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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'darcy-wright'

Another One Bites The Dust (Darcy Mix) - After a long while I dusted off something i was at... by darcy-wright on 17.12.2006

79 posts by user 'darcy-wright'

Queen and Deep Fake/Face-swap Videos - like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H35BdvigreM... by darcy-wright on 13.10.2020
Roger Taylor - new track (Isolation) - i lasted 20 seconds, skipped 2 mins in and stopped... by darcy-wright on 24.06.2020
James Corden admits that Freddie would be his dream Carpool Karaoke guest - smithyyyyyyyyyy... by darcy-wright on 23.02.2020
Rhapsody Tour — February, 2020 — New Zealand and Australia - went to the wellington show on wednesday night. it... by darcy-wright on 07.02.2020
The Works or A Kind of Magic? Which one is better album? - id say the works. i skip alot of a kind of magic.... by darcy-wright on 31.10.2019
A question about the GVH DVDs - I doubt there will be a gvh3, in my view of the 4k... by darcy-wright on 13.10.2019
What all did DoRo film - youll learn, forum message boards are no place for... by darcy-wright on 13.10.2019
What all did DoRo film - youll learn, forum message boards are no place for... by darcy-wright on 13.10.2019
Never Boring - I havnt got a copy, but is the poster / photo of f... by darcy-wright on 13.10.2019
As it began ' or any other books - I don't remember exactly who got me the book, but ... by darcy-wright on 18.09.2019
Mr Bad Guy - Special edition - It needed it. I have the Mr bad Guy Cd and maybe h... by darcy-wright on 17.09.2019
Deakys Paris farewell footage - I just hope oneday we learn or hear that roger and... by darcy-wright on 17.09.2019
As it began ' or any other books - As it began was my first book or any knowledge of ... by darcy-wright on 17.09.2019
The Miracle Boxset - bound to be the magical disc of instrumental versi... by darcy-wright on 12.09.2019
Hypothetical Live Aid Question - Myth #2: It was his spontaneous call & response wi... by darcy-wright on 18.07.2019
Promo/Music Video - Complete & Best Available Collection *On Going* - hes doing a great job and since the hdd issue, luc... by darcy-wright on 18.05.2019
Promo/Music Video - Complete & Best Available Collection *On Going* - do you have any of the 80s videos on mega as I onl... by darcy-wright on 17.05.2019
Promo/Music Video - Complete & Best Available Collection *On Going* - just checked out the youtube page and see the nazi... by darcy-wright on 14.05.2019
Sex playlist - ahhh you beat me to saying track 12.. but yes trac... by darcy-wright on 01.04.2019
First ever vocal improvisation - i hate how the movie makes it look like it was don... by darcy-wright on 01.04.2019
Knebworth theory - There already is a partial recording release - liv... by darcy-wright on 28.01.2019
BBC should stop cropping archive footage - doubt there will be anything for a while. at least... by darcy-wright on 19.12.2018
Fat Bottomed Girls in Bo Rhap film - the issues with the movie and inconsitent parts ma... by darcy-wright on 10.12.2018
Screw Live Aid. I want Paris '79 released! - any dvd (highly unlikely to be a blu ray) will be ... by darcy-wright on 14.11.2018
Roger nominated for best rock drummer by MUSICRADAR!!! - wouldnt call him the best drummer of 2018. hes goo... by darcy-wright on 14.11.2018
'Bohemian Rhapsody' movie reviews & impressions - I wonder when hammer to fall and radio gaga were r... by darcy-wright on 12.11.2018
Director of Bohemian Rhapsody (Video) feels 'ripped off' by Queen. - other bands had music videos before bohemian rhaps... by darcy-wright on 04.11.2018
Hot Space "Naked" - man theres alot of nasty people on here. most o... by darcy-wright on 19.10.2018
Greg Brooks to reveal BohRhap Official Soundtrack album/Jazz Outtakes - I didnt like the we will rock you sudio to Live mi... by darcy-wright on 18.10.2018
Bohemian Rhapsody - 2nd trailer - i read somewhere once, that he didnt like curly ha... by darcy-wright on 25.07.2018
Bohemian Rhapsody - 2nd trailer - pause the trailer during the we will rock you bit... by darcy-wright on 19.07.2018
Would Freddie Mercury consider identifying as non-binary & transgender? - theres some bs right here. for one use wikipedia ... by darcy-wright on 25.11.2017
First image of Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in 'Bohemian Rhapsody' - relax, itll be a promo photo, something put togeat... by darcy-wright on 06.09.2017
Every show recorded...? - be awsome if theres one of Auckland NZ in 1985.... by darcy-wright on 25.07.2017
One Headlong Vision (PiotreQ Remix) - awsome, played this on the way to work on repeat.... by darcy-wright on 30.03.2017
U.S media coverage in the U.S after Freddie's death. - i remember being all of 12 and noting much in New ... by darcy-wright on 16.01.2017
Queen - The Hammer Was Born (Mash-Up KacioRMX) - doesnt work. ... by darcy-wright on 27.05.2016
Don't Stop Me Now cover (featured in Dr Who) - the Dr who channel has released on youtube the ful... by darcy-wright on 13.10.2014
YouTube clips being removed - I couldnt find any of Queen final live in Japan 85... by darcy-wright on 30.09.2014
When will Queen Forever album be on Torrent?? - audio samples would be good to know if theres any ... by darcy-wright on 21.09.2014
There Must Be More to Life Than This - New Mix - done and done. it wasnt even a fantastic song to b... by darcy-wright on 20.09.2014
Roger`s drumming over the years. - Lets not forget that the 80s ushered in the age of... by darcy-wright on 20.09.2014
New Queen DVD in June... - looks totally like a 3rd rate doco - possibly with... by darcy-wright on 03.06.2014
C_Matt's "A Kind of Magic (HD Revision)" - im blown away at the awesomeness of these revision... by darcy-wright on 12.05.2014
Your favourite VOCAL-PHRASING lines (studio versions) - my favourites to crank up is one vision - "all... by darcy-wright on 04.05.2014
Another One Bites the Dust trivia - the end of the first verse cuts the word "repeat" ... by darcy-wright on 29.12.2013
THE CROSS LIVE DEC 2013! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1xFRDdc9uI The ... by darcy-wright on 08.12.2013
forums worse than this one - what grinds my gears is a good topic that gets tur... by darcy-wright on 29.11.2013
Sunny Day Music Video - boring video, and the day looks a little bit overc... by darcy-wright on 11.11.2013
RogerTaylorOfficial.com compatibility bugs, wrong information and more - I looked at the site for 4 seconds and that was en... by darcy-wright on 11.11.2013
Errors / Issues on 'The Lot' (First Edition) - I bet the blurring is because the pal videos have ... by darcy-wright on 09.11.2013
Roger Taylor samples on i-Tunes! - i just listened and i liked 2 songs (up and drumme... by darcy-wright on 18.10.2013
What would our dear Freddie look like on his 65th birthday? - shaved head and beard - youve just described rob h... by darcy-wright on 09.09.2011
QUEEN concert DVD's question. - if by rainbow 74 being official. thats a matter of... by darcy-wright on 09.09.2011
Queen - Dragon Rock Attack - Single (2011) (by Kacio) - nice effort, i liked the start, but the solo sound... by darcy-wright on 19.08.2011
ANNOUNCE: Queen Sun City 1984 FLAC - pitch corrected and tracks splitted - awsome, thansk... by darcy-wright on 15.08.2011
LIVE AT WEMBLEY FIRST NIGHT RELEASED IN FULL SEPTEMBER 5th - has anypone else seen the after party footage that... by darcy-wright on 04.08.2011
The Prophet's Song (2011 Fickle Mix) - This mix is awsome. Beats the officially released ... by darcy-wright on 19.03.2011
Video from Reissue of studio albums 2011 - Their bound to be up Youtube. Else goonto itunes a... by darcy-wright on 19.03.2011
What do you think about the bonuses in the following reissues studio album - Im not impressed with the instrumentals or the aca... by darcy-wright on 19.03.2011
Probable bonuses on the remasters - What about Headlong (Video Version) for Innuendo? ... by darcy-wright on 08.03.2011
FACE IT ALONE DEMO (PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT) - Can somebody elighten me. Is the complete song all... by darcy-wright on 14.06.2007
Exactly What Queen Live Footage DOES Exist - DEFINITIVE LIST - well i got a reply in regards to TVNZ in New Zeala... by darcy-wright on 25.05.2007
Exactly What Queen Live Footage DOES Exist - DEFINITIVE LIST - since this topic is dying quick, heres a question.... by darcy-wright on 08.05.2007
Exactly What Queen Live Footage DOES Exist - DEFINITIVE LIST - I emailed TVNZ about what if any footage they may ... by darcy-wright on 03.05.2007
LIVE AT BUDAPEST DVD!!!! - Typing in caps is harder to read as the human brai... by darcy-wright on 23.04.2007
Original version of 'My life has been saved' - queen productions should finally release a b-sides... by darcy-wright on 11.02.2007
Greatest Video Hits 3 - i would greatly appreciate it thank you yankie_... by darcy-wright on 05.02.2007
Someone has Queen - The Eye - Game - Last time i checked New Zealand was still a Britis... by darcy-wright on 01.02.2007
I wonder what these would have sounded like live!! - Headlong. I can imagine the Brixton version mixed ... by darcy-wright on 30.01.2007
Someone has Queen - The Eye - Game - oh yeah and theres alot of jerks on this website w... by darcy-wright on 30.01.2007
Someone has Queen - The Eye - Game - theres a copy on ebay buy now of: 37.50 (UK)... by darcy-wright on 30.01.2007
Someone has Queen - The Eye - Game - its official yes, but out of print. you may get lu... by darcy-wright on 30.01.2007
The Most Missunderstood Thing About Queen - its that their band of faggots and you gotta be a ... by darcy-wright on 28.01.2007
Your opinions on DoRo - Under Pressure '99 is pretty good, if on the hits ... by darcy-wright on 28.01.2007
Queen Greatest Video Hits III (content) - I had the notion of one disc of Queen (Innuendo, M... by darcy-wright on 28.01.2007
Another One Bites The Dust (Darcy Mix) - i have a breakdown in the middle that is proving a... by darcy-wright on 18.12.2006
Another One Bites The Dust (Darcy Mix) - havnt done much else yet as ive been in hospital u... by darcy-wright on 18.12.2006
Another One Bites The Dust (Darcy Mix) - After a long while I dusted off something i was at... by darcy-wright on 17.12.2006