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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'gooddrills'

Let Me In (Your Heart Again) - single release - I am of the opinion Let Me In could have been a hi... by gooddrills on 16.03.2015

142 posts by user 'gooddrills'

Cliff Richard & Freddie Mercury | Soundboard Audio + Spleeter - I’ve said it before on here but I would move to ... by gooddrills on 28.07.2020
... - Sounds good to me, definitely keen. Thanks for doi... by gooddrills on 08.04.2020
Leeds & M Keynes '82 - Let There Be Light - Brenski you have far too much time on your hands, ... by gooddrills on 02.04.2020
Let me in (your heart again) - Good question Holly. Maybe they didn’t feel it f... by gooddrills on 27.03.2020
A Letter From Queen - Best post on here in a very long time. Love it... by gooddrills on 16.03.2020
Rhapsody Tour — February, 2020 — New Zealand and Australia - Any New Zealand fans here going to the Dunedin sho... by gooddrills on 01.02.2020
Live '89 - The two ? were supposed to be an emoji! I cocked t... by gooddrills on 20.01.2020
Live '89 - Priceless Holly ??... by gooddrills on 20.01.2020
State of Shock!! - Ha ha love it... by gooddrills on 20.01.2020
Made in Heaven - VOX Snippet - Beautiful. Thank you... by gooddrills on 01.01.2020
Highlander: Nip Slip - You are most welcome Brother. Treat yourself to an... by gooddrills on 23.12.2019
Highlander: Nip Slip - This is actually a damn site more interesting and ... by gooddrills on 23.12.2019
Let me in your Heart again - 5 years later - Awesome song, love the vocals, love the whole thin... by gooddrills on 24.11.2019
Freddie Mercury - Living On My Own (Official Video Remastered 4K) - Jekaling you have a better nose than me if you can... by gooddrills on 05.10.2019
Freddie Mercury - Living On My Own (Official Video Remastered 4K) - Jekaling - What is it you don’t like about the v... by gooddrills on 05.10.2019
Brian with his new Girlfriend? - Dyson you just made my day, I thank you sir... by gooddrills on 28.09.2019
BoRhap movie Live Aid audio mix info "Sound on Sound" article - There you go, three posts in and someone is compla... by gooddrills on 07.09.2019
I Go Crazy (original lyrics) - Sorry, typing on my phone, trevcee ... by gooddrills on 25.07.2019
I Go Crazy (original lyrics) - Trev we - You have heard the early version with Qu... by gooddrills on 25.07.2019
Quotes from fans about time waits for no one - bucsateflon why are you such a miserable cunt?... by gooddrills on 28.06.2019
Queen Live in New Zealand 1985 - Does anyone have any pictures of Queen in NZ in 19... by gooddrills on 19.06.2019
ANNOUNCE: Time Waits For No One - Freddie Mercury - It’s still on Spotify... by gooddrills on 16.06.2019
ANNOUNCE: Time Waits For No One - Freddie Mercury - Magic. DC mentioned there was a version of Born To... by gooddrills on 15.06.2019
THE REAL WIZARD IS FRAUDING POSTS - brings wig, that was a joke about him not wearing ... by gooddrills on 25.09.2018
THE REAL WIZARD IS FRAUDING POSTS - Dearest happystar. I have never been so impressed ... by gooddrills on 24.09.2018
We Will Rock You & We Are The Champions (Raw Takes) - Wow, these are fantastic. Raw versions/early versi... by gooddrills on 05.10.2017
Staying Power - I happened upon this a few days ago when I was wat... by gooddrills on 04.09.2017
Which album Queen released in the year when you were born? - The Game + Flash Gordon ... by gooddrills on 27.08.2017
Hangman bass line - I heard the same thing, and you can't argue with s... by gooddrills on 19.08.2017
New Hot Space unknown track? - Thanks GB, interesting stuff. There's so much we j... by gooddrills on 17.04.2017
Real or fake? - Why post "fuck off"? Why should he? These are inte... by gooddrills on 09.12.2016
Want to hear something really good? - DepeX can you forward this on to me please? ... by gooddrills on 09.10.2016
There must Be More to Life. - I quite like it. It sounds like a proper duet. Thi... by gooddrills on 29.09.2016
Unreleased Photo Of Freddie At The Dominion Theatre? - Great picture, I've never seen this one before. Th... by gooddrills on 16.08.2016
Freddie Mercury It's Christmas - This is one of several genuinely interesting topic... by gooddrills on 28.07.2016
Freddie Mercury It's Christmas - This is one of several genuinely interesting topic... by gooddrills on 28.07.2016
No Hyde/Knebworth park official release this 2016 : ( - Someone on here has previously said they had the s... by gooddrills on 30.04.2016
Did Freddie ever wear a toupee? - He had a double crown. That's my input......... by gooddrills on 30.04.2016
No Hyde/Knebworth park official release this 2016 : ( - Now that really is exciting. I would love to have ... by gooddrills on 29.04.2016
We're looking for photographs of Queen in a radio situation - I was pleasantly surprised to see Greg come back a... by gooddrills on 24.04.2016
new ANATO studio stuff - Can someone kindly PM me the tracks too please? Th... by gooddrills on 17.01.2016
Santa Claus: The movie - Can anybody add to this? I would love to know if t... by gooddrills on 28.12.2015
My Thoughts On Queen: A Night At The Odeon - The artwork is fucking awful beyond belief. Who ap... by gooddrills on 09.12.2015
Found this - I would quite like to hear these vocals put to the... by gooddrills on 28.11.2015
Found this - Was there ever any comment from the official Queen... by gooddrills on 12.11.2015
Let Me In Your Heart Again - ITSM - I love this track and go out of my way to p... by gooddrills on 02.11.2015
Jim Jenkins interview: footage of Queen performing "Imagine" - Nitroboy, where did you here that?... by gooddrills on 29.10.2015
Found this - I would love to hear Brian and Roger comment on th... by gooddrills on 28.10.2015
Found this - I really like this, it's head and shoulders above ... by gooddrills on 27.10.2015
Same in style of "Let me in your heart again" in the future? - We have had enough songs confirmed to make for an ... by gooddrills on 19.09.2015
Same in style of "Let me in your heart again" in the future? - Sorry, I typed all out and nothing appeared! LMIYH... by gooddrills on 18.09.2015
Time Musical Question... - Can anyone confirm if Freddie did perform time liv... by gooddrills on 06.07.2015
Freddie and Lloyd Webber (The Phantom of The Opera). - Blog 19 - Ask Phoebe ; Andrew asked about Fredd... by gooddrills on 30.04.2015
Freddie and Lloyd Webber (The Phantom of The Opera). - It's very exciting to think these may exist in the... by gooddrills on 30.04.2015
Why they pick Wembley as their trademark concert? - It's still a great show, the band are full of ener... by gooddrills on 13.04.2015
Let Me In (Your Heart Again) - single release - I am of the opinion Let Me In could have been a hi... by gooddrills on 16.03.2015
Being a Queen fan today... Guilty Pleasure or hardcore??!! - Fras444 where abouts in NZ are you? ... by gooddrills on 28.01.2015
The last ever episode (thank God!) of 'Miranda' TV series - I'm so pleased a couple of you mentioned Mrs Brown... by gooddrills on 06.01.2015
Double Studio Album - It's been documented that Queen worked on Heaven F... by gooddrills on 12.12.2014
RANDOM QUESTION Freddie and Perv on tmbmtltt - This guy's a dick. He pops up every now and again ... by gooddrills on 03.12.2014
Most -AGGRESSIVE- Queen song. - Where abouts are you from Ludwigs?... by gooddrills on 29.11.2014
Queen Forever? Or wishful thinking? - I couldn't agree more, it just sounds like two voc... by gooddrills on 19.09.2014
Queen Forever tracklist - I didn't think it would be this bad, I was very op... by gooddrills on 19.09.2014
Queen Forever tracklist - I didn't think it would be this bad, I was very op... by gooddrills on 19.09.2014
Queen Forever? Or wishful thinking? - TomP63 - No it's not harsh, they only had 3 songs ... by gooddrills on 19.09.2014
Queen Forever? Or wishful thinking? - I honestly can't quite believe quite how bad it is... by gooddrills on 19.09.2014
Queen Forever Release date for November - Oh dear, oh deary dear indeed. I really did get ex... by gooddrills on 19.09.2014
Deaky on AL MURRAY - "anyhoo hes English enough said" What's that su... by gooddrills on 04.03.2014
princes of the universe - Princes of the Universe - Kick ass song, one of my... by gooddrills on 11.02.2014
Brian & Roger in the studio ! - I would love to see the Queen versions of Man Made... by gooddrills on 29.01.2014
Would anyone like to come to my house next week for tea and sandwiches? - Oh and I miss proper tea, they just don't get it d... by gooddrills on 22.01.2014
Would anyone like to come to my house next week for tea and sandwiches? - That sounds spiffing old boy. Sadly the travel tim... by gooddrills on 22.01.2014
Made in Heaven 2! - No I'm not kidding, else I would have put a stupid... by gooddrills on 10.10.2013
Made in Heaven 2! - http://www.contactmusic.com/story/roger-taylor-urg... by gooddrills on 26.09.2013
Daniel Radcliffe Shuts Down Freddie Mercury Rumors - Here here. I take it those 8 seconds include forep... by gooddrills on 26.09.2013
Made in Heaven 2! - That's pure speculation, the guys have made mentio... by gooddrills on 26.09.2013
R.I.P Andrew Gold - Thanks mate, good work... by gooddrills on 25.09.2013
Freddie Mercury on Anita Dobson's song - 3:55 I could quite believe to be Freddie but it's ... by gooddrills on 25.09.2013
R.I.P Andrew Gold - I'm dragging up this old post as I had never heard... by gooddrills on 25.09.2013
BRIAN ON "MADE IN HEAVEN 2"? - FULL TRANSCRIPT - Interesting article, I hadn't seen this one yet, t... by gooddrills on 12.09.2013
Freddie Mercury 1988 Photo - That looks like the side of Dave Clarks head... by gooddrills on 28.08.2013
Freddie Mercury 1988 Photo - Yep same clothing he's wearing in other shots from... by gooddrills on 28.08.2013
BRIAN'S GOT A NEW KNEE - It's not a minor surgery, my work mate just had bo... by gooddrills on 08.08.2013
Steven Tyler admits not liking Queen back when they shared the stage... - What a prick, I can't stand this guy. He has a hor... by gooddrills on 19.06.2013
Ride the Wild Wind - I disagree with the comments on All Gods People, I... by gooddrills on 07.06.2013
The truth Queen/"Fanthology"/etc don't want you to know about Queen II - This is the most interesting topic that's been pos... by gooddrills on 13.05.2013
Freddie writting songs for the 1984 Conan movie - I remember seeing that a while back. It would be r... by gooddrills on 14.02.2013
Do You Know - My bad, I was drunk, it's in the past....... ... by gooddrills on 31.01.2013
Do You Know - I am usually a very civilised 'fella' and the C wo... by gooddrills on 30.01.2013
Do You Know - You are cunt!... by gooddrills on 30.01.2013
Queen come fourth... - It's an ever changing list, but certain albums don... by gooddrills on 28.01.2013
Was there a red jacket during the Magic Tour? - Mooghead's pretty funny most the time, chill out. ... by gooddrills on 18.01.2013
Demo from Heaven - Excellent, thanks... by gooddrills on 17.01.2013
Staying Power (US Promo Version) - This should have been the next single released aft... by gooddrills on 17.12.2012
Sacha Baron Cohen cannot play Freddie Mercury - Who is this tosser anyway? Anyway, I agree wit... by gooddrills on 03.10.2012
Hungarian Rhapsody: Limited release? - Think yourselves lucky, to date it has not had a s... by gooddrills on 24.09.2012
Queen in cinema - Has anyone heard which cinemas in New Zealand are ... by gooddrills on 10.09.2012
Ride the wild wind - I love this song, one of my favourite tracks from ... by gooddrills on 25.05.2012
Highlander reboot - "Maybe, just maybe, it could be a hit this time ar... by gooddrills on 22.05.2012
Highlander reboot - Ryan Reynolds is a smug, irritating cunt, I hope t... by gooddrills on 21.05.2012
Press Release: Queen - The Complete Illustrated Lyrics - Nice product, very interesting and it appears to h... by gooddrills on 19.05.2012
Announce : Multitracks Innuendo !!!! - You bastard, you had me going there for a minute..... by gooddrills on 07.10.2011
What you would like to see as bonus contest on the Days DVD/Bluray - I was really disappointed with the way they skimme... by gooddrills on 07.10.2011
Queen+Gary Mullen - Queen concluded in 1991 with Freddies untimely dea... by gooddrills on 27.08.2011
Best Track of 80's: I Want it All - I want it all is a great track and without a doubt... by gooddrills on 21.08.2011
Queen and Dolly Parton - How can anyone, for one second, even start to beli... by gooddrills on 28.06.2011
Brand new interview with John Deacon. - This guy cracks me up, most interesting thing I've... by gooddrills on 13.06.2011
Jim Beach confessed: The dwarf with the bowl of cocaine is truth - Fuck me Fatty that cracked me up, I'll have a pint... by gooddrills on 06.06.2011
Favorite "Queen" Song? - I would have to say Innuendo, it's an amazing song... by gooddrills on 16.08.2010
What didn't appear on Freddie Mercury: The Solo Collection - There was a rumoured studio version of Born to Roc... by gooddrills on 12.08.2010
Innuendo - Def one of my favourite Queen albums, outstanding ... by gooddrills on 28.05.2010
Is Queen's "Invisible Man" the best scifi music video of all time? Yes. - It's one of their most dated videos, although I li... by gooddrills on 28.05.2010
*Freddie Mercury/Kurt Cobain/'One Vision'...* - I'll stand up for the late Kurt and say he was a v... by gooddrills on 23.03.2010
Accents? - As a Brit I can say that Freddie had a very well s... by gooddrills on 13.03.2010
Them Crooked Vultures: A Model for Brian and Roger - I had the pleaseure of seeing TCV's in Auckland re... by gooddrills on 10.03.2010
Tired of Queen? - I'm 30, been a Queen fan since 1991, never been bo... by gooddrills on 06.03.2010
A woman could get pregnant just being in the same room as his mustache - Very good, gave me a good old chuckle, thumbs up :... by gooddrills on 04.03.2010
Queen related props required for NZ film - Hey there, the idea sounds interesting, could be f... by gooddrills on 01.03.2010
Queenzoners for Queen Archivists ! - To be fair you're blaming Greg for things he has n... by gooddrills on 05.02.2010
Freddie Mercury's keyboard solos - John plays electric piano on YMBF not Freddie, by ... by gooddrills on 24.01.2010
Freddie at the end of live aid, never noticed before - Bono is a self righteous prick with an over inflat... by gooddrills on 12.01.2010
Paul Rodgers: "Freddie who?" - That gave me giggle, very good : )... by gooddrills on 27.11.2009
Absolute Queen - Disappointed with track sequence - I have to say that's a great running order, just s... by gooddrills on 15.11.2009
One Year Of Love is the most underrated Queen song - It's good to hear everyone's opinion on the song. ... by gooddrills on 06.11.2009
Ride The Wild Wind Anyone? - Great track, one of my favourites from the album, ... by gooddrills on 06.11.2009
Recorded in one take? - I've read several times that it was recorded in on... by gooddrills on 04.11.2009
Calling someone "a miserable scrawny turd" - Oh and tcc you are most definately a fuddy duddy. ... by gooddrills on 04.11.2009
Calling someone "a miserable scrawny turd" - Very good, best post I've seen on here for ages. M... by gooddrills on 04.11.2009
IS THIS RARE III??? Queen fan will love me lol - Excellent, that's the most interesting thing I've ... by gooddrills on 19.06.2009
My Life Has Been Saved - I have always loved the original underated B side ... by gooddrills on 17.06.2009
O- M- F- G - The mention of Garry Mullen makes my blood boil. ... by gooddrills on 16.06.2009
The Queen Covers Album - Aretha Franklin doing Somebody To Love, Freddie wr... by gooddrills on 14.06.2009
Cool Cat lyrics - I have no idea but it's a great song, I love Fredd... by gooddrills on 03.06.2009
Were Queen really booed off stage at the 74 sunbury festival? - Fancy that, the good old Brits put on a show for ... by gooddrills on 31.05.2009
Which Q album did you dislike first? - I too got into Queen in 1991 when I was 11. It sta... by gooddrills on 25.05.2009
Queen movie info............... - Depp is a fully qualified homosexual, I've seen hi... by gooddrills on 18.05.2009
the miracle tour - Was It All Worth It would have worked, I can hear ... by gooddrills on 03.04.2009
Really unhealthy Freddie - Very good, like what you did there tee hee hee ... by gooddrills on 20.11.2008
Freddie and cliff - This has been mentioned a few times. There are aud... by gooddrills on 13.11.2008
Why is the song "Man On the Prowl" very short? - I like the album, personal taste and all that. I e... by gooddrills on 29.10.2008
Happy Birthday Freddie! - Happy Birthday Freddie, thanks for everything X... by gooddrills on 05.09.2008
Queen Archivist, not very Royal - Everyone needs to calm down a little. I actually q... by gooddrills on 09.08.2008