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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'jazzrazzmatazz'

Queen (Classic, Rare and Unseen) by Gareth Thomas - so there is this new Queen book coming out  and I... by jazzrazzmatazz on 20.07.2012

37 posts by user 'jazzrazzmatazz'

Freddie's perfume - according to Phoebe, Eu Dynamisante by Clarins is ... by jazzrazzmatazz on 30.08.2019
Possibility of A Jazz Box Set? - "People dressed up like the Breakthru train" - I d... by jazzrazzmatazz on 01.09.2018
The five Queen albums you listen to least - The Works Flash Gordon Sheer Heart Attack A Nig... by jazzrazzmatazz on 06.08.2018
What is the most surprising Queen song you have heard on the radio? - Las Palabras de Amor played on German 80s radio to... by jazzrazzmatazz on 02.08.2018
What is the most surprising Queen song you have heard on the radio? - one local radio station in Croatia plays Jealousy ... by jazzrazzmatazz on 11.06.2018
Paul Prenter "Sun" articles - the only one I could find. May 4th 1987 copy of Th... by jazzrazzmatazz on 22.05.2018
Unpopular opinions related to the band - to me Mr Bad Guy has better songs than most stuff ... by jazzrazzmatazz on 25.01.2018
Storyline behind this picture (90 ?) - I have clippings that feature this photo, which is... by jazzrazzmatazz on 05.12.2017
'Queen : The American Dream' and 'Queen: Rock the World' - question for all the fans who have by now got thei... by jazzrazzmatazz on 17.11.2017
First image of Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in 'Bohemian Rhapsody' - I wonder if their 70s era is going to be mentioned... by jazzrazzmatazz on 15.09.2017
Saarbrucken 1979 - [url=http://fuckyeahmercury.tumblr.com/post/840356... by jazzrazzmatazz on 31.08.2014
Bars, Clubs or Baths Freddie frequented - not even sure if this topic is still relevant but ... by jazzrazzmatazz on 13.07.2014
Freddie - Handsome or not! - I remember when I was younger and not a Queen fan,... by jazzrazzmatazz on 25.05.2014
How did Jim Hutton survive so long? - I think the difference is that Freddie probably go... by jazzrazzmatazz on 21.04.2014
All these years later, do the NME still hate Queen? - I saw this online article a few years ago and I wa... by jazzrazzmatazz on 27.10.2013
R.I.P Andrew Gold - I was convinced for a long time that Freddie sang ... by jazzrazzmatazz on 25.09.2013
Live in '79 - try this blog http://fuckyeahmercury.tumblr.com/ ... by jazzrazzmatazz on 06.07.2013
Rainbow DVD will be released in spring 2013?! - okay, can anyone tell me the difference between SD... by jazzrazzmatazz on 29.03.2013
Sacha Baron Cohen Developing The Lesbian - wow so interesting! too bad no one cares... by jazzrazzmatazz on 05.10.2012
"The Great Pretender" digital download - yes, you can get it here for 12 dollars http://... by jazzrazzmatazz on 04.10.2012
If you own the Freddie box you already have the "Great Pretender" book - it's a great book with iconic Freddie photos and i... by jazzrazzmatazz on 04.10.2012
Freddie's documentary "The Great Pretender" is leaked - here's my two cents on this... I have to agre... by jazzrazzmatazz on 08.09.2012
The Freddie Mercury Biopic movie poster - not this shit again. they will never hire that Jer... by jazzrazzmatazz on 08.09.2012
Freddie's documentary "The Great Pretender" is leaked - the leaked quality wasn't that bad at all, it was ... by jazzrazzmatazz on 08.09.2012
When did Freddie get the HIV virus - yes, he wore those gay club shirts all the time... by jazzrazzmatazz on 04.08.2012
When did Freddie get the HIV virus - I always thought he got infected somewhere around ... by jazzrazzmatazz on 03.08.2012
Roger & Steve Strange collaboration - hmm it's possible that Freddie introduced them bec... by jazzrazzmatazz on 03.08.2012
Favorite Hot Space song? - Dancer, Back Chat, Cool Cat and Staying Power ... by jazzrazzmatazz on 03.08.2012
Question re Queen in mags and papers - keep the whole magazine of course... by jazzrazzmatazz on 03.08.2012
Queen (Classic, Rare and Unseen) by Gareth Thomas - so there is this new Queen book coming out  and I... by jazzrazzmatazz on 20.07.2012
Freddie's live voice - I was wondering, is the 1979 tour the cause why Fr... by jazzrazzmatazz on 19.07.2012
Would Freddie have been fit enough to tour in 1989 ? - well I think he was already pretty tired of tourin... by jazzrazzmatazz on 18.07.2012
Adam Lambert wants Queen album - @Missreclusive glad we agree but we can only wait ... by jazzrazzmatazz on 14.07.2012
Adam Lambert wants Queen album - it's like Paul and Ringo teaming up with a teeny p... by jazzrazzmatazz on 14.07.2012
Queen song? - Mother Love... by jazzrazzmatazz on 12.07.2012
Was Freddie Mercury a fraud singer? - have you seen anything else other than Live Aid... by jazzrazzmatazz on 12.07.2012
Queen On Camera, Off Guard 1965-91 (Book) - this was my first Queen book and it's just amazing... by jazzrazzmatazz on 12.07.2012