02.2009
Phenomonal bass - Jesus. I guess Britney must be the greatest s... by joe90 on 27.01.2009
Hot Males - I couldn't say "me" could i? That just comes acros... by joe90 on 26.01.2009
Phenomonal bass - John Deacon, John Enstlewine, Jon Paul Jones, John... by joe90 on 26.01.2009
MSN Music cuts the tripe out of Q+PR.... - Big deal. They hated ANATO and just about eve... by joe90 on 26.01.2009
Poll: Do you think Freddies balls were too round - The March Of The Black Balls. ... by joe90 on 16.01.2009
I hear a lot of people slating In The Lap of the Gods...why? - Personally, i think they should have released "In ... by joe90 on 16.01.2009
Today's music sucks. - What bugs me with todays music is the amount of so... by joe90 on 15.01.2009
Queen movie? - That's their problem. Freddie was what he was... by joe90 on 15.01.2009
Queen movie? - Let's not forget he was a habitual cocaine... by joe90 on 11.01.2009
What was the first Queen song you memorized - Procession ... by joe90 on 28.12.2008
What music sounds closest to Queen? - Obviously there are bands that as soon as they sta... by joe90 on 28.12.2008
What is your favorite queen song by each of the members? - Freddie - Death On 2 Legs, The March Of The Black ... by joe90 on 12.12.2008
Did you ever suspect Freddie wasn't white? - Like Michael Jackson he suffered from vitiligo. ... by joe90 on 12.12.2008
Who sings Sail Away Sweet Sister - I reckon Brian sounds like Christine McVie (Fleetw... by joe90 on 12.12.2008
Brian the Ax Man - Bugger it! I can say it with certainty. In my book... by joe90 on 13.11.2008
BRIAN MAY - THE THINGS THEY SAY - Yeah! Because of course you knew Freddie m... by joe90 on 13.11.2008
We Believe selected as Barack Obama's Inauguration Song! - "White Man"! ... by joe90 on 09.11.2008
BRIAN MAY - THE THINGS THEY SAY - Yeah i agree. What would Bri know of Fred'... by joe90 on 06.11.2008
I took TCR back to the shop - After giving TCR a fair shot, there are definitley... by joe90 on 03.11.2008
Why is the song 'Innuendo' so long? - Get your head out of your arse and lighten up... by joe90 on 02.11.2008
KATY PERRY - FASCINATING FACT 6261 - mmmmm Katy! ... by joe90 on 31.10.2008
We Believe (Next Single) - Jeez. I love the song. Especially Bri's solo. "Ca... by joe90 on 30.10.2008
Why is the song "Man On the Prowl" very short? - Why is this song so short? God this is like o... by joe90 on 30.10.2008
Why is the song 'Innuendo' so long? - Well, you see it starts with a drum intro that las... by joe90 on 30.10.2008
God saved the Queen: Band releases first album minus the iconic Mercury - I'm sure John would be chuffed to hear "more signi... by joe90 on 28.10.2008
Let's share some little-known interesting facts about ourselves (Pt. 2) - i love lamp ... by joe90 on 27.10.2008
God Save the Queen - What's the story behind it? - Well, you see there was this Queen. And apparently... by joe90 on 27.10.2008
What song are you listening to part 5 - All These Things I've Done - The Killers ... by joe90 on 25.10.2008
What song are you listening to part 5 - I'm Yours - Jason MRaz. ... by joe90 on 24.10.2008
What if it had been released 15 years ago instead? - Huh? The question was wether TCR would do wel... by joe90 on 21.10.2008
Next single? - [b]I think "Call Me" might be quirky and catchy en... by joe90 on 21.10.2008
What if it had been released 15 years ago instead? - It would have had little impact as grunge was in f... by joe90 on 18.10.2008
references in No One But You - Gee. Here i was thinking it was about those taken ... by joe90 on 18.10.2008
Who has been the greatest live act ever? - Queen Daylight The Who Thin Lizz... by joe90 on 18.10.2008
I've been meaning to ask how is there Queen without Freddie Mercury? - How is their Queen without Freddie Mercury? T... by joe90 on 18.10.2008
Where do you rank Comos Rocks? - Just above Hot Space. Hot Space being the bottom o... by joe90 on 15.10.2008
Meaning of body language's arrows - Pointing down for the direction Queens career took... by joe90 on 15.10.2008
Does Brian... - Dyeing his hair aint too bad. At least he hasn't h... by joe90 on 15.10.2008
Brian hates Don't Stop Me Now - Pretty sure he wanted something else released as t... by joe90 on 15.10.2008
John Deacon seen at party! (picture included) - Typical John. Always trying to hog the limelight. ... by joe90 on 15.10.2008
Is a night of the opera that great? - Yes, Night at the Opera is that great. ... by joe90 on 15.10.2008
GRAHAM GOULDMAN - 10CC STAR JEALOUS OF QUEEN'S SUCCESS - 10cc were good. Queen were better. ... by joe90 on 13.10.2008
Freddie on Axl - Given what he said to Sid Vicious, i could well be... by joe90 on 13.10.2008
DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THE NEXT SINGLE WILL BE?? - Simply for the possibility of seeing Bri and Rog w... by joe90 on 13.10.2008
They should have toured as just Queen without Paul - Carlos Santana a circus act? As Dr Evil would say.... by joe90 on 26.09.2008
The Cross - While not a big fan, i did think "Mad, Bad, and Da... by joe90 on 25.09.2008
They should have toured as just Queen without Paul - I would have preffered to see them go down the Car... by joe90 on 25.09.2008
Why the loss of creativity in the mid-80s? - Why weren't the later albums as good? They got ... by joe90 on 30.08.2008
Rolling Stones quotes on Queen - Critics always hated Queen because they never repr... by joe90 on 10.06.2008
Classic Rock's Best Live Acts - Any "Best Live Act" list that doesn't have Queen a... by joe90 on 04.06.2008
Rolling Stones quotes on Queen - Meh, it's Rolling Stone. Say no more.... by joe90 on 04.06.2008
Queen's Top 10 biggest mistakes! - 1. Bringing a keyboardist into their live acts. 2... by joe90 on 04.06.2008