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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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2 discussions started by 'fmarsong'

Happy Birthday King Of Rock! - Happy Birthday Freddie,we still love you!... by fmarsong on 04.09.2010
Freddie Mercury Movie - Is there any news regarding the making of Freddie ... by fmarsong on 15.09.2009

39 posts by user 'fmarsong'

Most Overplayed QUEEN SONG? - In Philippines..Bo Rhap,another one bites the dust... by fmarsong on 03.11.2010
Happy Birthday King Of Rock! - Happy Birthday Freddie,we still love you!... by fmarsong on 04.09.2010
Your Top 10 Queen videos - BOHEMMIAN RHAPSODY SOMEBODY TO LOVE ANOTHER ONE ... by fmarsong on 23.08.2010
Be gentle, i'm still working at it! - hi come and join us in mercs peeps.. in facebook... by fmarsong on 18.06.2010
Why collect Queen? - Im collecting Queen stuff because i love Queen... by fmarsong on 15.03.2010
Freddie 70's leather 7" figurine - i have that figurine in black leather suit... by fmarsong on 15.03.2010
Tired of Queen? - Never,No WAy ill get tired of Queen...only if ill ... by fmarsong on 07.03.2010
Freddie 18th? - theyre just rolling the truth!... by fmarsong on 02.02.2010
Your Opinion: Weakest Song(s) in Queen's Catalog - who cares i love them all....dot forget these Lads... by fmarsong on 01.02.2010
The wembley 86 show, what do u think? - the wembley was great..all concert of Queen were g... by fmarsong on 20.01.2010
... - steve who?....he's just envious of Freddie let him... by fmarsong on 08.12.2009
7 best Queen songs, 7 worst Queen songs - The Best: 1.Bo Rhap 2.Another one bites the dust... by fmarsong on 28.11.2009
Freddie Mercury 18 years ago today - Its another day of sadness thru your music we feel... by fmarsong on 25.11.2009
Can't wait for Adam's new album! - hey why the name of adam appeared in Queenzone for... by fmarsong on 27.10.2009
Which song's lyric is most wise and why? - SOMEBODY TO LOVE & BHO RHAP... by fmarsong on 07.10.2009
Did Freddie loved it to get a blow job - Thats ridiculous question! respect man...is the ri... by fmarsong on 20.09.2009
Freddie Mercury Movie - Is there any news regarding the making of Freddie ... by fmarsong on 15.09.2009
Happy Birthday Freddie - happy birthday Freddie youre misssss we still love... by fmarsong on 04.09.2009
Michael Jackson: Overrated entertainer compared to Freddie Mercury - What you mean all Queen's Video suck?..This Band w... by fmarsong on 18.08.2009
Made in Heaven site - Maybe this would help...http://www.freewebs.com/qu... by fmarsong on 10.05.2009
Great story: Freddie and Moserrat at Pinewood studio - whatta a nice time...its really great to hear than... by fmarsong on 21.04.2009
I know where Freddie is, and it aint no graveyard. - how i wish..how i wish that one day Freddie will c... by fmarsong on 10.04.2009
Queen live at Wembley ; the best live album in the world ever! - tra lalalalaalaaa..Queen the best,Freddie everlast... by fmarsong on 10.04.2009
Our lovely friend Eva Bajnok aka loserintheend passed away - sad yes she left   but all of us will..thats the... by fmarsong on 27.03.2009
Freddie Is My Hero - Idolizing Freddie Mercury is a personal opinion Ya... by fmarsong on 17.03.2009
Huge Queen Collection For Sale - kindly send me your list im interested. ... by fmarsong on 22.12.2008
Freddie Mercury first Asian rock star? - Freddie waS AN ASIAN...Zanzibar became Tanzania af... by fmarsong on 24.11.2008
Who's the best Queen song writer - Theres NO question for this matter Freddie Mercury... by fmarsong on 24.11.2008
Alternative Names to Queen + PR - call themselves..the survivors...or  i dont know ... by fmarsong on 24.11.2008
Right royal cliche - Stop being unrespectful to Freddie ..face it that ... by fmarsong on 23.11.2008
Right royal cliche - Ronald...kind words for Queen specially for Freddi... by fmarsong on 23.11.2008
17 years today! :( Miss you Fred - the most fateful day,he fall in deep sleep unconci... by fmarsong on 23.11.2008
Was Freddie Gay - are  you gay fatty...just curious because you kno... by fmarsong on 17.11.2008
Was Freddie Gay - fatty is uneducated at HOME! ... by fmarsong on 17.11.2008
Was John Deacon Dispensable? - Queen compose of four brilliant musician we cannot... by fmarsong on 17.11.2008
this guy looks like freddy - agghh,you need a new glass! ... by fmarsong on 16.11.2008
Who's the best Queen song writer - Freddie of course the BEST..he lead the way to sta... by fmarsong on 16.11.2008
Elton and Freddie... - Elton John never wrote lyrics for his song,unlike ... by fmarsong on 16.11.2008
Queen would´nt exist without Freddie Mercury - Freddie Mercury is the fire and glue of the band..... by fmarsong on 26.09.2008