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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'corades'

gay as daffodil? - Hi guys and galls. I have a question. In case you ... by corades on 21.10.2005

52 posts by user 'corades'

INNUENDO DEMOS - Of course everybody want them. But no one wants to... by corades on 05.10.2006
What Albums Do You Have? - I have them all, including solo albums and b-sides... by corades on 05.10.2006
Who was the best Songwriter in the group? - Brian's lyrics I like more than Freddie's. But Fre... by corades on 29.09.2006
ANNOUNCE IN RAPIDSHARE FREDDIE MERCURY - MAGIC REMIXED ITV4 - THANK YOU VERY MUCH! BTW, which program shall I ... by corades on 19.09.2006
Downloading Queen albums - I don't understand all the fuss around downloading... by corades on 15.09.2006
Search function gone weird - I am so annoyed with this problem, too.... by corades on 13.09.2006
Request, Freddie's Loves doc, rapidshare. - Thanks a lot!!!... by corades on 04.09.2006
this needs to be said (longwinded maybe, but true none-the-less) - Some think that being rude is cool, and don't rec... by corades on 01.09.2006
ANNOUNCE!!---Freddies Loves - Yes, PLEASE, anyone! :)... by corades on 29.08.2006
Mercury and Me question - Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I'... by corades on 26.08.2006
Mercury and Me question - I agree it worth reading. It makes you think. “... by corades on 09.08.2006
Mercury and Me question - I really don't want to hurt Jim, as I don't like t... by corades on 08.08.2006
Freddie's voice brought back to life - But no device can ever put all the unique emothion... by corades on 29.06.2006
Became fans in 1991/result discovering Queen's music, or Freddies Death? - Since I remember myself, whenever I heard any Quee... by corades on 23.01.2006
Freddie hotter than Roger? - For me, Freddie is definately hotter. I find him m... by corades on 20.01.2006
An early Merry Christmas to you all.... - How nice of you! :) Thank you!... by corades on 23.12.2005
An early Merry Christmas to you all.... - :) Yes, you are right as well -Russians love to ... by corades on 23.12.2005
An early Merry Christmas to you all.... - No, It's just because now we have more religio... by corades on 23.12.2005
Stop responding - You are right, but when you are trying to read... by corades on 23.12.2005
Why....She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos) - Here comes a person, who doesn't like this song- m... by corades on 22.12.2005
Songs you didnt like the first time - I didn't like some early songs at first. But later... by corades on 21.12.2005
worst song from each album. - I don't like only one song of Queen-She Makes Me. ... by corades on 21.12.2005
Freddie at the movies - As far as I know, he loved old black'n'white movie... by corades on 21.12.2005
Freddie in interviews - In my oppinion, he looked perfect even with with h... by corades on 04.12.2005
A movie about Freddie - No, Serry. I didn't say that a movie should only... by corades on 26.10.2005
Whats your fave thing about QZ? - Lots of interesting topics and the posts of those ... by corades on 26.10.2005
A movie about Freddie - Why, for God's sake, based only on Jim's book? I t... by corades on 26.10.2005
Who did Freddie love more?.. - I think Freddie loved Mary more than Jim. How he s... by corades on 25.10.2005
Freddie surviving Jim - Well, I think if Jim died before Freddie, Freddie ... by corades on 25.10.2005
gay as daffodil? - :)I guess so.... by corades on 22.10.2005
How Old Are You Guys???? - 25... by corades on 21.10.2005
gay as daffodil? - Yes, that's a good explanation with a poem. Sounds... by corades on 21.10.2005
I know where Freddie is, and it aint no graveyard. - I agree. I love everything you wrote, Fatty.... by corades on 21.10.2005
gay as daffodil? - Zoroaster, I had such an idea, too. But I thought ... by corades on 21.10.2005
Describe Queen in One Word - Outstanding... by corades on 21.10.2005
gay as daffodil? - Hi guys and galls. I have a question. In case you ... by corades on 21.10.2005
Peter's or Jim's book - Yes, this makes a lot of sence what you guys say, ... by corades on 16.10.2005
Peter's or Jim's book - You know, Fairy, before reading these two books I ... by corades on 16.10.2005
Peter's or Jim's book - Actually, I prefer to have read both of these book... by corades on 16.10.2005
Steve Walsh and Freddie Mercury - Whoever he was, he was an envious or naturally dum... by corades on 16.10.2005
Peter's or Jim's book - Just think, HOW real friends could do that to him?... by corades on 15.10.2005
Peter's or Jim's book - I think that Freddie wouldn't appreciate that some... by corades on 15.10.2005
Peter's or Jim's book - I think Freddie would kill them for writing such t... by corades on 15.10.2005
Peter's or Jim's book - How do you, guys and gals think - would Freddie ap... by corades on 15.10.2005
A Hypothetical Question From My Lil Sis... - I would save Feddie, of course! :) Then Brian. T... by corades on 15.10.2005
Admittedly silly Q. about Freddie's cats - I don't think he had these cats. I am amaized that... by corades on 09.10.2005
Brit Awards 1990 - Yes, it was his careless attitude that killed Fred... by corades on 09.10.2005
Freddie's ring - Of course it melted.The temperature there is highe... by corades on 05.10.2005
Freddie's ring - I think it's more than enough of fighting about th... by corades on 05.10.2005
Worst and Best Freddie look - I like him best at Live Aid.... by corades on 04.10.2005
Question? - I know for sure his least favorite color-grey :) ... by corades on 04.10.2005
Freddie's ring - This ring was a birthday present from Jim Hutton ... by corades on 03.10.2005