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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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32 posts by user 'gregorsamsa'

The best singer for Queen (actually) - Tracy Chapman... by gregorsamsa on 09.04.2014
Fun on Earth & The Lot - Nov 11th - I quiet like this album. The structure of some son... by gregorsamsa on 19.11.2013
Which multitrack will we hear in montreux studios - Briand and Roger are said to open the exhibition o... by gregorsamsa on 19.11.2013
Fun on Earth - Just received - Fun on earth available today as physical release (... by gregorsamsa on 08.11.2013
Brian & Kerry DVD is on the way... - I was there ! A great show but shortened as tay pl... by gregorsamsa on 01.11.2013
Roger Taylor album tracks 2013 - "Smile" was apparently played at a fan club conven... by gregorsamsa on 16.07.2013
Roger´s new album - "Smile" preview - nice ! hope the album itself won't be forever pos... by gregorsamsa on 25.03.2013
John Deacon - a few questions - - John was said to have a recording studio in his ... by gregorsamsa on 26.02.2013
3rd Version of Live At Wembley Stadium is to be released in November - i'll be waiting for the "super extra great first c... by gregorsamsa on 03.09.2011
Do you think John still plays his bass? - when i discussed this issue with a lady of the fan... by gregorsamsa on 01.09.2011
There's a Red Special Bass!? - brian may be harsh when defending his "intellectua... by gregorsamsa on 30.06.2011
Well there is going to be some sort of concert - According to some very private source, the show wi... by gregorsamsa on 08.04.2011
Queen NEW Press release - Will we get collector mugs?... by gregorsamsa on 08.11.2010
January 3: all albums get digital release by Island Records - Never heard of the planned (?) FM tribute single. ... by gregorsamsa on 01.11.2010
QUEENZONE? - And John did not show up at the Brits if I recall ... by gregorsamsa on 26.10.2010
RT + TH tour - NO. RT solo album - YES. - I hope "some day" for a new RT album will not end ... by gregorsamsa on 25.10.2010
Did you ever suspect Freddie wasn't white? - "did you ever suspect fred wasn't white"? no, but... by gregorsamsa on 15.07.2008
'Confirmed songs' - "Shave Me"... by gregorsamsa on 25.05.2008
Al Murray + Queen.... - Live Outside UK? No TV? zatto.com features a strea... by gregorsamsa on 04.04.2008
What Would Be A Good Album Title? - further studio sessions were supposed to take plac... by gregorsamsa on 31.10.2007
JIM BEACH - directories.ch... by gregorsamsa on 18.09.2007
My Partial Queen Demo Collection 4 you! - Correctum: charitable souL, and face it alone, of ... by gregorsamsa on 31.07.2007
My Partial Queen Demo Collection 4 you! - Would a charitable sould upload face on rapidshare... by gregorsamsa on 31.07.2007
Cowdray Ruins 18-09-1993 (posted by Violonbleu) - you are welcome:)... by gregorsamsa on 06.01.2007
What Would Be A Good Album Title? - As brian now tends to "communicate" with... by gregorsamsa on 27.12.2006
Why does Spike use digital keyboards in place of acoustic pianos? - I saw spike playing with the BMB (The brian may ba... by gregorsamsa on 24.02.2006
John Birch Guitar - 3000us$ for a Guild sounds a bit pricey to me... A... by gregorsamsa on 22.02.2006
Queen invented hiphop.... - Hip Hop emerged from various elements. Some linked... by gregorsamsa on 17.10.2005
Lisboa 2005 - thank you. nice show, the audience appears really ... by gregorsamsa on 08.08.2005
Who may Upload Face It Alone - gardening & car-wash will also be considered... by gregorsamsa on 31.07.2005
Who may Upload Face It Alone - Trading Proposal: Open to anyone willing to trade ... by gregorsamsa on 21.07.2005
Who may Upload Face It Alone - Funny message given by members of the "commun... by gregorsamsa on 18.07.2005