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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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... - Yes to all above, I don’t post often, very ra... by fruhzs on 08.04.2020
The real reason Queen is touring with Lambert. - Staying on the more calmed down part of the topic ... by fruhzs on 28.03.2020
Live '89 - A bit Off topic, but not entirely, I would love... by fruhzs on 11.01.2020
QUEEN'S "LIVE AID PERFORMANCE" TO BE FEATURED ON THE SIMPSONS - Seems that it was some fake news that spread out, ... by fruhzs on 07.10.2019
What should be contained in The Miracle Box Set? - I think “The Game” will most likely get a 40 y... by fruhzs on 02.10.2019
What should be contained in The Miracle Box Set? - Is the Box set really happening? ... by fruhzs on 30.09.2019
New Queen Project 2019/2020 - Maybe they have enough material to release a “li... by fruhzs on 21.09.2019
Deakys Paris farewell footage - We never know the details though, so it’s tough ... by fruhzs on 18.09.2019
The Miracle Boxset - Is this Box Set really happening? Or is it just sp... by fruhzs on 12.09.2019
Current Setlist - Interesting! Thanks! ... by fruhzs on 21.08.2019
Current Setlist - I think I heard they dropped machines already. Not... by fruhzs on 21.08.2019
Current Setlist - IMO the set list is good, of course. I do think h... by fruhzs on 18.08.2019
Bohemian Rhapsody Intro - Also, maybe at some point some of those songs migh... by fruhzs on 15.08.2019
Under Pressure - Early Version - Very cool, haven’t heard some of those vocals be... by fruhzs on 13.08.2019
Chicago, Illinois — August 9, 2019 - Thanks 21st Century Music Fan. I was hoping it ... by fruhzs on 12.08.2019
Chicago, Illinois — August 9, 2019 - Just saw on Brian’s Instagram him mentioning tha... by fruhzs on 10.08.2019
New Freddie Releases - So, it’ll be a box with his solo albums, a bonus... by fruhzs on 07.08.2019
Rhapsody Tour Setlist? - Any new songs added since the start of the tour? ... by fruhzs on 27.07.2019
Ranking Queen tours - I’m surprised, positively, that a lot of us rank... by fruhzs on 20.07.2019
New Queen + AL tour any thoughts? - Thanks Matt z. I honestly don’t understand th... by fruhzs on 11.07.2019
Brian mentioned about a secret project - Most likely... by fruhzs on 11.07.2019
New Queen + AL tour any thoughts? - Any info on more, or less, use of Freddie on the b... by fruhzs on 11.07.2019
"New" Freddie Mercury track to be released - I liked it, as others said at this point in 2019 i... by fruhzs on 20.06.2019
"New" Freddie Mercury track to be released - Unfortunately I couldn’t get to listen to it in ... by fruhzs on 19.06.2019
Roger´s new track: "Gangsters Are Running This World" - I didn’t think it’s that bad. It’s nothing s... by fruhzs on 01.04.2019
Taking bets aka what will Q+AL perform at Oscars? - I think he meant to, when he was talking about his... by fruhzs on 25.02.2019
Taking bets aka what will Q+AL perform at Oscars? - 3 already! Amazing! It will have less impact if t... by fruhzs on 25.02.2019
Taking bets aka what will Q+AL perform at Oscars? - Agreed, I understand it might be tough with how th... by fruhzs on 25.02.2019
Taking bets aka what will Q+AL perform at Oscars? - Surprised they didn’t include BohRap, but the tr... by fruhzs on 25.02.2019
Complete video interview to Freddie and Montserrat Ibiza 1987 - Great find! Wonderful! ... by fruhzs on 25.11.2018
Deacon Article - I just watched an interview with actor Joe Mazzell... by fruhzs on 08.11.2018
Guessing Bohemian Rhapsody's home media extras - Emrabt, Yes, those unfortunately were cut. The ... by fruhzs on 02.11.2018
Guessing Bohemian Rhapsody's home media extras - I just saw the movie, it was released on cinemas h... by fruhzs on 02.11.2018
NEW BOOK AVAILABLE NOW: Queen Touring America - Check out the video on YouTube, which the link has... by fruhzs on 15.10.2018
New Book - It looks great! Surprised this hasn’t been poste... by fruhzs on 14.10.2018
Greg Brooks to reveal BohRhap Official Soundtrack album/Jazz Outtakes - Any news on this? Anyone has been able to hear th... by fruhzs on 01.10.2018
Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Soundtrack List - Dysan, From what I read in the description at t... by fruhzs on 06.09.2018
Brian May says Freddie Mercury would be jealous of Adam Lambert - Personally, even though I respect Adam’s singing... by fruhzs on 04.09.2018
Is it time for an official Smile release? - Are there any rumors of an existing “earth” ve... by fruhzs on 29.08.2018
Freddie voice sample in "Shove It" - I think he also did some similar shouts for “Tea... by fruhzs on 17.06.2018
'Made in Heaven' timeline - “How can I go On”, if memory serves me well, w... by fruhzs on 13.06.2018
Queen ON Air - Cant find the 6 cd box set anywhere here in Brazil... by fruhzs on 25.11.2016