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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'ficodr'

REQUEST: Philadelphia 23/11/1977 - PLease, I've downloaded some tracks from WinMX... ... by ficodr on 17.04.2005

57 posts by user 'ficodr'

"Video Xmass 1990 (Freddie and Mary Austin's son) " - what a nice video!!!! freddie loved the kids!!!! t... by ficodr on 11.06.2006
Hammersmith 1979 DVD Kampuchea Show - Hello to all!!! Please reseed it!!!! I'm at 54.1% ... by ficodr on 03.05.2006
Hammersmith Odeon 26-12-1979 video - hello! can anybody reseed it? i've formated my p... by ficodr on 23.12.2005
ANNOUNCE - Uniondale 1977 DVD - THANK YOU !... by ficodr on 20.12.2005
Total crap quality...but what the heck Earl's Court 6-7-77 R n' R Medley - THANK YOU!... by ficodr on 20.12.2005
ANNOUNCE: Tokyo 9th May 1985 (MP3) - Reseed it pleaseee!! Thank you!!!... by ficodr on 11.12.2005
Queen ST. Paul 1980 dvd - hello! thank you thank you! BUT I CANT DOWNLOAD!!!... by ficodr on 10.12.2005
Announce Houston 1977 video - First i couldn't open with Windows Media Playe... by ficodr on 24.10.2005
Announce Houston 1977 video - the time now has come... very big thank you (y) !... by ficodr on 24.10.2005
We are the champions- japanese version-rapidshare - very interesting!... by ficodr on 02.10.2005
ANNOUNCE:MINNEAPOLIS 80 VIDEO FOR TRADE - The screenshots please! I've to know if video qual... by ficodr on 27.09.2005
ANNOUNCE:MINNEAPOLIS 80 VIDEO FOR TRADE - /... by ficodr on 27.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen live in Newcastle 1979 (second night) - very very big thank you!... by ficodr on 26.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen live in New Castle 1979 (first night) - very very very big thank you!... by ficodr on 26.09.2005
A new game - Made in Heaven of course... cool song! (y) Made... by ficodr on 25.08.2005
Freddies best vocal performance? - In my opinion, The show must go on is his masterpi... by ficodr on 17.08.2005
Favourite Freddie solo song? - My top 5!!! (in that order..) 1. In my defence... by ficodr on 16.08.2005
Best Queen Concert ever - I like Houston 77, Hammy 75, Chicago 78, Wembley 8... by ficodr on 12.08.2005
ANNOUNCE: reseed Queen live in Osaka as requested - thank you! but i'm stuck at 87%... can anybody res... by ficodr on 27.07.2005
Roger Taylor- Future Management on TOTP 1981 on Dimeadozen - Hey thank you man!... by ficodr on 25.07.2005
Announce: Queen Argentina 1981 Video - PLease reseed! I'm at 99.9%!!!! Only a bit!... by ficodr on 29.06.2005
Is Houston 1977 really that good ? - The Lord Of Darkness wrote: ficodr, be honest Ha... by ficodr on 27.06.2005
Is Houston 1977 really that good ? - Why is Houston 1977 so famous??? I've found 3 ans... by ficodr on 26.06.2005
Top 5 'Made in Heaven' - 1. A Winters tale (The best of all, IMO) 2. Too m... by ficodr on 24.06.2005
ANNOUNCE: Seattle 77 as requested - Wow! what a great bootleg! thank you!... by ficodr on 17.06.2005
Announce: 1985-05-15, Osaka - The Missing songs... - Hey thank you man!!!! I'm downloading it, thank yo... by ficodr on 09.06.2005
REQUEST: 05.12.1977 Chicago, USA - Wow!!!! That's my birthday !!!!... by ficodr on 08.06.2005
Announce: 1985-05-15, Osaka - Please reseed it! i'm at 99.9%..... only 0.01% !!... by ficodr on 08.06.2005
HOLAAAA - Gracias compadre!! tu sitio esta recontra paja!!! ... by ficodr on 05.06.2005
Announce: 1985-05-15, Osaka - hey thanks!... by ficodr on 02.06.2005
ANNOUNCE: Saarbrücken Festival 18.08.1979, mp3 - hey! thank you man!... by ficodr on 29.05.2005
Queen Tokyo 1985 - thankk youuuu!!!!... by ficodr on 23.05.2005
how old is everyone on here?? - I'm 19 :D (y)... by ficodr on 21.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: Video Live in Tokyo 1975 (2 mpegs) - that would be great...... by ficodr on 21.05.2005
Houston 77 COMPLETE mp3 - Hey thank you man! you're awesome! :p... by ficodr on 19.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: Website Launched and Houston 77 Complete - TORRENT - Hey! thank you guys!!! thank you very very much!!... by ficodr on 18.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: Tokyo 9th May 1985 (MP3) - Yes, i can't dowload it... i get the same message.... by ficodr on 06.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: Live at the Forum, Montreal - 01-12-1978 - Great bootleg! thanks!... by ficodr on 22.04.2005
I am currently recording Oakland 1978 does anyone want this uploaded? - Yes please! i want it alsoo! byee!... by ficodr on 21.04.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen Live in Barcelona 1979 - Hey! Thank you man! I love the bootlegs from 1979 ... by ficodr on 21.04.2005
ANNOUNCE - Queen Live In Philadelphia 1977 - Thank You very much! I'll download it tomorrow, be... by ficodr on 18.04.2005
REQUEST: Philadelphia 23/11/1977 - PLease, I've downloaded some tracks from WinMX... ... by ficodr on 17.04.2005
ANNOUNCE: Hammersmith Odeon 26.12.1979 - Eyy!! THANK YOU! very very much! I've been waiting... by ficodr on 13.04.2005
Splitting Sharing the Music into Announce and Request - Very good idea! (y)... by ficodr on 12.04.2005
Request my Queen concerts - Thank You KYA and Rev! I'm glad to download those ... by ficodr on 11.04.2005
Rapid Share vs. You Send It - The bad thing about yousendit, is that it allows a... by ficodr on 10.04.2005
Rock in Rio De Janeiro-Brazil 1985 - Heyyy!! Thank you man!... by ficodr on 10.04.2005
Announce: 1981.02.17 Tokyo as requested - thank U!... by ficodr on 10.04.2005
QUEEN KAMPUCHEA 1979 HERE NOW - I can't download anything! :'(... by ficodr on 08.04.2005
06.11.1974 St George's Hall Bradford.zip - Thank You very much nibznik!!! It's cool to hear q... by ficodr on 07.04.2005
1979.04.20 Zoom Osaka - Thanks a lot! It sounds great! Thank U thank u ver... by ficodr on 06.04.2005
Announce: 29.09.1973 Colston Hall Bristol - Hey! thanks man! It's very nice to hear the band i... by ficodr on 22.03.2005
Hammersmith Odeon '79 Announce! - The video i've just donwloaded, has lots of "... by ficodr on 20.01.2005
Easiest Song to Sing Along To - I can't hit the very high notes, but anyway, tryin... by ficodr on 05.01.2005
Most underrated Queen song - I don't know why the Millionaire waltz wasn't a hi... by ficodr on 01.01.2005
Freddie's last interview - i think freddie was too ill in 1991 to gave any in... by ficodr on 31.12.2004
When did Freddie know he had AIDS? - That page is unavailable since weeks ago(at least ... by ficodr on 31.12.2004