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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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2 discussions started by 'chauncey'

Roger's drumsticks - Recently, I was looking through the program from t... by chauncey on 20.11.2005
queen autographs - Where can one look to find authentic autographs?? ... by chauncey on 26.07.2005

67 posts by user 'chauncey'

Favourite Queen Guitar Solo - I've always liked the slide solo in Radio Ga Ga. ... by chauncey on 25.06.2006
Brian May Philly - Do you ever wonder how much Brian has his guitar i... by chauncey on 13.06.2006
Where does Roger rank? - Oh my Fucking God! Did that person mention the ... by chauncey on 13.06.2006
Announce: VH1 Rock Honors HQ DVD mpeg - Thank you Gooseberry. That was very helpful!... by chauncey on 04.06.2006
Announce: VH1 Rock Honors HQ DVD mpeg - Thanks for sharing this. Fantastic. But on a t... by chauncey on 03.06.2006
Bijou - What a great cover!!... by chauncey on 25.05.2006
have you seen this??? - I was there at that concert as well with my parent... by chauncey on 23.04.2006
spread your wings from live killers - I agree icefire, that is my favorite version as we... by chauncey on 14.04.2006
The tour is over tomorrow. :((( - Yeah, it is kind of sad. In a sick sort of way, i... by chauncey on 13.04.2006
No Subject - why do you people reply to this?... by chauncey on 09.04.2006
Sweet Lady - Buy "The Making of 'A Night at the Opera'&quo... by chauncey on 06.04.2006
Death on Two Legs Riff - Mercury007 If you buy "The Making of 'A Nigh... by chauncey on 05.04.2006
The Truth about Freddie Mercury - Mr. Snow, I'm just curious.....what word in the... by chauncey on 03.04.2006
Philly Show on DVD - I've been checking DAILY to see if anyone has anno... by chauncey on 27.03.2006
Merchandise - I got the drumsticks (Vic Firth) with Rogers print... by chauncey on 20.03.2006
Philly Reviews, photos - What a great show! I don't think Roger forgot t... by chauncey on 15.03.2006
4. john, what do you like best about him - I like that John is the 777th richest person in Br... by chauncey on 13.03.2006
"45 years to get to this Fucking dump"!!!! - I will be attending Philly as well! Can't wait fo... by chauncey on 13.03.2006
Miami pics - Doniphan, I appreciate those pics! Love the music... by chauncey on 05.03.2006
March of the Black Queen - I agree with many of the comments. Yes, it is und... by chauncey on 02.03.2006
Freddie VS Elton Piano Playing - I'll bet that Elton took a lot more time studying ... by chauncey on 05.02.2006
How Did You Get Into Queen? - 1981, I was six years old, my parents took me to s... by chauncey on 04.02.2006
Best guitar solo - I always liked Brian using the slide, hence my fav... by chauncey on 28.01.2006
Drum Parts - Well said Sam. Roger's playing was not that t... by chauncey on 16.01.2006
Fun site: Subliminal Messages.. - Holy hell that was loud!!... by chauncey on 11.01.2006
Freddie Mercury smoking - What brand did he smoke??... by chauncey on 26.12.2005
Why....She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos) - I'm glad somebody finally brought up a forum for t... by chauncey on 22.12.2005
I finally got it - Queen's Live Magic is $12.78 on www.overstock.com ... by chauncey on 18.12.2005
What shows are you attending? - I'm doing Philly. I'm taking my parents (62 and... by chauncey on 14.12.2005
Philadelphia's show - I'll be there, coming from the burbs of Coatesvill... by chauncey on 05.12.2005
Roger's drumsticks - Which are bigger, 2Bs or 5Bs??... by chauncey on 21.11.2005
Roger's drumsticks - Recently, I was looking through the program from t... by chauncey on 20.11.2005
Slightly Scary - OMG, that's hysterical!! You really can't take ... by chauncey on 13.10.2005
No Subject - According to the Meadowlands website, the gates op... by chauncey on 13.10.2005
Artist Arena Pre-Sale buyers should be getting their tickets soon - Just got them. I can breathe a sigh of relief! ... by chauncey on 22.09.2005
messages/reasons for queen songs... - I've always been curious about She Makes Me (e.g. ... by chauncey on 12.09.2005
Playback on New Album!! - We really can't be that shocked, can we?? Queen h... by chauncey on 31.08.2005
RockStar INXS: Suzie doing BoRhap - When is the Bo Rhap going to be on TV?? Thanks!... by chauncey on 29.08.2005
the hyde park gig 2005 was shit - MarkBrydonRocks, please learn to write. Sentences ... by chauncey on 29.08.2005
Cool Cat - I've always liked that song. Freddie got into som... by chauncey on 28.08.2005
What is your Favorite Queen Love song? - Play the Game You take my breath away You're my ... by chauncey on 25.08.2005
Innuendo - I've got to give it up for Delilah. There's somet... by chauncey on 24.08.2005
Nothing's changed.... - That's exactly the problem, especially in America.... by chauncey on 20.08.2005
People who support the tour disgust me - Personally, I think BPP is trying to get a rise ou... by chauncey on 20.08.2005
The Most Special Queen Item That you have is.... - The most spcial items I have are an At the Beeb pi... by chauncey on 20.08.2005
Tie Your Mother Down - Maybe because every time the song comes on live, t... by chauncey on 15.08.2005
Queen Poster - I think that's hysterical!... by chauncey on 15.08.2005
Freddie and kids - you're right barn, people do obssess, but I was ju... by chauncey on 14.08.2005
Freddie and kids - Anyone notice Jim Hutton's buldge?????... by chauncey on 14.08.2005
favourite bass songs from queen - In order: 1) Millionaire Waltz 2) Dragon Attac... by chauncey on 14.08.2005
who's were the best solo albums??? - I'd have to go with Mr. Bad Guy. BUT, I do like t... by chauncey on 13.08.2005
queen songs that you have played live - Before I got married :-( I did play Stone Cold C... by chauncey on 05.08.2005
The Show Must Go On!!! - First of all, Fantastic article! Thank you for th... by chauncey on 05.08.2005
Garden Lodge - I visited Garden Lodge in 01. I stayed at the hug... by chauncey on 03.08.2005
Who likes Hot Space? - I think a lot of us, myself included, were sort of... by chauncey on 30.07.2005
queen autographs - WOW, those are really expensive items off of eil.c... by chauncey on 29.07.2005
The Miracle - You know, I love Scandal too, but if you've listen... by chauncey on 29.07.2005
So, Who got tickets.... - I got sec 110, not too sure if the view will be go... by chauncey on 28.07.2005
SOLD OUT - the site is NOT down, just too many attempts. if ... by chauncey on 28.07.2005
New promo pic and the single cover - Looks like Roger's on the prowl again. Looking ... by chauncey on 28.07.2005
queen autographs - Where can one look to find authentic autographs?? ... by chauncey on 26.07.2005
Roger's Grip (fulcrum) - Yeah, that is a nice effect to open the hi-hat on ... by chauncey on 25.07.2005
NJ Ticket Prices Announced - Does anyone know about pre-sales info? I unders... by chauncey on 25.07.2005
The Miracle a bad cover? - I still have a Queen t-shirt with the Miracle cove... by chauncey on 23.07.2005
Roger's Grip (fulcrum) - Henry V, I know what you're writing about. He DOE... by chauncey on 23.07.2005
What Queen Songs did Freddie Use Classical Piano Style? - Thanks Darling! I can't believe I went through fo... by chauncey on 23.07.2005
What Queen Songs did Freddie Use Classical Piano Style? - Darling39.........what exactly do you mean by &quo... by chauncey on 22.07.2005