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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'dtucra'

TSMGO - lyrics - I'm having a hard time believing that Freddie didn... by dtucra on 08.08.2006

43 posts by user 'dtucra'

November the 24th - I'm going to Montreux tomorrow, to share the peace... by dtucra on 24.11.2006
Where do you think you would be now if you never got into Queen? - In a psychiatric unit, with a tough depression of ... by dtucra on 03.10.2006
Freddie's group hug - Come here, darling, and cuddle! Hum, you smell goo... by dtucra on 06.09.2006
What Queen songs make you smile? - "If I could only reach you, if I could make y... by dtucra on 05.09.2006
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDIE!!!!!! - My very sweet friend, I hope you are safe and fine... by dtucra on 05.09.2006
Any Song Make you Pensive About Freddie's Passing? - totally agree, these are the lines that break my h... by dtucra on 04.09.2006
Favourite words in a queen song? - "When I'll grow older, I will be there, at yo... by dtucra on 03.09.2006
GEORGE MICHAEL OR PAUL RODGERS? - George. Even where Freddie is concerned, I appreci... by dtucra on 30.08.2006
Mother Love - ok, maybe I'm taking it too much to heart, but if ... by dtucra on 28.08.2006
Mother Love - If Brian wrote it all, why is it credited to both ... by dtucra on 28.08.2006
Mother Love - Yeah, funny!*rolling eyes* If Brian wrote the lyr... by dtucra on 28.08.2006
Mother Love - In my opinion it's the most explicit song Freddie ... by dtucra on 28.08.2006
freddie moment - He's not prophet, only an angel. "Loyal frien... by dtucra on 25.08.2006
Name for the new Queen+PR studio album... - I think they should use the name Queen ONLY folllo... by dtucra on 23.08.2006
freddie crying - I saw a photo with Freddie in tears, in the late p... by dtucra on 22.08.2006
What Did Freddie Look Like? - Freddie was a skinny odd lad in the 70's, long bla... by dtucra on 21.08.2006
Shocking Article Reveals How Freddie... - My God! I can't imagine Freddie being forced to do... by dtucra on 16.08.2006
When Do You Leave the Members of Queen Alone.....Stalker thread :-) - Of course, he contacts each and everyone of us: hi... by dtucra on 10.08.2006
Mercury and Me question - Thank You, I meant! Redoing a will doesn't necess... by dtucra on 09.08.2006
Mercury and Me question - TMI=Too Much Information[/QUOTE] Thank tou. ... by dtucra on 09.08.2006
Mercury and Me question - Yes, but the disease might have been a reason to k... by dtucra on 09.08.2006
Mercury and Me question - I'm debating too whether to buy it or not, cos it'... by dtucra on 09.08.2006
Interesting thought - The Brasilian lady is funny, and Freddie was kind ... by dtucra on 09.08.2006
Who is the Most Obsessed Queen Fan You Know? - I'm just Mercury obsessed. Queen comes with the pa... by dtucra on 09.08.2006
TSMGO - lyrics - Merçi beaucoup!... by dtucra on 08.08.2006
What if Freddie was a flying horse? - Flying Freddie? Hum... More like an angel than a h... by dtucra on 08.08.2006
you wish Freddie was your lover? - And of course, after all the fun, bubble bath and ... by dtucra on 08.08.2006
TSMGO - lyrics - Thank you for bringing light into my head. "... by dtucra on 08.08.2006
TSMGO - lyrics - I'm having a hard time believing that Freddie didn... by dtucra on 08.08.2006
you wish Freddie was your lover? - Imagine this: Fred: "Darling, I find you att... by dtucra on 03.08.2006
you wish Freddie was your lover? - Desire is not slutting or following the basic inst... by dtucra on 03.08.2006
What if Freddie was not gay?? - Our Freddie NOT gay?! Get real! He would have been... by dtucra on 03.08.2006
you wish Freddie was your lover? - Poor Freddie, nobody desires him anymore, too old,... by dtucra on 03.08.2006
Queen songs that make you cry - "I'm a man of the world and they say that I'm... by dtucra on 01.08.2006
My good lord, WHAT is that man doing??? - He is touching dearest Fred!!! My God, he was real... by dtucra on 01.08.2006
Which Queen member do you look like? - Freddie, but I knew that. How else? He's been in m... by dtucra on 26.07.2006
scandal? - It's a wonderful song and so is the video, as all ... by dtucra on 25.07.2006
Which day is it!!!!!???? - 5th definitely, my mom's birthday is then too (2ye... by dtucra on 23.07.2006
What one Queen song is your ALL TIME favorite!!!?!?!?! - These Are the Days of Our Lives For that "I ... by dtucra on 22.07.2006
Innuendo Reviews - Why do you even read them? I gave up a long time a... by dtucra on 07.07.2006
queen religion - I'm Christian and I'll stay this way; Freddie is j... by dtucra on 07.07.2006
IT WAS FREDDIE! - I talk to him, too. Have been for half of my life,... by dtucra on 06.07.2006
IT WAS FREDDIE! - I had one of my own pretty freaky; about 12 years ... by dtucra on 06.07.2006