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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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The Rush Appreciation Thread - I've always enjoyed listening to Rush, It's someth... by coppernite on 13.06.2006
WOOT ITS ME BIRTHDAY! - Happy Birthday, eat lots'a cake! (or send it to m... by coppernite on 01.06.2006
Electric Light Orchestra - I always like ELO... especially Fire On High.... by coppernite on 15.05.2006
David Bowie plays in NY next year! - Ooh! maybe I'll get to go again! I must say, nat... by coppernite on 10.05.2006
Any Deep Purple fans here? - I saw Deep Purple live at Jones Beach. It was a d... by coppernite on 05.05.2006
Listen up!! (re: fan art) - unfortunately, tis the way the wretched world work... by coppernite on 01.05.2006
Have you watched Highlander? - I must confess, even as a youngen, I watched the T... by coppernite on 10.04.2006
Star Wars Fans... - Well R2 D2 of course! who else?!?!?!?!... by coppernite on 19.03.2006
HAPPY PI DAY!! - tis also the Ides of March. AKA: Toga Day! TOG... by coppernite on 15.03.2006
A novel by Queenzoners - add your two cents worth - 4 sentences or less. - After finishing off all the Uranus Bars, Bowie sai... by coppernite on 09.03.2006
The Unimportant, Irrelevant Secret About You Thread 2 - I look like Jesus when I wear a toga...... or l... by coppernite on 09.03.2006
Any musicians/vocalist in the house? - same here man, I started taking lessons when I... by coppernite on 15.02.2006
The Unimportant, Irrelevant secret about you thread - and every time I go to Medieval Times, or the ... by coppernite on 14.02.2006
The Unimportant, Irrelevant secret about you thread - Why did you cut it?!?!?!... by coppernite on 09.02.2006
The Unimportant, Irrelevant secret about you thread - When I was younger, I always wanted to be a truck ... by coppernite on 08.02.2006
The Unimportant, Irrelevant secret about you thread - I have a thing for guys with long hair... it's so ... by coppernite on 06.02.2006
The Unimportant, Irrelevant secret about you thread - I have multiple personalities.... and they all hat... by coppernite on 02.02.2006
Happy Birthday Forever!! - Hope ya had a grand time Russ!... by coppernite on 31.01.2006
Scottish - I'm Irish, Italian, and Canadian. Completed with ... by coppernite on 03.01.2006
There are better ways to kill yourself.... - hmm, out of all of these, that one seems to ap... by coppernite on 03.01.2006
Where did you get your signature line from? - mine came from, well, I'm not exactly sure where. ... by coppernite on 15.12.2005
Funny christmas poem - that was....... er..... interesting, yes that's th... by coppernite on 14.12.2005
Petition for fatty's stories - fatty should write us another one.... by coppernite on 13.12.2005
I'm back biotches!!!! - I was wonderin' what happened to ya! Glad to see ... by coppernite on 12.12.2005
things that annoy people!! - First, great list man, I dunno how people come up ... by coppernite on 12.12.2005
US tour is going to bomb! - mr4thofjuly you're one of THEM aren't you! *gl... by coppernite on 07.12.2005
NASSUA - I would love to go, but I can't.... by coppernite on 07.12.2005
A novel by Queenzoners - add your two cents worth - 4 sentences or less. - Soon, however, poor Alex met his demise as his sco... by coppernite on 06.12.2005
Those little light bulbs... - okay, so I'm not the only one who sees the little ... by coppernite on 06.12.2005
QZ nicknames and their meanings... - long story, started a few years back, and it's jus... by coppernite on 02.12.2005
NJ tailgate pictures - Gah! Alas, I have fixed that issue!... by coppernite on 28.11.2005
NJ tailgate pictures - you could if you want, or you could send them to... by coppernite on 21.11.2005
I'm in love! AAAAAAH!!! - yeah, I haven't been close to the computer a lot... by coppernite on 21.11.2005
NJ tailgate pictures - wish I did, but I ain't got no camera. Say, is th... by coppernite on 17.11.2005
No Subject - 1. I'm not quite certain what made me write here.... by coppernite on 17.11.2005
Who's concerts you been to? - Allman Brothers Band John Fogerty Kiss Allman B... by coppernite on 17.11.2005
I'm in love! AAAAAAH!!! - Hey Russ, glad to hear you're doin' good. Lucky d... by coppernite on 17.11.2005
New U.S. Tour!!! - Yeah, there is no way I'm gonna miss this. As for... by coppernite on 17.11.2005
More indications of QPR 2006 activity - I have to say Bobby, you pretty much summed up my ... by coppernite on 17.11.2005
Queen tunes that remind you of video games - you have a point there, my friend, you have a ... by coppernite on 28.10.2005
Post your NJ show review here: - oh dear!... by coppernite on 28.10.2005
What's Your Favourite Colour? - red...... blood red......... by coppernite on 27.10.2005
fav. TV shows - I'd have to say: CSI (all) Law & Order (all)... by coppernite on 27.10.2005
Post your NJ show review here: - Glad you enjoyed your stay! As for Kelly ... by coppernite on 23.10.2005
Post your NJ show review here: - My thoughts exactly. It looked like most peop... by coppernite on 20.10.2005
Post your NJ show review here: - It was nice to meet others too, it's hard these da... by coppernite on 18.10.2005
Post your NJ show review here: - why thankyou. Yeah we did. I was the tall on... by coppernite on 18.10.2005
Post your NJ show review here: - yeah, but you guys are more interesting. Their a ... by coppernite on 17.10.2005
Post your NJ show review here: - That was a great show though! Radio Ga Ga had to b... by coppernite on 17.10.2005